Builderall Review: Is It Really the Best Website Builder?

If you are a digital marketer, or if you run an online business, then you must be conversant with the varieties of online tools that are presently available to help you build your brand and business. You may need a designated tool for email marketing, another for building your landing pages, and yet another to take care of your social media posting and scheduling.

With the array of needs required by their brands, most businesses are wont to switch between multiple tools. As we’re all well aware, going ahead with this process can be pretty expensive considering the amount of money we have to cough out on the premium subscription plans for this range of tools. While money is one consideration, the time spent switching between tools is another factor to evaluate. One other factor is the time spent trying to get yourself acquainted with how these different platforms work. The onboarding and learning curve of these other platforms can sometimes be very steep.

Builderall Review

This is where Builderall comes in. Builderall is a well-thought-out platform that serves as a comprehensive digital marketing tool that allows you to push your brand and business to the next level.

So, for every entrepreneur, digital marketer, and online vendor out there, Builderall should be a top consideration when looking for a tool that can help you create a successful online business.

However, there are lots of pretty good tools out there, just like Builderall, that can help you grow a successful business. This is why we’re bringing this review to help you to determine what tool suits your business needs better. In this review, we would be analyzing the top features that Builderall possesses and find out why a growing number of businesses are settling with this tool. Here, we offer an in-depth and honest review that can enable you to make that often-difficult choice.

What is Builderall?

In 2017, Erick Salgado launched the platform we now know as Builderall. Just as we’ve mentioned previously, this platform is an all-in-one digital marketing tool, providing users with a range of functionalities that would often need separate tools to achieve.

So, instead of wasting time and revenues on different platforms, Builderall brings these functionalities right under one roof. It offers you easy and streamlined access to these functionalities. Builderall is built to handle your sales funnels, website design, landing pages, click map auto-responders, and so many top-notch features.

One feature of this platform that users would love is that it is a cloud-based service. So, there’s no need to install any software on your computer. To commence using this service, all you need to do is create an account on their website. Its ability to integrate with a lot of other third-party platforms is one factor that counts hugely in its favor. You can easily integrate it with other digital marketing tools if you so desire.

It doesn’t matter the type of business you’re operating. As far as your business has an online presence, then Builderall is able to step in and take your brand to the next level. Everything you need is embedded on the Builderall platform, so you don’t need to go looking elsewhere. Your money can then be channeled into meeting other needs of your business.

Who is Builderall designed for?

Builderall works for everyone whose business has an online, which in this case is almost everyone. These days, every business needs a website. Builderall does this perfectly. These days most online vendors need a landing page – another feature that the Builderall platform does so perfectly well. Therefore, affiliate and digital marketers, content creators, influencers, website developers, business owners, among others, would find Builderall a much-required tool for their brand.

Are you a newbie marketer without any design or coding experience? Then Builderall might just be your best bet towards getting started on your online business journey.

We’ve just given a glimpse of the awesome features inherent in this tool. We’ve only scratched the surface. Now, let’s go ahead and check in-depth what Builderall has to offer.

Top Features of Builderall:

It is certain now that Builderall is your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a greenhorn or a pro in the design business; the intuitive nature of this tool will offer you the necessary support to create awesome designs for your products and service.

Builderall offers so many great features that we will carefully consider up next. Although most of the outstanding features come with its premium plan, there are still other nice features available in its essential plan.

As we would soon show you, Builder should be your next option when deciding on a tool to run your marketing needs. With further ado, let’s dive into the excellent features of the Builderall platform.

1. Dedicated Servers:

If you’re into website development and design, then you would know that every website requires a hosting platform. Fortunately, Builderall meets this need. Builderall has dedicated servers that help host your websites, webinars, sales funnels, and just about everything else you want to put online.

As a dedicated web hosting platform, this means that everything that has to do with maintenance services, website security, and a backup would be taken care of by the Builderall platform. With these all-important issues handled by the Builderall team, your time and resources would be directed towards growing your business.

Builderall hosting services have a reach of up to five different continents. It doesn’t matter where your business is located; with Builderall, you’re always assured of quick speeds and high internet uptime. Within its two plans comes unlimited access to its subdomains. This service also allows you to connect to your own domain.

2. The Drag and Drop Site Builder:

Many users consider Builderall’s site builder tool as its best feature. They may not be far from the truth, as Builderall’s comprehensive site builder can be regarded as the highlighting feature of its platform.

Every business requires a website. With websites comes the need for landing pages to help create a successful brand. Therefore, Builderall offers you website building templates and tools to allow you to do just this.

Within its site builder are three different builder tools that give you a preview of exactly how your website would look on mobile, desktop, and tablet. This feature can be considered a website customization feature that offers your website visitors a personalized user experience once they visit your site on whatever device of their choice. This feature can also improve the search engine friendliness of your website so that only the ideal user will find your products/services.

We have the drag and drop pixel perfect builder, the drag and drop responsive builder, and the mobile-first drag and drag builder. These three builders give you total control over how your website appears across a range of devices.

This means that you would spend quite some time taking care of the design to suit these platforms. However, if you don’t want to spend endless hours tweaking your website to work optimally across multiple platforms, then you can use the drag and drop responsive builder to design your site. Using this builder ensures that your website is streamlined and responsive, whether on mobile or desktop.

Whatever site builder that you opt for, they’re all designed to work in a similar fashion. You can use the drag and drop elements all over your pages, change the fonts and colors of your text, and achieve other custom designs.

The site builder can be used to create infographics, a necessary addition to create educative blog content. So, do you want to create designs for your social media accounts, CV designs, cover letters, ebook cover, blog header, or any other image for your marketing campaigns? The site builder can do this for you.

Overall, the drag and drop site builder has an intuitive interface and additional elements that allow you to create eye-popping, professional, and creatively-designed websites and landing pages.

3. Templates:

An immediately prominent feature that users would notice about Builderall is the array of awesome templates available on the platform. It doesn’t matter what you seek to do on the platform – design a website, create a sales funnel, or build an attractive landing page. Builderall has you covered with excellent templates.

Yet again, the templates section is filled with a lot of designs that cut across numerous niches and industries. So, it doesn’t matter what your field is or where your interest lies; you will find a template that caters to your needs. You can find templates pertaining to education, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, health, music, and travel.

You can also choose your templates according to the type of website page you are creating, which can be a sales funnel page, webinar page, membership invitation page, or basically anything else.

Whatever the template that you choose, Builderall allows for a wide range of personalization. Therefore, once selected, you can customize your template to a design that meets your need.

The templates are excellent starting points for users who may not be well-grounded in designs to enable them to create top designs from scratch.  However, if you are a pro in design, with lot of ideas to play around with, then Builderall offers you a blank page to put these ideas into reality.

4. Sales Funnel:

The sales funnels templates on offer on the Builderall platform are considering in-depth. These templates have been created with the aim of increasing the conversion and turnover rates of your business.

They also come with lots of features that allow for integrations with other platforms. There is the option for checkouts and upselling.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks to using the site builder tool. The fact that it comes with three different tools means that it can be a herculean task to find the right template to work with. The three builders are so much alike, and each comes with its own template. In essence, you have to go through all three site builders, choose a suitable template before settling to the main task of creating a design.

Another flaw with the template section is the inconsistent manner the categories are displayed. It can be pretty confusing at first, especially for someone just getting started with the platform.

5. Heat Mapping:

This is one feature that Builderall offers that you won’t find on other platforms. Also called the click map, this feature allows users to view every point on their page that visitors have been clicking at. It can be a valuable analytic tool that enables you to decipher the behavior of your website visitors.

That way, you can focus on the features that seem to be getting the eye of your site visitors and build on them for further effective engagements. You can actually situate a call-to-action button in these areas that are getting all the attention from visitors.

6. The Floating Video:

This feature allows you to upload videos using a green screen or any other similar color wherein the background only displays objects in front of the screen. They can be a great option to catch the attention of your visitors on your landing page and allow them to focus on nothing else.

7. Email Marketing:

A tool for email marketing on the Builderall platform is MailingBoss. It allows users to create successful emailing marketing campaigns. An excellent feature of this tool is that there is no end to the number of email campaigns you can set up. That’s just impressive, to say the least.

Builderall Pricing:

This service comes with two packages – the essential and premium plan. While the essential plan comes with some limited functions, the premium plan gives you unlimited access to the features we’ve mentioned already and even more.

  • Essential plan. Give users unlimited access to the MailingBoss tool, SSL certificates for your websites, among others. It costs $29.90 per month.
  • Premium plan. This is the whole package as it gives users access to all of Builderall’s top features, including CDN hosting, webinar app, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing tools. It comes at $69.90 per month.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that with the above information, you would be able to decide critically if Builderall is worth the hype and a tool you should consider for your business.

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