Attention Grabbing Headlines

How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines Easily

A headline is the first thing noticed by readers. It let readers know about the content in just one glance. If you will contact any copywriter or SEO expert, you will ultimately know that headlines are vital for the success of content. Hence, it is important to create an attention grabbing headlines. A headline convinces a larger … Read more

Topic Clusters

How to Use Topic Clusters to Get More Traffic

Presently, there is fierce competition among businesses to rank top in the search engine results. For this reason, there is a continuous evolution of SEO practices. The newest trend or shift in SEO is now topic clusters. In this post, we will discuss the topic cluster and how you can use it to increase your search … Read more

Google RankBrain Algorithm

Google RankBrain Algorithm: All you need to know

RankBrain is an algorithm by Google based on artificial intelligence. It is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. Hence, if you want your website or post to rank high in Google, you must optimize for RankBrain. So, how can you optimize for RankBrain? Well, this is what we will be telling in … Read more

Keyword Modifiers

How To Use Keyword Modifiers To Rank Better?

Do you know that keyword modifiers can drastically enhance your chances of ranking high on Page 1 of Google? But not everyone knows about keyword modifiers also known as thematic modifiers. In this post, we will tell you: What exactly keyword modifiers means Why they are helpful to gain higher rankings in Google How keyword … Read more

Search Engine Visibility

How to Improve Your Search Engine Visibility Easily

Are you finding it difficult to gain visitors on your website or blog posts? May be, improving your content’s search engine visibility is the way out. But what search engine visibility exactly means and how to increase it? In this post, we will talk about the same. What is Search Engine Visibility? Search engine visibility … Read more

SEO Focus Keyword

How to Choose Best SEO Focus Keyword for your Blog

If you have any time used Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin, you must have come across the term ‘focus keyword.’ This has made us write this post as a lot of SEO professionals wonder what exactly focus keywords mean and the correct way to find focus keywords for your pages or posts. So, before any further … Read more

WordPress Permalink Structure

The Best WordPress Permalink Structure in WordPress

Ranking on the first page of Google requires both effort and time. With each moment passing, it seems there are more other elements to add than ever to let webmasters consider your website and help it rank on the front page. But algorithms are continuously updating and changing. Hence, you can always consider new SEO … Read more

High Bounce Rate

How to Lower High Bounce Rate of your Blog

If you are related to the world of digital marketing in one way or another, you must have heard about the bounce rate. This specific term is highly important for websites, be it any industry or niche. Even, a bounce rate specifies the success rate of a website. However, if you don’t have a clear … Read more

Content Editorial Calendar

How to Create an Content Editorial Calendar Easily?

Running a business in earlier times was easy. All you have to do is run a few ads to generate customer’s interest in your business. But modern customers are different from traditional ones. Presently, customers need every bit of detail and information about a service or product they plan to purchase. So, how businesses can … Read more