23 Best and Easy to Setup WordPress Sitemap Plugins

A sitemap is a list of web pages of a website available to web surfers or users. The two well-known versions of a site map are an XML Sitemap and HTML sitemaps. XML Sitemap is an ordered set-up which a viewer does not require to observe, However it notifies the search engine regarding the pages in a site and how regularly it is updated.

HTML sitemaps are deliberated for the visitors to facilitate them to obtain content on the page and do not require to insert all subpage. It helps users, as well as search engines, discover pages on the site.

Thus, if you are exercising a WordPress site and hunting for sitemap plugins in that case here is a list of top plugins for Sitemap.

WordPress XML Sitemap Plugins

Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins to Generate XML Sitemap

1. Advanced Sitemap Generator:

The plugin is a mainly robust plugin that simply shows your post and page via shortcode on the front end. All you need to do is just set shortcode ([sitemap]) on the page or else the post. If you need to leave out some pages then set ([sitemap excludepage=”2, 4″]) where 2, 4 are the page ids divided through the commas.

2. SiteTree:

This plugin is lightweight and has a friendly interface tool that allows you adjoin to WordPress site a human decipherable Google (Image) Sitemap for search engines or an adaptable Archive Page (or HTML5 acquiescent Site Map) for your users instantly.

3. XML Sitemaps:

The plugin can automatically create XML Sitemaps for a site and inform search engines at the time they are updated. Different to various other plugins which create sitemap files, it will insert a rewrite control plus can stock up your cached sitemaps in the WordPress sitemaps or content folder.

4. Simple Sitemaps:

This plugin is one of the simplest and easiest methods to add an HTML sitemap to your site which is powerful and efficient. It is a distinctive plus spontaneous way to exhibit your site content. By just adding a single shortcode that is (simple-sitemap) to any post or page (through a Text widget).

5. Google Sitemap by WebSoft:

With this plugin, you can generate a Sitemap file toward Google Webmaster Tools and add it to your website, then obtain the details concerning the site taking part in Google Webmaster Tools.

6. HTML Page sitemap:

The plugin is effortless and includes an HTML sitemap of your site pages but not posts, through inputting the shortcode [html_sitemap] in the page content. The uncomplicated plugin is modified from the shortcode. You can arrange basically all that you can place in the wp_list_pages operation. The plugin is ideal for people who exercise the WordPress as a CMS.

7. Better WordPress Google XML sitemaps:

Through the plugin, you will not require fretting regarding the higher numbers of URL limit or the period it holds for a sitemap to be produced. The plugin is swift, utilizes very fewer resources and be able to extend through your actual individual modules.

8. Google XML sitemaps:

The plugin can produce a unique XML sitemap that will facilitate search engines to enhance the index of your site. By means of such a sitemap, it is very easier for the visitors to observe the absolute arrangement of your site and recover it more resourcefully. This plugin supports every type of WordPress made pages and custom URLs. In addition, it reports every main search engines all the time you generate a post on the fresh content.

9. WP Site mapping:

The plugin helps to include a sitemap by a shortcode, organizing a PHP function or else with one from the two given widgets. Operating the shortcode doesn’t imply you require to write code. Only click the sitemap key in your visual post editor then all of the options accessible for the shortcode will be shown. On completion press OK then the shortcode will be added to the proper parameters.

10. Users Sitemaps and Archive – Removed:

The plugin aids you to form users, as well as authors’ archive on your website hence simple browsing, will begin. There can be a human surf-able archive of visitors and an XML sitemap for viewers of your site. Not including a plugin like this, one will not be able to embrace viewers or authors of the website in sitemaps. Nevertheless, Users Sitemap has this capability built in. The archive is effortlessly formed through aspects that you can tailor for users to look for members.

11. Smart Sitemap.xml tools – Removed:

This plugin will not generate sitemap files to store on your site. Relatively, it supplies virtual files with the sitemaps information. Through the plugin, one can sight sitemap in their browser, and then it will insert XSL conversion to administer sitemap’s XML content into a legible image. There is an additional panel to rearrange plugin settings as well as you will find Multisite WordPress mode.

12. Litemap – Removed:

The plugin is basic and lightweight one which causes it to be very simple to build a sitemap. You can create a list of your site posts or pages in an alphabetical or else on the basis of the date they are issued in the sort of ascending or descending order. Later you pick the number of items you desire to display on all of your page as well as the style you wish to show them in. Then, you only include the short tag given onto a page to exhibit the sitemap.

13. Yoast:

This plugin contains a module that will allow you to form sitemap for your WordPress website. There are chances you perhaps be exercising SEO by Yoast plugin on your website thus instead of obtaining another plugin to create Sitemap, you must utilize the sitemap module of the plugin. After you finish off installing and activating the plugin, just go to SEO then XML Sitemaps and create Sitemap for your website.

14. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator:

This plugin for WordPress is another of the best extensively employed HTML sitemap creator. It offers many customization options that include multi-stage groups and pages and exclusion, several page productions by navigation and more. It supports manifold languages as well as you will be able to pick the language on the options page.

15. PS Auto Sitemap:

This plugin is another Well-known plugin which produces modifiable plus designed sitemaps. The plugin automatically creates a sitemap page on your site.

16. Press Coders Simple sitemap:

The plugin provides you a simple method to insert an HTML sitemap to your WordPress site with the objective that users can without any efforts spot all content of your site in one place.

17. All in one Webmaster:

This is a popular plugin that contains free as well as premium versions both. Alongside obtaining the sitemap, it even offers options for diverse services from Yahoo, Blog Catalog, Bing, Google and more. It is rated high points roughly 50 times and has been downloaded above 500 thousand times.

18. XML Sitemaps and Google News Feeds:

It is harmonious with every WordPress versions. This plugin vigorously generates feeds that conform among Google News Sitemap plus XML Sitemap protocol. The largest benefit of the plugin is its ease. It also functions on collective codebase as well as preferably comprises of image tags along with the title for featured images. You can also arrange precedence for all post or eliminate particular pages or posts.

19. Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate:

With this plugin, you will be able to generate an XML sitemap which can help search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google to improve catalog of your site. It even informs the entire search engines at whatever time you create a post regarding the latest content. It is accustomed through qTranslate multiple languages plugin.

20. WP sitemap page:

Through the plugin, you can with no trouble insert a sitemap into the entire pages. It offers effortless navigation for users with the intent that they acquire any page or previously issued posts with maximum ease. It enhances the SEO of your site too. You can also tailor it considering your preference.

21. Google XML Sitemap for Mobile:

This is a sitemap plugin meant for mobiles that can generate a sitemap for entire WordPress produced site by URLs which assist mobile web content. It grants an easy path to notify every search engines regarding webpage, video or images contents on your sites which or else may not be found out. With addition of the tag “rel=canonical” in mobile pages, the plugin can direct to initial URL.

22. Video XML Sitemap Generator:

It develops an XML file with details regarding videos embedded in WordPress pages as well as posts with accordance to Google XML schema for Video Sitemaps. One can upload all videos to Dailymotion, Vimeo, or YouTube. It is able to read your posts or pages then generate a sitemap comprising of links and details about all video which have been embedded. It is very simple to utilize and install.

23. Google XML Sitemaps for Images:

The plugin can build an XML sitemap for each and every image in your WordPress website through all the URLs of the image affixed integrated into your WordPress pages or site posts. It augments the search of SEO engines providing your site the precedence. Once sitemap is formed, you can hand over it to Google with Webmaster Tool.

Remember that you will not be able to submit an HTML sitemap to Google with Webmaster Tools since it is not a supported sitemap set-up. The above list comprises of most of the best plugins which are proficient and efficient for SEO. Choose your sitemap plugin wisely by referring through all.

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