How to Increase CPC in Adsense to Improve Earnings

Cost per click or CPC can be mentioned as the amount the AdSense user earns every time the ad is clicked.

It is the advertiser who determines the CPC for any ad.

There are certain advertisers who would be willing to pay higher per click when compared to others based on the advertising content.



When your web pages make use of Google AdSense, it means that they are adverts from Google’s AdWords advertising program.

The AdWords programs are used by the advertisers and they pay Google for each click on the adverts.

About AdSense:

The AdSense blocks are placed on certain blogs and web pages, and a percentage of an amount is paid to the user of what they pay Google.

The present status is for the advert, it is 68% of the bid price.

Suppose for any particular advert, or keyword Google is paid $2 then the user would get about $1.36 when any user in your site clicks on the advert.

The CPC rates on websites can be enhanced by developing appropriate ads, optimization of texts in ads, and development of compelling ads that grab in the attention of visitors.

The main factor which Google AdSense CPC depends upon is on the website niche.

When a competitive niche is considered, the CPC would also be more for Google AdSense ads which are present in the website.

CTR or Click Through Rates:

CTR is the click through rate; it is the percentage of people who click Google AdSense ads on websites.

Here is a simple example, imagine that $0.2 is your average CPC for 12,500 approximate clicks. In the same manner, if $0.3 has been your CPC with similar above-mentioned clicks, then there would be a generation of $.3,750.

From the above example, it can be understood that with just $0.1 increase there is an increase in generation of about $1250.

For this reason, it is mandatory to concentrate on enhancing click through rates (CTR).

Another aspect is the average click-through rate is 2% on Adwords. Above 2% for anything can be mentioned as above average CTR.

Average click through rates opens up details about the frequency of visitors for the ad. With CTR the quality of imaginary keywords and positioning can be determined.

When all the industries are taken into consideration, the average CTR for any ad search would be 1.91% and for a displayed ad it would be 0.35%.

Calculation of CPC in Adsense:

Calculating CPC or cost per click is achieved by the following formula as mentioned.

  • CPM * impressions/1000 would be the cost to an advertiser
  • The cost to an advertiser * 1000/impressions is the CPM
  • CPC * number of clicks: cost to an advertiser
  • The cost to an advertiser/number of clicks=CPC
  • (number of clicks/number of impressions) * 100= CTR

Maximum CPC can be mentioned as the bid which is set to find the highest amount which the user is ready to pay for the ads per click.

When any visitor clicks the ad, it will not cost higher than the maximum cost per click which the user has set.

Obtaining Money from AdSense:

To get money from AdSense, the user needs to sign into AdSense account. The next step would be to navigate to the left panel and click on settings.

Then the user needs to click on payment and on manage payment methods, click on add payment method.

Click on enter bank information and save the same.

Here are a few ways which are used to enhance Google AdSense CPC and CTR. To understand cost per click (CPC) the below suggestions can be read.

Ways to Increase AdSense CPC:

1. Website niche:

A good niche for your website is a mandatory aspect.

The CPC for keywords associated with niches such as web development, health, internet marketing, gaming, and finance are quite perfect and high paying.

When entertainment and education related niches there may not be such good CPC.

Apart from the amount you make from Google AdSense, it is important to choose a website niche which provides you whole some income chances for a prolonged term and is evergreen.

The number of dollars you generate from Google AdSense each and every month can be determined from the niche you pick.

Making more money online is complete after choosing the right niche. The CPC of an ad depends mainly on the topic that you are writing in the blog. There are few niches which provide you with enhanced returns, they are

  • Tech gadget such as Apple products
  • Internet domain blogs such as Namecheap, Godaddy etc.
  • MS office
  • Google products
  • Health
  • Automobile
  • Banking
  • Dating
  • Romance
  • jobs

2. Picking money-making keywords:

Click through rates AdSense can be created by penning down all profitable keywords.

During developing content for your blogs, you can make use of these keywords. In order to enhance AdSense, CPC keyword research is the main aspect.

For users who desire to enhance CPC AdSense for their blogs can follow certain suggestions as mentioned.

  • Lookout best outstanding keywords of your competitors. CTR AdSense can be enhanced by making a note of all profitable keywords from top blogs in your arena. To find the top keywords from blogs in your niche tools such as SEMrush can be used.
  • It is always suggested to make use of long tail keywords. This makes ranking easy and also provides good search traffic for blogs.
  • Another suggestion would be to use global search volume keywords which have about 1000 to 2000 searches per month. AdSense CPC can be enhanced by making use of less competitive keywords.
  • It is important to write keyword rich content all the time. Keyword research should be your initial task before developing content for blogs. By this your blog’s search traffic can be boosted and also AdSense CTR and CPC is elevated.

3. Develop ads that grab visitors vision:

Good Google AdSense campaigns can be developed for perfect income from Google AdSense ads by concentrating on customer wants and needs.

In order to gain relevant phrases for your ads, it is important to make use of Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool.

This is done to know the competitiveness in keywords and to investigate the amount they can generate for each keyword.

It is true that compelling ads stay out from the competition and such ads generate enhanced CTR.

At the time of developing the ads, the developer should step into the visitor’s point of view for more clicks than thinking about the generation of more money.

It is mandatory to possess a power-packed headline, search engine friendly description, and irresistible URL.

Increasing AdSense CTR, CPC also depends on where your ads are placed in the blog.

4. Quality content is the prime idea:

To gain more CPC and CTR rates from Google AdSense it is necessary to hold quality content.

Contents must be written around a website niche strictly. By this way, it would be a well-themed website for the specific niche.

There will be a drop in your click rates when content is unrelated. By this way, present visitors may also be lost.

5. Creating good landing pages:

Any visitor to your page for the first time would surely look at all the design aspects used in the page. The design should never be messy as it may develop a spam feeling for the visitor.

Conversation rates can fall down if there is a messy design. Whatever has been promised in the headlines must be delivered and there should not be false promises.

By this way, Google AdSense campaigns would offer you with enhanced CPC.

In order to enhance CPC and CTR with landing pages, it is necessary to develop less distractive pages.

For the development of landing pages, tools such as LeadPages and GetResponse are to be utilized. By using the mentioned tools, magnificent landing pages can be developed.

6. Location of visitors:

When discussing improvement of CRT, the website visitor location is a major factor.

One click from the Asian countries provides you with a CPC of $.01 to $1 whereas the same click from US location offers you with CPC $1 to $5 or more.

For enhanced AdSense earning, it would be a great idea to improve US traffic. Lower CPC can be obtained when India is focused.

More CPC from Google AdSense can be obtained when more of US traffic is obtained.

7. Usage of heat maps:

Heat maps can be mentioned as a demonstration of web pages which represents the visitor’s favored arena to spend time and what is clicked the most.

By this way, the users can place their AdSense advert in the most famed arenas in the site and are sure to get the maximum clicks.

8. Image and video ads:

At a time only one image and video advert can be presented.

Like text ads row of the image ads cannot be displayed hence the visitor’s view is on one advert only.

Service providers, advertisers, and manufacturers sponsor their brand with the help of a logo or any other image in AdSense advertising. This clearly mentions that they prefer to develop videos in order to promote their business.

These kinds of adverts pay more than text ads. This works well only if the video content matches the page’s content.

9. Avoiding smart pricing:

The advertisers can bid for a certain amount for a specific ad and Google would pay you less than that. This is said to be true when the click from your site does not prove for a good discussion for advertisers.

This is called smart pricing and your website should never be affected by the same.

10. Permit block ads:

Allow block ads can be found in Google AdSense.

By navigating there, the users can find out the amount each type of ad is paying you. Here varied types of ad categories presented on the website can be seen.

Users can move on and block the category which does not pay you much. There may be few categories which may be purely different from your environment, those types can be blocked.

For example, your blog may be related to technology, and then the ad categories related to religion, politics, dating may be blocked. By this way AdSense, CPC can be enhanced.

11. Based on the platform:

Mobiles, laptops, and desktops are the various platforms from which blogs are read. The true fact is that CPC is not affected by the platforms or from where they are read.

The main aim should be to focus on more visitors. The real aspect is that more visitors would be from laptop and desktop devices.

If hand held devices are targeted, there would be enhanced CPC as these hand held devices have higher quality ads.

12. Image and text format:

The user should follow the appropriate format for their ads. When decided to place about 3 ads per page, then it is good to opt for 336*280 ads and also 468*60 ad.

Text ad formats are recommended as they gain elevated CTR.

Also, more CPC can be obtained with image and text format together. Image and text might go well together depending upon the niche being used. These aspects help in increasing CPC.

13. Experimenting:

The users are advised to keep experimenting and go in for new aspects at times.

High dividends can be obtained by experiment. By picking varied ad placements and different niches more CPC can be obtained.


Enhancing Google AdSense CPC and CTR isn’t a tough task and hence, users can run through the hints and follow them.

Users who possess basic skills can surely turn visitors as prospects and gain a profitable income from ads. CTR rates are also determined by conversation tracking which instead of enhancing your budget, it is achieved by more clicks by rates.

From the above explanation, the readers can understand CPC or cost per click in a clear manner. They can also read through and find out ways by which their CPC, CTR can be enhanced. Research more and gain profits in an easy way.

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