How to Improve Your Google Adsense Revenue

If you have your own blog or a website with a good number of followers then there is an opportunity for you to earn some money from it. Google Adsense allows you to monetize your website, where you can become a publisher and show ads on your website. With every click on the ad, Google … Read more

How to Increase CPC in Adsense to Improve Earnings

Cost per click or CPC can be mentioned as the amount the AdSense user earns every time the ad is clicked. It is the advertiser who determines the CPC for any ad. There are certain advertisers who would be willing to pay higher per click when compared to others based on the advertising content.   … Read more

How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog

With the digital world evolving and blooming more than ever before now, the whole world is hooked on to their phones, tablets, and laptops. That is why digital media is fast evolving to become one of the most bankable medium worldwide. While it is true that nothing can replace print ads and TVCs, no one … Read more

What is RPM in AdSense? How to Increase RPM

The various tools introduced by Google have been quite helpful for people to not only connect on a personal level but to generate better business opportunities along with building money earning channel. In fact, blogging started as a simple tool to share personal life and ideas which gradually turned into an effective marketing tool. Now … Read more

Google Adsense CTR – Everything you need to know

CTR is an important term in internet marketing. Full form of the term CTR is Click through rate. This value is very important for advertisers. They work hard to create higher CTR by making attractive ads. When it comes to site owners, a higher CTR is important because it decides their site’s future. Only by … Read more

Adwords and Adsense Difference

Adwords and Adsense: What is the Difference?

Since the time of its inception, Google has revolutionized everything related to our lives. It has connected people across the globe, made searches easier, and has contributed everything that you can think of. Google has brought a dynamic change in the world of business and marketing completely. By introducing online marketing platforms, they have given … Read more

Best Google AdSense alternatives

26 Best Paying Google AdSense alternatives for your Blog

Are you still struggling to get approved by Google Adsense? The new bloggers usually apply for Adsense and become dissatisfied after they are rejected by Adsense Publisher Program. Even if you do get approved, the guidelines and rules laid by Google Adsense are very stringent and if you by mistake break any of the rules, … Read more