How to Brainstorm Ideas Better? Useful Techniques

Are you caught up with hassles which you can’t handle? Do you need new solutions and ideas? Then you need to brainstorm and think out of the box in order to solve the issue that popped up.

Brainstorming is a powerful technique where a group of people solves issues, develop new ideas, and develop teams. Since teams work together and involve more members’ management issues, brainstorming motivates one and all. The basic ideas in brainstorming are to eliminate judgment and encourage collaboration. The following mentioned are few tips on how to brainstorm ideas in a better way.

How to Brainstorm Ideas

How to Brainstorm Ideas?

Let’s glimpse through a few better brainstorming ideas and techniques.

1. Brainwriting:

The main intention of brainwriting is to separate discussion from idea generation. When a team leader shares a topic with the team, the members are free to write down their ideas. There is never a need to anchor. Another advantage of brainwriting is that the team members are encouraged and they develop more ideas. Teams which are determined by their first ideas can make use of this technique which is beneficial.

2. Figuring storming:

When teams identify that they cross the same ideas for repetitive projects then figuring storming can be the best way. With figuring storming the team needs to find out how the same situation would be handled by someone else.

The team needs to think some other person who handles the situation such a famed personality, boss or even the President of United States. The main intention of this idea is that the members put themselves in the shoes of someone else and present ideas with varied perspectives.

3. Brain-netting or online brainstorming:

More and more of virtual teams are being developed these days. Working remotely has become the norm in many environments with the help of emails and other collaboration brainstorming tools. During brainstorming activities, what do these teams do? There are ways as ideas can be tossed back and forth but at times it becomes tough to archive ideas and refer for future reference.

When there are virtual teams, a central location online can be a best way for teams to collaborate. Few ideas can be cloud based document storage or any online collaboration tool. There are many customers who develop folders so that ideas can be jotted and shared between teams. This is considered the best way as ideas are archived and stored in one single location for future reference.

4. Rapid ideation:

Limitations are one aspect which helps to generate more ideas quickly, without overthinking and filtering. Rapid ideation is where the team provides information, details and questions well in advance regarding the topic. With all these a time limit is set for the individuals where they need to produce ideas regarding the topics with the present mediums.

Team members need not worry about filtering of ideas. The best part of Rapid ideation is that it is customization as per the requirements of the team as well as the project. Any category of medium such as pen, white board, paper can be utilized as ideas flow through. Depending upon the weightage of the topic Rapid ideation is allotted from 5 to 45 min of time. Digressed teams can make use of rapid ideation.

5. Round robin brainstorming:

This technique can be beneficial for teams where many members stay quiet during meetings. In this type of brainstorming method, the team is gathered in a circle. The topic is shared and all the members need to share their ideas one by one.

By this way all the members get a chance to offer their idea which is recorded by a facilitator. After every team member shares their ideas, they are discussed. This is one beneficial and better idea for brainstorming.

6. Starbusting:

This is a better brainstorming technique which focuses on forming questions instead of answers. The main intention of starbusting is to shoot out more questions associated with the topic. The best way to initiate a starbusting is to listen to questions that deal with who, where, what and how.

The main goal of this technique is that it ensures that all the requirements of the project is addressed before implementation of the project. This technique is the best technique for teams who overlook the project and conclude by rushing things in the last moment.

7. Step ladder technique:

The main idea of stepladder technique is that it supports all members of the team to contribute in an individual manner. The start of the process is where a facilitator shares the question or the title with everyone in the team. The technique is that once the topic is discussed all the members of the team leave and only two people stay back and discuss about the topic.

After this one more additional member is added to the group. This new member will then contribute ideas to be discussed. By this way one by one all the members are called and their ideas are discussed. This technique is beneficial for teams where one or two members motivate the team and lead to a group thinking. The other useful factor is that it helps shy people share their thoughts in a room without crowd.

8. Changing location:

For employees to be more creative and generate ample ideas changing the location and taking them out of office can be a useful technique according to producer, writer and founder Karen Littman.

He also mentions that avert putting people around the conference table. Creativity is jump started and gets out of your left brain when employees get out of the office. Office environment has a set of attributes to follow, but are broken when employees go out.

9. Taking a break:

Another useful technique to brainstorm ideas is to take a break such as a shower, a sponge bath or a bath which cleanses the employee. By this way new ideas are popped up. There might be new ideas especially when we are alone, when got rid of noise and lot more. Hence taking a break is essential.

10. Having writing materials with you:

Tim Jones who is a CEO and network security provider mentions that possessing writing materials close in hand whether in walk or in travel is mandatory. By this way ideas and drawings related to business can be noted down immediately. Better ideas can be got at any time and hence recording thoughts at the moment is important. These ideas can be shared during brain storming sessions.

11. Getting into the shoes of customer:

During brainstorming session related to a topic or question, the employee should act like a customer and get to know the hassles faced by the customer. Only when you put yourself in the shoes of the customer can you think of ides they require. Hence acting like a customer and offering ideas can be a perfect way to get appropriate ideas.

12. Decide participants for brainstorming:

The manager should devote some time about the employees who are to be called for a brainstorming process. Pick employees who may have answers for your questions. Selecting participants on the basis of their knowledge can be one way to make brainstorming session useful. People for varied disciplines and creative thinking styles can be a best way to enhance effective brainstorming sessions.

13. Clear mentioning of and about the brainstorming session:

The issue concerned with the brainstorming exercises and session is to be mentioned clearly to the employees. The best way is to write the problem on the board so that all are clear about the issue. Everyone should get a picture of the session and participate. The participants should also be given proper background information of the session.

These brainstorming tips can be shared with the employees before the session or during the session. The boundaries, brainstorming rules and ideas regarding the issue is also to be mentioned so that time isn’t wasted on checking the rules and ideas.

14. Set time limit and start the session:

Setting time limit can be an effective way to get through the session and mentioning the time limit is mandatory. Also the members of the team should be advised not to criticize any ideas that are generated. The one responsible for making a note of the ideas should make sure to note down all the brainstorming session ideas irrespective of criticism. Breaks can be taken when the session continues too long.

Finally :

These are a few useful techniques which can help brainstorming in an effective way. Following the various techniques mentioned above can help the team generate new ideas and come up with a solution. Individuals are offered complete freedom and offer their own unique thoughts.

Brainstorming supports all kinds of ideas from all the individuals, the techniques are formulated in a manner which provides an opportunity for every member to share their thoughts. The environment also favors employees according to their mindset. Teams which are struggling with certain hassles can make sure to conduct a brainstorming session with their teammates so that better ideas are generated.

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