Google PageSpeed Insights

How to Get Perfect 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

Google ranking is very important for a website. Every webmaster works to take their page to the top of search engine result to improve click rate and page ranking. If your page is not performing well there could be many reasons like low content quality, lack of optimization and many more. One of the important … Read more

Negative or Bad Reviews

How to Handle Bad Reviews Online in the Right Way

You might have faced bullying once in your life. If you think they are bad, you are wrong. Online bullies are worse than them. And even if you manage and run your business properly, you will definitely face negative reviews. People comment on you, your brand, your product and it is so irritating to see … Read more

What is Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority and How to Improve It Easily?

Domain authority is the most popular word among bloggers and website owners. It is one of the important ranking factors as of now. Long back websites used to get priority based on its Google ranking. But now, domain authority came into the picture. There are many ranking factors you can consider making your website optimized … Read more

Is Blogging Dead

Is Blogging Dead? Can you Make Money Blogging?

We are living in a digital world where it is common to share information through the internet. Presently, there will rarely be anyone who does not access the web for professional and personal means. One question that keeps on popping up in this scenario is, ‘Is blogging dead?’ Today, in this post I am going … Read more

Sponsored Post or Review

Sponsored Post or Review: What You Need to Know

There are different ways to earn money through your websites, such as placing ads or selling ads or offering services and products. Among such ways, one of the most profitable and efficient way to earn money with your blog is through the way of sponsored posts or sponsored review. In this post, I am going … Read more

Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing: How to Succeed with it

Did you read every single advertisement mentioned in a newspaper or a magazine? Most probably, no! You might have only read advertisements that managed to catch your attention. A company presenting its ad in a magazine with a big readership pays for that readership, regardless of the fact that its advertisement is read or not. … Read more

Ugly Websites

Ugly Websites: Lessons You Need to Learn from Them

Looks and popularity of a website are two important factors everyone will focus on. But there is a popular saying that the appearance of a website has nothing to do with its content quality. Many marketers believe that they can only be successful if the design of their website is good. But this is actually … Read more

Schema Markup

How to Use Schema Markup to Boost SEO Results

What is Schema Markup in SEO and How to Use it effectively Schema markup is also called structured data or microdata. It is one of the best techniques to improve search engine optimization. With growing advancements in technological education, the importance of the schema markup has increased. The only thing is that people don’t know … Read more

Content Hub

How to Create a Content Hub Strategy to Boost SEO

A content hub is a very confusing term sometimes. You will get confused easily by searching for this term online. There are a lot of definitions to the content hub. It is very hard to stand out online nowadays because of the competition that exists. How can a website stand out in the competition without … Read more

Customer Acquisition Cost

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost in Marketing

CAC or customer acquisition cost is the cost incurred by the business in order to gain a new customer. This takes into account the complete cost linked with marketing and sales to grab the potential customer and influence them for procurement. Companies across the globe use CAC as its a significant term in business. The … Read more