The Best Chatbot Examples You Can Try Right Now

A large number of companies are utilizing the services of chatbots. It is because chatbots are great to streamline the process and determine aspects that are vital to your customers.

With the help of direct messages, chatbots can offer reliable support to its users. They perform frontline with customers and can help them as well as redirect to human employees as and when necessary.

Chatbot Examples

If you too wish to bring the power of chatbots to your business, we share our list of best chatbots examples with you.

Chatbots Examples for AI:

Chatbots designed for AI use deep learning algorithms for enhancing the relevance and quality of output. They don’t rely on scripted responses based on particular text input and identify the intent of users. The best examples of AI chatbots are as follows.

1. Mitsuku:

It is a highly popular online chatbot for AI, which is based on the ALICE technology or Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. It improves conversation skills using advance machine learning technologies. Because of its impeccable performance, this chatbot earned four times the prize of the Loebner Prize Turing Test.

It is one of the smallest chatbots available that is introduced by Pandorabots, an AI software entity founded by Richard Wallace. This chatbot uses AIML or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, which is a brief dialect of XML or Extensible Markup Language.

2. Cleverbot:

Another great example of a chatbot is Cleverbot, which is a learning bot available online. This bot processes similar conversations with innumerable visitors producing distinct responses. The bot has enrolled in numerous formal Turing tests and competitions related to Loebner Prize.

It is an upgraded and novel release of Jabberwacky, which is a chatbot project introduced by Rollo Carpenter. It is integrated with AI technology, which improves chatbot ideas around the late 1990s. Since its release, this bot has been consistently improving.

3. Visual Chatbot:

Popularly known as Visual Dialog, this is a robust visual chatbot that interprets images. It is based on neural network and computer vision technologies and allows users to upload the images directly while using the chatbox.

With the help of this chatbot, it is possible to send visual messages illustrating what is being told in the picture. It is an addictive and highly entertaining tool that comes with the feature of Image recognition. It is a trusted platform for eCommerce chatbots and is used among popular brands like Nike, which use pictures with a smartphone to offer customization options or identify products.

Chatbot Examples for Customer Service:

Chatbots are also useful to enhance online customer service experience. They are greatly useful in online stores. These tools make it easy to handle returns, enhance communication, recover unrestricted shopping carts, and answers to most common questions asked from online shoppers.

1. Handle Returns Query Bot:

This is a highly promising chatbot for enhancing customer service that is useful when people purchase things online. The buying decision of customers is based on description or photographs without actually testing or seeing products firsthand.

With the help of this chatbot, customers can change their minds and decide whether to buy or not buy things. Also, it helps in simplifying the purchase process and automates the same with Handle Returns Query Bot feature.

It is a great chatbot available in Tidio and comes with pre-made templates useful for conversion flow, which can be tailored as per your unique needs. This tool is incorporated with a Shopify store.

2. Domino’s Chatbot:

Another chatbot highly useful in the food industry is Domino’s chatbot, which allows you placing an order without mentioning a single word to human beings.

This chatbot is very easy to use and you only have to click on a few buttons to begin, select what you desire, enter the address, and you are good to go. It is great when you wish to order food instantly.

Also, Domino’s offer a bot to identify previous orders and allows cooperating with people. Most importantly, it can connect you with human client service.

3. Order a Phone Call Chatbot:

It feels great when you have customers who are willing to reach out to your company. These are great opportunities where customers may intend to contact you directly and fast. Moreover, they must be concerned about billing.

It is a specialized chatbot offering the convenience of ordering their service through a phone call. It is a great part of the basic Tidio chatbot template. There are different kinds of customer service and it is the finest to combine them all.

The visitors on your website may also use the live chat widget option to talk with chatbot and make a phone call.

Chatbot Examples for Ecommerce:

When there are formulaic and repetitive tasks to perform, chatbots serve great functionality in this context. Chatbots can be used to welcome new clients, ask if they require assistance, search for adequate products, take care of payments, and perform necessary actions related to customer service. They are also helpful in making online shopping a rich experience, which is more similar to visiting a real store.

1. Levi’s Chatbot:

This is a highly innovative chatbot that offers rich support to its users in various aspects. For example, if your website visitor is searching for the jeans, he will enter the search term ‘search jeans.’ A chatbot can then ask what sort of jeans you are looking for. This way, the process of searching for your favorite cloth is simplified and caters to your products that exactly meet your needs.

Levi’s Chatbot makes the overall decision of making a purchase easier. In addition to this, it offers support for order, returns, delivery payment, and selecting the correct size. Finally, it is great to look for outfit proposals with the option to supply the complete look.

2. Sephora Chatbot:

Sephora Chatbot is the next efficient solution available that serves the industry with a range of modern functionalities. It is an excellent product for the cosmetic industry. The best thing is that you can contact their customer support team and ask them numerous FAQ related questions.

Using this chatbot it is possible to find out about the product cost as well as gain knowledge about the company. Most importantly, you can shop for something special.

3. Tidio Chatbot:

The Tidio Chatbot is a sign of modesty and is an ideal solution for all kinds of websites. It comes in various plans, which you may select. The chatbot also suggests features, which are offered within the service.

Also, the tool can aid with installation and dispel doubts regarding the fee of service. It is also useful in solving problems or redirects them when human intervention and support is needed. By using the FAQ section of this bot it is possible to reduce the number of questions that are received by the support team.

Chatbot Examples for Medical and Healthcare:

You must be aware that medical robots require human support to perform robotic-assisted surgical processes. Similarly, chatbots are used in the healthcare industry to not replace actual doctors but to assist medical experts in numerous tasks. These bots also intend to simplify processes like triage. With the help of chatbots, it is also possible to determine the health condition of a patient.

1. ABBI Chatbot:

It is an excellent chatbot in the medical field that solves a specific purpose. It is medical marijuana that is highly useful in various applications of the medical and health industry. This chatbot offers in-depth details about patients and those suffering from severe ailments can be detected at an early stage using this chatbot. However, it may lead to a few side effects, which is why its use is still debatable.

One important feature of ABBI is that it allows medical cannabis strain and the recommended dose for the patients.

2. Buoy Health Chatbot:

This health chatbot is powered with AI and stimulates a conversation with a health expert. Rather than utilizing simple decision trees, it utilizes the extensive database of clinical records to select the finest patient interview question.

It has been already tested on a big number of patients who were interviewed by it and met their doctor afterward. It is a great tool to perform professional diagnosis and has delivered accurate results in more than 90% of the cases. If there are alarming symptoms detected, the app instantly suggests approaching a genuine doctor.


This chatbot is from a reputed company GYANT that combines messaging, Artificial Intelligence, and chatbots together to design a comprehensive medical solution for meeting non-urgent medical situations. It is a friendly chatbot that can be used to get information about the products of a company and medical triage.

With the help of this chatbot, it is possible to get an answer to numerous questions that are useful to help people precisely self-diagnose their disease. The power provider service from GYANT allows patients to pass the interview from chatbot easily and gain the desired results to an MD professional and gain their opinion and treatment suggestions.

The service from GYANT is also useful in the field of healthcare for managing chronic care and communicating with the patients for follow-up visits.

Chatbot Examples for Real Estate and Booking:

Chatbots are also useful to book restaurants, hotels, tickets, or sell properties. Every business and industry that needs potential clients to browse through their options and looking for the correct deal can gain the desired results through chatbots. It is a great assistant with which you can chat. It offers a personalized approach to your questions.

1. Realty Chatbot:

This is one of the finest chatbots specializing in offering Messenger services to real estate agents. This chatbot is equipped with a committed conversational flow like rent of a property, worth of a house, and more. It is useful for real estate agencies and enables filtering the most promising leads.

It comes with conversation designs that are tailor-made for the realty industry and scenarios that agents experience on a daily basis. When you wish to enhance customer service, chatbot templates can bring immense success.

2. Hipmunk:

The next chatbot on our list is Hipmunk, which is an innovative chatbot that can offer you rich travel ideas. It helps to determine where and when you wish to fly and it will browse the network to identify the best flight. Also, it checks the hotel available on rent and tells about the rental cost.

It redirects the website with a hotel where you can see photos, prices, and reviews of other users. The main purpose of this chatbot is to save the time of clients. It comes with conversational UI and brings a large number of people interested in traveling to the services.

3. SnapTravel:

SnapTravel is a fine chatbot that lets you find the best option for renting accommodation. It arranges the best housing conditions and on the basis of numerous orders, it suggests places appropriate to user’s requirements. From determining the free Wi-Fi connectivity to the availability of free breakfast, it lets you know everything about the accommodation.

They have tie-ups with big hotels and individual restaurants. Hence, there are plenty of options to select from. You only have to enter the dates of the stay and the city. You can even know about the check-ins and payments through Messenger.

Chatbot Example for News:

1. Wall Street Journal:

Consider that your preferred magazine can send you articles, which will be interesting for you to read. It offers a range of interesting articles and you can select reading your favorite one as a personal assistant.

Chatbot Example for Legal and Networking:

1. Mya Chatbot:

This is AI-powered chatbot featured with recruiting assistant. It utilized machine learning and NLP to reduce the workload on the legal or HR department. It is used by reputed company Mya that receives more than one million job applications every year.

Wrapping Up:

Chatbots are used in these and more other fields such as gaming, education, virtual companion, conversational, and more. Though each chatbot differs in features, the one common thing is that they all support and engage users. So, if you wish to gain additional support for your business in this digital age, try using a chatbot.

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