Most Popular Website Brands using WordPress

WordPress is efficient content management for websites small and big. WordPress is easy to handle, pleasing and free. It allows you to own your data, allows launching swiftly and can be simply integrated with social media and other services.

One of the known mistaken beliefs about WordPress is that as it is open source, it is perhaps not beneficial and proficient enough for popular brands.

To reject this falsehood here is a list of most significant brands that are utilizing WordPress on their site. Let us have an insight over the many popular companies using WordPress.

Websites that use WordPress

Famous Brands using WordPress:

1. The Wall Street Journal:

The Wall Street Journal uses WordPress in many particular ways to empower their content and as the locomotive of their known blogs. WordPress is also optimized as an organizational asset for their real-time news flow.

2. Forbes:

To empower its blogs, Forbes employs WordPress and it has a lot of blogs. Forbes stands out because of the integration of several proprieties on the back end. Regardless of the various online blogs that it comprises of, Forbes always remains in the forefront when it comes to germane links and content for visitors.

3. Reuters Blog:

Reuters contain all from politics to money management. All of the articles they publish is generated and edited by WordPress. Plenty of videos, as well as articles, run through its website, displaying that even the major publications can upgrade to deliver content in a resourceful manner owing to WordPress.

4. UPS Blogs:

The prime name in package delivery issues valuable matters on its blog, which is established around the system of WordPress. Brand name companies are well known for seeking for the exceptionally competent ways to finish off tasks and as UPS is a proudly known logistics, it picked WordPress to grant written content in the simplest way possible.

5. EBay Blog:

EBay Inc. is a known e-commerce website and uses WordPress to provide proficient service to its visitors who are potential buyers and sellers. Such a commercial site owing to WordPress system specializes in helping people shop and sell items and services.

6. PlayStation Blog:

Another well-known brand which is a sequence of video games developed and built by Sony Computer Entertainment uses WordPress for its site. Various blog contents on the site are maintained and handled by WordPress.

7. CNN Blogs:

The basic site of CNN is not functioned by WordPress. However, the major media vehicle has a range of blogs from politics to entertainment and all of them are run by WordPress CMS.

8. The General Motors FastLane Blog:

The GM FastLane blog contains many articles plus videos and also audio clips keeping visitors enlightened about General Motors and giving out information for facilitating people to live a life overflowing with automobile intelligence.

9. The Rolling Stones:

The top band, The Rolling Stones employs WordPress for its website to reach out to their fans. WordPress has managed to provide a strong website for administering the waves of fans who pop on the site for tickets of concerts and updates concerning the band.

10. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry has turned a larger name currently and her major web presence is based contended on the WordPress platform. Stuff like tour notices, albums promotions and also witty videos to the fans are published via this site.

11. Samsung Camera:

Samsung Camera functions as a blog to facilitate people who have purchased the Samsung products previously. It has easy navigation and is simply helpful for viewers to seek content plus browse and read without any troubles.

12. Tech Crunch:

People who are technology buff will definitely be familiar with TechCrunch. Being one of the biggest technology publishers, it depends on WordPress to make sure the site loads stay swift for the massive amount of traffic it gathers each day.

13. TIME- Swampland:

Blogs normally commence on WordPress, However TIME embarked on when the internet was not even present. In the course of a swing of the company to the digital era, it found that WordPress is a feasible answer for its political news page.

14. BuzzMachine:

It is a prominent blog generated by Jeff Jarvis. It is a shelter for those who are curious in learning extra regarding enduring in the digital era. BuzzMachine is a supreme example of how a minor blog can expand rapidly on WordPress.

15. Laughing Squid:

Laughing Squid offers a daily dose of exclusive art, technology and culture covering the world. Same as BuzzMachine, this website commenced its mission on WordPress interface and has continued to be dependable along all of its success.

16. Re/code:

Yet another technology based website, Re/code, also utilized the strength of WordPress. They provide with exceptional tech news as well as uses WordPress platform to their benefits.

17. Fortune:

Fortune is a principal business magazine that also issues their content online via their website. The site works on the WordPress platform and connects properly to the expectation of the viewers.

18. Facebook Newsroom:

The extremely known social networking website, Facebook, also uses WordPress to exhibit all the latest news by means of WordPress site. This communicates the amount of practice of WordPress in the industry.

19. Coca-Cola France:

The soft drink company utilized WordPress for their site and it seems to have quite satisfied them with what they achieved through the site. The site appears cool and great plus is a responsive one.

20. Metro UK:

It is one of the prominent newspapers in the UK, and the site is powered by WordPress. The website loads quickly and is sleek.

21. Open NASA:

It is a project by NASA to serve with the essentials to the public and they picked WordPress for their site. This talks about the scope of sites that can be developed with the help of WordPress.

22. Mercedes-Benz:

They are very fond of WordPress and a car lover can make their choice with this instance, who is trying to begin an e-commerce site to sell car accessories. WordPress is compatible for e-commerce and is also popularly known for its web pages for the company.

23. Vogue:

It is one of the prime women magazines and had recently created a video on women empowerment. The Vogue site is developed using WordPress and loads particularly fast. The site is designed admirably and the women out there are sure to be pleased.

24. Van Heusen:

Van Heusen serves more than 55 regions around the world and heavily relies on its site to emphasize its extensive range of products. The brand integrates a wide mix of corporate news with a spectacular showroom, featuring a full page portfolio with photos of its product line-up.

25. IZOD:

IZOD is a sportswear brand that efficiently displays its products on its website. With all credit to WordPress’ content management system; it can modify the appearance and experience of the site plus its products as frequently as the fashion commands.

26. MTV Newsroom:

WordPress is literally placed for a test by MTV with its MTV Newsroom blog. The site has high traffic containing a broad range of contents including audio, video and texts. The site is updated regularly and employs a simple, conventional three column blog design.

27. LinkedIn Blog:

Another vast brand using WordPress is LinkedIn. It contains official resources of insights about the WordPress platform. The site has over 300 millions of members displaying that the site is highly trafficked.

28. Sony Music:

Sony Corporation of America owns Sony Music Entertainment and uses WordPress to empower its site to showcase well-known artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Sia and countless more. It utilizes the least theme for the site but is efficient to draw the visitor’s attention to the artists.

29. Blackberry Blogs:

Blackberry also incorporates various blogs for their customers, each one functioning on WordPress blogging platform.

30. People Magazine:

The People magazine’s site also has trending contents for its visitors and frequent additions. They too chose WordPress for its content management ability for their website.

31. Microsoft Lumia:

The popularly known Microsoft Windows devices also own a blog owing to WordPress for their Lumia.

32. Google Ventures:

Google’s venture capital investment division called Google Ventures, is also Powered by WordPress VIP. It is effortless to navigate due to its simple yet popular design.

33. Nikon USA:

Nikon is an optic and imaging devices specializing brand. Their site also is powered by WordPress and is efficient, simple and chic.

34. TIME Inc:

It is the publisher of heaps of magazines comprising Time, Fortune and InStyle. Many of the publications are also hosted on WordPress. However, each maintains the distinct style of their own. The credit goes to the customization options offered by WordPress.

35. Goodgame Studios:

Another simple instance of WordPress site is Goodgame Studios. Sometimes it is better if the content on a site speaks for itself. As a consequence, this brand employed this strategy by using a quite conventional WordPress theme.

36. CBS Local:

CBS local has launched sites and apps in 25 markets that contain the latest of news, sports highlights, weather and traffic updates. Forming a mobile version of a WordPress site is very easy, nevertheless, this brand customized its personal mobile theme.

37. The New York Times Blogs:

It is a famous ancient American daily newspaper company established in 1851. It has won around 100 Pulitzer prices. Its online website is powered by WordPress.

From the above list, one can evidently understand how brands successfully use WordPress to empower their sites. WordPress functions well for mobile device viewing also. Thus, WordPress is a splendid ecosystem, packed with collaboration. It is justified by the astoundingly well-known sites using WordPress. With WordPress, one receives absolute responsive design support. It is pleasing enough for anyone to bring into play WordPress for themselves.

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