How to Become an Influencer

Who are Influencers? How to Become an Influencer?

You see all the social media influencers online and have decided to take a step ahead into the influencer’s world? Don’t fret! We have your back. We know you aren’t sure how exactly to step into that world and become an influencer. We know you went through a million other blogs and found that studying … Read more

SEO Benefits

SEO Benefits: Why you Need SEO for your Website

For every business, investing in SEO is vital. SEO is the procedure of optimizing websites to maximize the volume of organic traffic from search engines. YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and Bing are important to search engines that bring traffic to websites with an effective SEO strategy. Leveraging SEO to your business can offer it with innumerable … Read more

Types of SPAM in SEO

Types of SPAM in SEO: How to Protect Your Site

One major problem that most of the website owners struggle to handle is – SPAM. If there is any form on your website that collects information from your customers or there is any such thing on your site that requires users to enter their details, spam can occur. If your website is popular, chances of … Read more

Traffic Hacks

25 Best Traffic Hacks that will Boost Traffic Instantly

It is always better to imagine and see the bigger picture when digital marketing is concerned. One major component or ultimate result expected from digital marketing is a high volume of traffic. It might seem complex to achieve huge traffic volume. However, to gain success in the digital marketing field it is essential to gain … Read more

Content Marketing Plan

The Best Content Marketing Plan You Need for Blogging

One major myth is always around a content marketing plan that works. It is, you publish great content on a consistent basis and you will get more traffic, higher rankings in search engines, and eventually will be able to grow your business. Those who believe this myth may end up doing two or more things: … Read more

Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Measure

Internet marketing is mainly about understanding customer preferences, building brand awareness, distribution and making your business stand out to ultimately reap higher sales. In order to establish a strong marketing strategy, you must enumerate digital marketing metrics that can help you make better decisions. With such digital marketing metrics, it is possible to make effective … Read more

Web Directories

What are Web Directories? Are They Still Relevant in SEO

From over a long time, web directories have been a strong foundation for search engine optimization and the World Wide Web. But have you ever wondered their relevancy in the era of AI Google Updates? According to the Web SPAM’s head, John Mueller stated that in general, web directories are still not relevant. However, the … Read more

Emoji SEO

Emoji SEO: Are Emoticons Useful for Improving Traffic

Emojis are loved by all. Do you want to rank for an emoji-based search? 👍 Here’s how emoji SEO can be done as part of the SEO ranking tactics 👨 💻👌 The present generation cannot imagine communication without the usage of emojis. To express their mental state, emojis are being used. So the world of … Read more

Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen Content: How To Research and Write

Content is of different types. It can be an article, blogs, press releases, or anything else. But if you want your content to continue targeting readers, then it must be evergreen content. In fact, evergreen content is good for SEO and caters your website needs for a long period of time. Sure, you must be … Read more

Doorway Pages SEO

What Are Doorway Pages? How to Safely Remove Them

Sometimes, webmasters have no other option but to use BlackHat SEO techniques. And often, it is Google that forces them to do so, especially in the case of doorway pages. Confused? Read further to understand what I’m talking about here. It is because of the strict algorithms of Google, sometimes webmasters create numerous, different pages … Read more