Google Adsense CTR – Everything you need to know

CTR is an important term in internet marketing. Full form of the term CTR is Click through rate. This value is very important for advertisers. They work hard to create higher CTR by making attractive ads.

When it comes to site owners, a higher CTR is important because it decides their site’s future. Only by getting higher CTR they can retain advertisers and gain money from it. So it is very crucial to make every ad attractive if a visitor wants to notice it.

Adsense CTR


This task is not an easy one. But peoples are getting smarter nowadays. It is difficult to attract their attention to anything. In this fast-growing technical world, you want to stand out from others to get noticed. So, work towards it and try to get profit from your site.

CTR is a deciding factor for your ranking in most of the PPC websites. Google Adsense is one of them. So, don’t take it lightly. If you are new to this term then you will get a clear idea from this article. So first let’s check out the meaning of the term

What is CTR?

This is a ratio of the number of clicks on your advertisement and the number of times people view your ad. For example, If your ad appears 100 times and you got 5 clicks then CTR is 5%.

You can calculate CTR using formula given below

Number of clicks/Number of impression= CTR

(Number of clicksx100)/Number of impressions= %CTR

You can see the CTR rate in your PPC account’s dashboard. A high CTR rate is essential to get a good rank. If you get a high CTR rate then it means that viewers found your ad useful and relevant.

Why is it Important to Use CTR Advertising?

  • If you use a CTR advertising they will do keyword research and other services such as craft an attractive strategy and monitor its response.
  • It is one of the effective digital marketing strategies you can use to improve your sales performance
  • Be careful to put relevant ads. Google check for your CTR and find out the relevancy of your advertisement
  • A good CTR means you have got a good quality website

What is the Meaning of a Good Adsense CTR?

It varies from business to business. There is not any benchmark of CTR rate to compare it. Usually, blogs and sites will get .05% to 3% CTR. If they got this CTR range they can a make a good profit out of it.

Nowadays, you will get tools to perform most of the task. But when it comes to CTR there is no tool to compare it. But Google Adsense scorecard is a good benchmark tool to compare CTR according to Google. It won’t give an accurate result even though you can try it.

A higher CTR is sometimes dangerous because it may put your Adsense account in danger. If the keyword you use is not relevant to your business or if it won’t generate any sales then a high CTR is not useful.

The reasons behind it are as follows:

  • If you are paying for every click
  • If you are using an expensive keyword that may not benefit in your sales
  • Unwanted click and terms that won’t generate any business

So, it is not a matter of getting a higher CTR rate. You have to get CTR on words that are relevant and affordable. Then only you can bring profit from high CTR rates. So the key point is finding strong keywords and getting clicks on it.

Now, the next question will be how to increase CTR? This is a popular question. Actually, it is up to you. You are the one who should decide the ways to attract customers. But there are some points you need to consider when putting an ad.

Here I am going to explain some important points you need to consider when posting an ad. It will help you to improve the CTR rate.

How to Increase Adsense CTR?

1. Ad extensions are always useful:

Ad extensions play a crucial role in deciding your ad future, You can make use of them completely. Are you familiar with various ad extension types? I am giving some of them below that you can use.

a. Sitelink Ad extension:

Have you noticed an add before? When you search for a topic some ads will be there on top of the search page. If you check on them you can see an extra line below those ads. It could be about their services, contact details or anything. It is known as site link ad extension.

There will be 4 site links usually. You can add more if you want. To make it more appealing it is better to add a small tagline below each sitelink. It will help you to stand out among others.

b. Call extension:

Similar to site extension, call extension is also useful for getting a high CTR rate. You can keep your contact number below ads. If your business is related to customer calls this feature will help you. By just tapping on your number customers can connect with you easily.

If you can use a Google phone number, you can record the call also. Call extension will help you to attract customers for sure.

c. Structured snippet extension:

Structured snippet data is a line below your ad description line. Here you can add product data. You can add up to 10 snippet extensions in an add. When a customer checks for a product that is in the extension, they will get a direct link to that product by clicking on the extension.

d. Call out extension:

Callout statement is the text statement you can add below your advertisement. It could be anything like your product quality, recognitions etc. You can add 4 extensions per add. There are 25 character limits for each ad.

You can add many other extensions like price extension, review extension, message extension, location extension etc. all of them will help to improve your advertisement appearance.

2. Do new experiments on ads:

  • Advert copy should be attractive:-

It is important to create a compelling add that includes a strong call to action. Every advertiser is trying to attract its viewers with new ideas. You can refer to your competitor’s advertisement to check how they created appealing ads. You can include unique features of your business and try to split two adwords in every Adgroup.

  • Target keyword should be highlighted:-

You should include your target keyword everywhere in your ad display. Otherwise, it will affect your CTR. Try to include it in the headline, ad description and in its display URL. It will attract viewers and they will click on that ad.the term target keyword is very important.

  • Tightly group keywords to recognize easily:-

You can add more than 20 keywords in an ad -group. But it is difficult to get noticed sometimes. It is essential to tightly include all keywords into smaller groups. Also, make sure to add keywords at least two times in Advert copy. It helps to easily recognize your styles and improves CTR rate.

  • Try the title capitalization:-

It is also important when you post an ad. You should use capital letters to get notices. If you could not attract them nobody will notice your ad and you will get a low CTR

  • Make your display URL effective:

You can create a display URL that doesn’t have any relation with your original web address. Use effective keywords in that url so that when somebody searches that keyword, your page will be displayed. You can add a maximum of 30 characters. It has two parts each of 15 characters. So, try to include highly relevant keywords in it.

3. Advertisement placement:

You need to try various position to place advertisements. It is more like a trial and error method. If it hasn’t placed in the right place then it affects your CTR negatively. Try to change its position, font, color, size to check what works best for your size. Change ad position frequently.

If someone visits your site regularly they ignore it if the ads are always in the same position. So, it is better to change the position and see how it affects CTR. Google Adsense gives you suggestions also through emails. Don’t ignore them. In my opinion, you can try it once to check whether it works or not.

4. Remove unwanted ads:

It is better to remove an unwanted advertisement from your page. Check whether a particular ad is useful or profitable to your site. If it does not then remove it. If an ad has a low CTR don’t waste your space with that ad. Try to get other ads that give you a high CTR.

5. Include keywords:

It is essential to include keywords in your content. It helps to improve search engine traffic. As your CTR is connected to website traffic, it is important to use the right keywords in the right place. It will help to improve your CTR.

6. Content is the king:

This is a famous quote in this field. If your site has quality content, then your task is easy. Great content automatically gives you more visitors and thereby more revenue. Unless writing useless contents try to make an impressive site with good quality contents. This will help you to increase your site’s CTR rate and popularity.

These are some changes you can try out on your site to improve your CTR. All of them are simple changes and will give you benefit for sure. There are no written rules on improving CTR. But, these are some important points you can try to check whether it works for your site or not.

These are some expert opinions on increasing CTR. It may vary from site to site.

Is it possible to compare CTR?

Comparing CTR to other Google Adsense accounts is difficult because each blog or site is different. There are a number of factors that affect CTR for each site. They are:

  • Changes in Niche – CTR rate depends on your blog niche. If you are writing about a product/ service then there is a high chance to get a good CTR. Because visitors of your site will click on your ads to check about the product.
  • Seasonal variation – CTR varies seasonally. Like holidays/weekdays/weekends
  • Ads should be relevant – if you added unwanted ads on your site it won’t work. It may affect your site badly.
  • CTR varies based on visitor profile – CTR will be low to a site with regular loyal visitors when it compared to a site with high search engine traffic. If you haven’t changed your ad position then your site visitors will be blind and they won’t click on your site ad. So, it is better to change the ad position frequently to get a good CTR.
    Some important points related to CTR

Always CTR for search ads is higher than display ads on a network. It is because display ads just create brand awareness than conversion.

Ads that come with a softer conversation like quotes tend to generate more clicks than an ad that comes with an enterprise software

If you can use branded keywords it will help you to increase the CTR as well as overall account quality.

You will get a clear idea of the term CTR and its importance from this article. Try those changes in your site so that you can improve your CTR. There are many factors you should check to improve your site quality and profit. Some bloggers don’t believe in CTR. But these are all proven methods to get more profit

Click through rate is very important if you want to make a profitable site. It decides your site’s outlook. So, try to improve it with the help of experts or you can do it yourself. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to do this. Apply some logic and make your site more profitable.

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