How to Drive Twitter Traffic to Your Blog

Twitter is a popular social networking site. It can also be termed a a micro blogging site as people interact with each other via very short messages. Such messages are called tweets. Twitter helps people to get linked with others. It is a powerful tool and comprises of so many benefits.

Twitter Traffic

Twitter and blog:

Now if you are a blog writer, then you must know the importance of having followers. You must be serious and attentive in order to impress your followers. You need to engage your audience. There are many bloggers who successfully use Twitter. Experts suggest that you should also use Twitter to make followers.

Is it possible to drive traffic from twitter?

Undoubtedly the answer is YES. It is possible to use Twitter to drive in traffic.

How To Use Twitter

1. Use images:

Till now twitter was called text-oriented platform. But now it has given space to images as well. You can now attach pics with your tweet which helps in generating good results.

Twitter is now open to visual content as well. One can tweet anything that is inclusive of images. It is very important now as having visual impact will help you to get more followers.

But one should be very careful while uploading images. One should select images that have a good focus point. The images should be qualitative and directly related to the tweet.

2. Send repetitive tweets:

Generally, people don’t find the same posts interesting. They get bored and as a result, they don’t react. But this fact is not applied on twitter. One can post one thing several times to get the followers’ attention. It is a good tactic and generally happens on twitter.

People miss important updates. They get disappointed when they miss any post or update. So, you can keep on repeating your tweets. But ensure that you don’t irritate your viewers. You can make some changes in the tweet. You can add any image to it. You can tweet your content with a quote in it. This won’t annoy your viewer.

3. Update your bio:

When your name comes in the suggestion list, people can see only your name and profile picture. So, if they want to follow you, they will click on your twitter profile. And the first thing they will see is your bio. So, your bio should be properly updated.

It is common for people to mention their information on their profile. You can use this place to invite viewers to your blog. You can insert the link of your blog. You should definitely post your most popular blog there. If not possible, insert its link. And also, do insert the link of your latest content.

4. Communicate properly:

You have to take care of your followers. You have to master the art of managing people. Try to understand the interests and preferences of your readers. You can do this by analyzing their past response on your posts. And interact with them accordingly.

You should know how to

  1. Drive people to your blog
  2. Interact with your followers

You should talk to your followers exactly the way you would talk to them in offline mode. You have to maintain your professionalism. But make sure that you entertain your followers too. Make your content interesting and relevant. Develop content, focusing your readers.

Why twitter:

Twitter can be used to get more and more followers. When you use Twitter, you actually

  • Enhance your blogs
  • Get in touch with other bloggers
  • Experience increased readers
  • Get increased profile reads
  • Get traffic

If it is so advantageous, then why people hesitate to use?

It is because they don’t know the worth of Twitter. Given below are the reasons why Twitter is important. Have a look, it is obvious that your perception will change.

1. It provides the basis for research:

Research refers to searching for something again. And twitter helps people to do complete research. You can take the help of people to get a solution. You can just tweet your query. People over there will respond to it. Isn’t it best platform?

You can use Twitter in the following ways

  • If you want inspiration, you can take aid from twitter users.
  • You can use twitter if you want an example or an idea

In short, you can communicate with your people to turn them into followers. Try to engage them in your posts. You will be highly benefitted.

2. You can expand yourself:

Blogging requires expansion. You have to constantly upgrade yourself. Every social networking site gives you an opportunity to expose yourself. Twitter proves to be very helpful. It gives a chance for people to get in touch with more people.

Twitter is one of the powerful tools that give a platform to bloggers. It is a good way to impress all your potential readers. Personal branding is very important. You can showcase yourself. You can show your inner talents to the world. You should tweet something that brings your followers to your blogs. There is something so special on Twitter. You have to master the art of applying it for your benefit.

3. You can post your content:

It won’t take much time to get promoted on Twitter. You can post your content on Twitter to attract your readers. If they love your content, they will automatically come to the blog. You should know how to attract people. Twitter has the potential to promote your content in a very short span of time. And yes, remember that many followers will know about you only through twitter. Your blogs may not bring your readers to your twitter post but your Twitter posts will definitely do that for you.

It is a very trustworthy tool. You cannot deny the fact that it gives results which are satisfactory.

4. You can get more readers:

Many people use Twitter every day. Twitter has so much potential, you can get millions of followers if you use twitter. Try to give something extra or interesting to your readers. It takes time to attract people and drive them to the blog. But if they don’t find the content interesting, they will leave in very less time. It is the biggest challenge every blogger faces.

You have to be consistent in order to increase your readers. And then give them something new every time. It is important to get followers, but it is more important to maintain them. It is because once they leave, they won’t come back.

5. You get in touch with people:

Twitter helps you to make networks with varied kind of people. It has the ability to get you in touch with people of different level. You get a chance to interact with other bloggers. You can know the choice and preferences of readers and other people. It has a long term benefit for people.

You can have a win-win situation. You can promote other people’s content and you can get your content promoted. You can give a suggestion to others and can get pieces of advice if required. It is helpful for newcomers. Also, experienced ones can use Twitter to get updated.

Most applied formulas:

1. Short and sweet tweets:

Your tweet should be very short and strong. Experts say that it is a very challenging task to say something interesting in very few words. But you should know how to express yourself in just 280 characters. Short tweets will help you to attract more readers.

You have to develop interest among your readers. You have no other choice than to master this art. You have to learn to express too much in very fewer words. Try to include variation in your tweets. You have to be innovative and creative.

2. Quotes and statistics:

Include some of the lines from your blogs. Give a chance to your followers to have access to your blog. When you include some interesting quotes from blogs, your readers love it. And don’t include any quote that is not capable of attracting people. Share something about your blog. And it is worth mentioning that people love tweets that are quantitative in nature. Your tweets should be inclusive of facts and figures,

You should definitely post interesting statistical information. It will have an impact on your readers. Also, include characters in your tweet. All in all, it is a matter of your readers and you cannot afford to lose them.

3. Don’t forget hashtags:

Hashtags cannot be underestimated when it comes to Twitter. They provide a basis to people to have a great discussion on one topic. The hashtag refers to a symbol ‘#’ in front of a word and it becomes a topic for discussion. For instance, #XYZ. They hold a good place in twitter.

You should also use hashtags to communicate with people. This will help you to interact with people who are not your followers. In this way, you can impress and invite them to your blogs.

Sometimes you can use theme based hashtags. It will help you to promote your particular blogs. And some other times you can use general hashtags as it helps you to introduce yourself.

4. Mention people:

Like hashtags, @mention also holds a great place in twitter. It refers to including a person’s name. It will help you to talk to a person directly. Specialists suggests you to definitely use @mentions as this tactic is used by many people and generates results too.

You can use to appreciate various bloggers, companies and even your customers. You can mention them in your tweet. In this way, you will actually make good connections with them. They will love this attitude of yours and they will do the same thing for you. In this way, you will get promoted.

5. Retweet:

Don’t underestimate the power of retweeting the content. It actually works. It is obvious that people will mention you in their tweet. It’s your responsibility to revert them back. You should respond to them so that they will mention you again in the future. People love to get a response so, you should be very active. You should give frequent response to others.

Apply this same tactic with your followers. You can ask them to retweet your tweets. It is the same as the content getting shared. It automatically generates results and people get to know about you, thus helping you get promoted.

6. Use images:

People never forget visual things. The impact of images stays for a long time. Your tweets should be inclusive of images and pictures. It makes your tweets more attractive and appealing. It is very important in order to drive traffic to your blog. Also never post anything wrong.

The picture you choose should relate to your post. It should impress your reader. Your image should be interactive. Get your tweets promoted as uless your content gets spread, you won’t get followers. If your followers love and are interested in your content, they will definitely share it. So, do include images in your tweets.

7. Develop interest in your followers:

You can make them curious about yourself. This will make them come to your blog. Just try to develop an interest in them and ask questions from your followers. In this way, you will succeed in engaging them.

You will be amazed to see that your followers are clicking on your posts. You can organize an online contest as people love to participate in contests. In this way, they will get attracted to you and will succeed in driving them to your blog.

The bottom line:

Twitter is known to be one of the best social networking platforms. It has so many benefits for people. Being a blogger you should also use Twitter as it will help you build up a network with many people and also will get many followers. You can also drive people to your blogs.

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