ConvertKit Review: Why This is the Best Tool For Your Blog or Biz?

One of the newest things and talk of the town in the field of digital marketing is ConvertKit.

I am sure you must have heard about it and want to know what exactly it is and why you must start using it right now.

ConvertKit Review

So, here I share my honest review on ConvertKit to let you know every bit of detail about this tool.

ConvertKit Review – The Outstanding Features:

Before I detailed out the various functionalities and aspects of this tool, let me first highlight some of its outstanding features.

1. User-Friendly Interface:

The best thing about ConvertKit is that it is very easy to use. This is an amazing tool that offers great ease of use and it would not get much simpler than this.

2. Highly Effective:

If you use the basic features of ConvertKit, they will find it an excellent tool. However, it may not serve the users looking for advanced features, and hence, may experience a few limitations.

3. Exceptional Support:

It comes with stellar support and offers instant response time. The live chat and community group features make it one of the finest tools to use.

4. Price:

It is an affordable tool and can be used by those who want great functionality within a budget. Sure, it is not the most expensive tool available.

What Exactly is ConvertKit?

It is a great tool for bloggers that allows creating brilliant email marketing campaigns. This tool is designed by Nathan Barry and is an exceptional tool that has already captured a reputed position in the email marketing arena.

It is a reputed platform that gained immense popularity after getting support from popular influential marketers such as Joanna Wiebe and pat Flynn. Just as its tagline suggests, this tool comes with powerful features of Infuisionsoft and holds an easy to use interface than MailChimp.

ConvertKit – Segmentation & System:

This platform has been developed across a tag-based functionality, which is by far one of the most efficient ways for managing subscribers as well as running automation.

A fine thing about ConvertKit is that it can be used to apply tags to the subscribers on the basis of their behavior. For instance, you can apply one tag when a person clicks on a particular in the email that enables you to exclusively target them afterward.

Also, it allows using ‘merge tags,’ which is a great feature to generate dynamic emails. This feature enables you to send one single email, which exhibits according to tags as applied to each subscriber.

Additionally, it allows some really useful and great tag-based features. One of the new features introduced is the ConvertKit plugin for WordPress. With this feature, it is possible to monitor visitors on your site and on the basis of it, you can apply tags.

Before the introduction of this feature, it was not possible for the users to utilize tags on the basis of individual behavior in a way the users interact with your website specifically.

So, if you are a WordPress website user, this platform offers a capable and intuitive tag-based system.

ConvertKit – Marketing Automation:

Another great functionality of ConvertKit is its marketing automation feature, which is standard and vital for email marketing tools. It certainly addresses all the requirements of email marketing with the ultra-simple automation manager.

The builder for generating rules is no more the only option available to create automation. It is because ConvertKit introduced an entirely new builder for the visual workflow that is almost similar to Drip and ActiveCampaign.

The action and trigger-based system is very easy to use. A highly important thing is that things do begin to get slightly messy when a series of automation is created. Every single rule is showcased on the list.

With the functionality of creating group automation into complex automation and folders, it is possible to trigger actions, which can lead to changes in the future into the virtual industry. Most importantly, this feature is streamlined, and hence, it is much faster to use as compared to other platforms.

Moreover, everything that happens in the builder is inline. So, adding emails to forms, the entire workflow is inside and smooth.

This feature itself puts Drip and ActiveCampaign at ground level to ConvertKit.

However, these changes are great, but they may not serve users looking for advanced functionalities in terms of flexibility and power.

All customers can use the default theme that runs smoothly with virtual comparison you can make between the other tools available for email marketing. As far as ConvertKit is concerned, it is popular among the users for its speed and simplicity. So, when you are using ConvertKit, you can string together highly complex automation, but you can definitely establish simple and effective rules and workflows within a specific time.

ConvertKit – A/B Testing:

No matter what kind of online business you run, to make it stand out and succeed in the market it needs A/B Testing functionality for most of its aspects.

Besides testing various subject lines for your broadcast email, you can perform split-testing using ConvertKit. If you run a small campaign where A/B testing is enough, ConvertKit is a great tool to use. However, if you run big campaigns and rely on split-testing, ConvertKit may not be able to serve you adequately.

Form Building Using ConvertKit:

It is not possible to collect emails without having a form. For this reason, it is essential to integrate forms into your email marketing campaign. This way, you can easily develop an embeddable form using this tool.

ConvertKit easily recognizes the requirement for distinct kinds of forms. So, whether you require a modal, slide-in or inline form, you can design them easily using ConvertKit. However, you can carry customization to some extent only.

For example, if you wish to make a simple change of color, you have to utilize custom CSS, which is a great option for those who want something different from the standard default layout.

Furthermore, ConvertKit also enables building landing pages, but have a few limitations. Recently, ConvertKit has incorporated Instapages integration.

Designing Email Templates Using ConvertKit:

ConvertKit comes with a variety of different templates having slight differences on the front end. There is a classic, framed, and more other kinds of email templates available that confirm this tool is exclusively designed for bloggers. Also, you have the option to purchase fancy templates, but for this, you have to invest some time.

Luckily, you can hard-code the HTML templates by making changes in the account settings.

This may not be an appropriate solution for most of the users as it will need some level of CSS and HTML knowledge. Alternatively, you can hire someone to get it developed for you. ConvertKit also comes with variables, which can be integrated into the templates to design dynamic email templates for your business.

This functionality is better than those offered by other tools such as the Active Campaign, which need you to choose a template for every email you design, which is time consuming and painful. Without using hard code email templates, it is very complex to get the feel and look you really wish in terms of email customization and design.

ConvertKit Integrations:

This is quite a novel company, so you must not expect numerous integrations. Hence, there are a few integrations offered by ConvertKit, which are of great use to different email marketing campaigns. ConvertKit comes with the support from Zapier, which opens doors to hundreds of other integrations.

It clearly illustrates that there is scope for improvement and it is quite impressive to use this tool. Presently, it integrates with some of the popular and best third-party integrations. For users who want to use more obscure service and apps, they may not like ConvertKit. But for others, it is a great solution.

Though it comes with fewer integrations as compared to other email marketing tools, it is presently the current provider of some highly trusted and useful tools and lets you make sure that software stack can be precisely integrated, whether it is a shopping cart, page builder, or anything else.

ConvertKit Reporting and Tracking:

Another great area where you can use ConvertKit is that it offers a simple approach to the users.

This platform comes with a dashboard display and offers subscription valid for 30 days. Also, you can filter the functionality on the basis of distinct time frames. It breaks the various forms or entry points that not only appear in the main bar chart but also below the unique reporting area.

Also, there is minor reporting available for the sequence but then you don’t have to worry about anything. In order to dig into the analytics of email marketing campaigns, it offers a lot to be desired. So, if you are looking for exceptional email list growth and you don’t want to rely on geeks to get the job done, ConvertKit is a great tool.

Documentation and Support Using ConvertKit:

Each of the functionality of this tool holds a relatively new subject, but as far as documentation and support is concerned, it is brilliant. You can use a tool known as Bonjoro, which send out unique personalized welcome videos to the novel members.

Every new user gets a unique video made exclusively for them, which feels great. Also, it makes it simpler to onboard on tools and ascertains they are presently using. Though it is not of much support, it confirms that this platform is highly committed to its users, which is undoubtedly a good thing. Additionally, they claim to offer an average response time for every email, which is around 1 hour 14 minutes.

Also, there is huge community-based support offered particularly when you join the dedicated Slack channel. Community support is available on various platforms including Facebook and offers great external support.

The team takes the support seriously and offers different support channels at disposal that make it extremely convenient to handle technical issues.

Testing Deliverability – ConvertKit:

An important thing that can make or break your email marketing campaign is testing the deliverability. I tested the tool for two different methods:

  • Using GlockApps to get analytical and instant results
  • Running same campaigns across all tools and estimate open rates

My test results offer this tool the highest open rate of 39% within the specific time frame.

Is It Worth Using ConvertKit?

I have shared my views on various functions and features of Convertkit, and I have also shared its pros with you.

But does this mean you too must use this tool?

Just like any other tool, you can use ConvertKit only if you find it worth and are assured that it will meet all your requirements. I believe that this tool is an ideal fit for budget bloggers, beginners, and high-level marketers.

If you are a high-level marketer, you will love this tool as it offers the power equal to Infusionsoft and that too within a budget.

It’s true that this platform lacks in a few specific areas that advanced marketers may miss. But it also offers various advanced features like comprehensive A/B testing, detailed reporting, professionally created templates, and advanced automated actions and triggers.

Furthermore, it is a great platform for beginner bloggers as it is very easy to use. For beginners who are searching to dabble in marketing automation, and have a slightly high budget can use this tool with ease.

Finally, budget bloggers who want to run their email marketing campaigns within a budget can deliver the best solutions. It is based on tags, which implies subscribers are counted once I to the list size. But the same does not apply to other tools such as Mailchimp and Aweber.

The only tool, which competes in pricing to ConvertKit is GetResponse. It comes with automation and tagging features, but it is certainly not better than ConvertKit.

Final Verdict:

I have been using CovnertKit for a long time and can say that it is truly a great tool for delivering rich features and functionality. It is definitely a promising tool for those who are looking for great support for their online business within a budget.

Though there are restricted features and functionalities, it is a viable option in most of the cases. It is definitely worth giving a try!

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