Google AdSense Approval – Myths, Facts and Tricks

Does your site qualify all terms and conditions for Google AdSense approval?

Might be this question is troubling you day and night.

In fact, the situation was the same with me a few months back. But after lots of online research, reading articles, and fetching information from the AdSense website, I finally got the right answer to this question.

Now presently, I am making good money with Google AdSense. Hence, this motivated me to write this post and share my experience and knowledge with you guys!

Google AdSense Approval


Most of you must be aware that Google AdSense is the most reliable and best-paying network.

But availing an approval from Google AdSense is not easy. Just writing good content is not enough.

So, what else you need to do! Let’s discuss everything one by one.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising company on the internet that was started by Google on June 18, 2003.

You need to copy and share ad code to your website that displays ads on the website.

When an individual clicks on such ads, then Google offers us money for that click. You can get an approval for Google AdSense through:

  • Blog or Website
  • Blogspot
  • YouTube Videos

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Your Site:

I entered the field of blogging, a few years back. I was amazed when I came across the idea to make money with Google AdSense.

My curiosity drives me into the AdSense world and the brilliant AdSense program.

I used to read for hours a day and reading more developed more doubts and curiosity regarding my website approval for Google AdSense.

Let me share with you some of the information that I have gained throughout the journey of receiving Google ads approval on my site. This will also burst the myths related to this field.

Google AdSense Approval – Myths and Facts

1. Domain Age:

Myth – Most of the articles available online declare that a domain of not more than 6 months does not qualify for Google AdSense. This is one thing that is mentioned even in the AdSense website, particularly for Asian countries.

Fact – I thought to apply my venture to AdSense account ignoring this condition. Believe me, it was approved. Before that, I focused to write only intriguing and engaging content on my website.

2. Online Visitors to the Website on a Monthly Basis:

Myth – Even I personally believe that the number of monthly visitors on a website really matters. I marketed my website using all professional ways and even you must do the same. It is because marketing mindlessly can result in content spamming.

Fact – The truth was I got some decent traffic on my website only on days when I marketed it. After a couple of days, the count reduced greatly and eventually ended nil.

3. The AdSense’s Five Senses:

Myth – As per this myth, a person is allowed to place more than three units of AdSense on every page. This is possible by including empty DoubleClick units that generate a backup for AdSense automatically. This can deliver results, but only on a temporary basis.

Fact – Google can detect what you are doing through a manual review. If such a trick does not get an approval from your account manager then you could lose the AdSense account at once.

4. Using One AdSense Account for Different Domains:

Myth – In the field of Google AdSense, a majority of people consider, using one Google AdSense account for multiple domains can lead to reduced average RPM as well as reduced earnings for each site.

Fact – The fact, however, is, adding one more domain to the same AdSense account can reduce the total RPM, but the average RPM for each site actually increases or stays the same. There is no such impact created on the average RPM.

5. Google Rewards Sites with AdSense:

Myth – This is a common myth, which even I used to believe on an initial basis. It says that Google rewards and prefers websites using Adsense and getting higher rankings on the search engines along with rich traffic rate.

The thing that amused me is that the myth was even supported by the logic that the ultimate goal of Google is to boost its revenue for which search engine plays a key role.

Fact – When I verified the fact myself then came out the truth. Google does not prefer or rewards websites with AdSense publishers and higher rankings.

This is truly a big confusion. Sites with AdSense can benefit strong rankings in the organic search, but all this is because of good links and content, and not because they are using AdSense.

6. The Lightning Myth for AdSense Earnings:

Myth – Most publishers using Google AdSense assume that they get only 10% of their site’s monetization potential. For this reason, they are always looking out to ad networks and features such as AdX to boost the RPM.

Fact – I dig hard and finally found that AdX has the ability to increase RPM, but just changing platforms is not the best solution and would bring you increased earnings for your website.

It is vital for you to understand that AdX and AdSense are two different things. While AdX is a shift, AdSense is an automated gear transmission. You can avail improved performance only when you know the right way to use it.

The good thing is that Ad networks, as well as exchanges, are great for publishers who want to earn higher RPM, but they are not set to perform other functionalities. They will never transport our website from lower to higher earning potentials.

7. What about Bloggers with High Traffic?

Myth – Most of the bloggers receiving high traffic believe that that it is easy to earn money via Google AdSense.

Fact – If you have innumerable visitors every day on your blog, then this is not a treat to Google AdSense. So, why it will pay you?

The reality is that besides high traffic there are more other factors as well that needs to be considered to make money from Google AdSense.

So, if you have a blog with excellent traffic rate then this will not necessarily bring you earnings, but it would definitely bring you fame.

8. An Image is Worth 1000 Words:

Myth – This is a famous saying and just like other things, most people consider it apt even for Google AdSense.

Publishers on AdSense considered this assumption true that ads with the image can lead to better performance as well as higher earnings as compared to text ads.

Fact – Over the years, the advertising industry has evolved. While banner ads or ads with images dominated the market a few years back, presently the scenario is completely different. Not necessarily they will perform better today.

You can try using different types of native ads and text ads to reveal novel methods to enhance the advertising performance of the website.

Visitors prefer clicking on link ads and text ads only if the two are placed at correct places. So, rather than textual and image ads, more important is the correct placement of the two.

9. More Number of Ads Means More Money:

Myth – I’ve found this practice mainly among the new bloggers. Even I surveyed a few among them and found that they place lots of Ads on their website as they believe that placing more number of ads on their website will provide them higher earnings.

Fact – More ad units does not mean that you will be able to make more earnings.

In fact, according to Darren Rose, the founder of, what ended him up making more money was affiliate marketing and not Google AdSense.

For this reason, he has even stopped using AdSense for a while. Hence, don’t fall into the mistake of including countless ads on your website or blog.

10. Websites with an AdSense Tag are Set to Make Money:

Myth – This is again one such myth that even I used to believe during my early years of blogging.

I used to believe that if I have an AdSense Tag on my website then I can start making huge money instantly. Even it does not matter whether my website is new or old.

Fact – A Few years ago, my myth was defeated by reality when I found numerous websites being penalized from Google for too much Ad posting.

Presently, only a small percentage of the website makes money from Google AdSense ads. It is not the AdSense tag that a site or blog needs to increase earnings, but it is generating higher traffic, site optimization and rich content that plays a pivotal role in this concern.

While I gained all such information, still like you even I was worried that whether I will receive Google AdSense approval or not.

Though I definitely kept these facts into consideration, I even followed some tricks and ways to get approval as early as possible. So, have a quick glance at all such tricks that I adopted to get positive results!

Google AdSense Approval – Tricks to Follow!

1. Showcasing Valuable Content:

Whether your website is one year old or 15 days old, one thing that can help you with Google AdSense approval is the quality of content.

If your site hosts good quality content, then this will help directing the result in your favor. However, websites with poor quality content would keep on waiting and the approval will never come.

2. Do Create the 3 Important pages:

No matter what you offer or sell, or how impressive your website design is, it can qualify for AdSense approval only when it has these 3 pages:

About Us – Do write about your website as well as your company. Let Google know about it through the About Us page.

Contact Us – Always add your professional email address in the contact us page. With the contact form it would be easier to verify your site’s authentication.

Privacy policy – Having a privacy policy mentioning all the terms and conditions are essential for any website. Be clear and concise about you will use the visitor’s information, names of company that you would advertise, and more.

All such pages helps Google know that, you are serious about your work as well your website.

3. Research and Edit:

Cut, Copy, and Paste at your website will not bring you approval from AdSense. Rather, it would make your site good for nothing.

You need to research about the content and then edit it in your own words. This would generate a fresh piece of content having valuable information to share. This is even one important trick to follow for AdSense account approval.

4. A 300+ Words Content is Not Enough:

Earlier, even 300+ words content would do the work and get approval from Google AdSense. But presently, things have altered and AdSense is not strict about approval or rejection of an application.

Since content plays a key role in getting approval from AdSense, so make sure you write at least 800+ content. Most importantly, the content must not be copied but should be original.

5. Use Images the Proper Way:

To get AdSense approval you need to use the images in a proper way.

The most important thing is to include ‘Alt Tags’ in the image as Google is not able to read the image.

So, it would have the alt tag to read. Also, avoid using images that has a company name or logo in it. This can put you into the issue of image copyright. It is always better to create a unique image of your own.

Key Takeaways:

If you want approval and earnings from Google AdSense, then planning is the key to go. Jot down the speculations and draft a well-researched and well-thought content.

Avoid copying the content and images. A passion-driven site impresses Google. Use the best SEO practices.

With these takeaways, you will be able to get not just approval from AdSense but also great earnings that would last longer.

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