WordPresss Vs Weebly

WordPress vs Weebly – Which one is better CMS?

WordPress was launched in the year 2003 by its founding fathers who were Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Since then WordPress has been rising from strength to strength and continues to remain incredibly popular even today. However, since the foundation of Weeble by Chris Fanini , David Rusenko as well as Dan Veltri, people have … Read more

Starting WordPress Web Design Business

Starting a WordPress Web Design Business? 27 Things to do

Before commencing with a load of hard work, dedication and tranquil, there are few things you need to do before actually starting WordPress web design business. There are many people who are in a state of confusion when it comes to starting up a WordPress web design business. You will find many WordPress users who … Read more

Squarespace WordPress Pros Cons

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which is the Best?

When it comes to a task like comparing whether Squarespace or WordPress, is better, the task is indeed a challenging one. Both have their individual pros and cons when it comes to executing a job. At all times, in order to decide which is a better you have to see which one of the two is … Read more

WordPress Child Themes Pros Cons

What is a WordPress Child Theme? Pros and Cons

The child themes of WordPress are excellent themes accessible in WordPress that attains its functionality from a different theme which is identified as a parent theme. Child themes are turning popular and adaptive amid developers as it presents a bunch of advantages. These themes are often useful in case one wants to alter or modify … Read more

WordPress XML Sitemap Plugins

23 Best and Easy to Setup WordPress Sitemap Plugins

A sitemap is a list of web pages of a website available to web surfers or users. The two well-known versions of a site map are an XML Sitemap and HTML sitemaps. XML Sitemap is an ordered set-up which a viewer does not require to observe, However it notifies the search engine regarding the pages in … Read more

WordPress PayPal Payment Plugins

20 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins for Accepting Payments

If you want to receive payments on your WordPress site then PayPal is the best option for you. PayPal makes it easier than merchant accounts for a website owner to receive payments online. As PayPal is the most known payment entrance, letting potential customers the facility to pay to utilize it is a reliable method … Read more

Websites that use WordPress

Most Popular Website Brands using WordPress

WordPress is efficient content management for websites small and big. WordPress is easy to handle, pleasing and free. It allows you to own your data, allows launching swiftly and can be simply integrated with social media and other services. One of the known mistaken beliefs about WordPress is that as it is open source, it … Read more

Author Bio Plugin WordPress

15 Best Author Bio Box Plugins for WordPress Users

The most important part of any blog is the author bio section and when it’s left without information it looks incomplete. Almost all WordPress themes come with an inbuilt author bio section when the user does not possess such functionality to show the author information then utilizing any Word Press plugin can be the right … Read more

Most Common WordPress Errors

Most Common WordPress Errors – How to Fix Them

Word Press has continued to grow from strength to strength owing to the fact that it has several positive points to boast to boast of. It is incredibly affordable, easy to use as well as install and is an open source content management system which helps the users get their jobs done much faster. However … Read more