15 Best Author Bio Box Plugins for WordPress Users

The most important part of any blog is the author bio section and when it’s left without information it looks incomplete.

Almost all WordPress themes come with an inbuilt author bio section when the user does not possess such functionality to show the author information then utilizing any Word Press plugin can be the right solution.

The writer’s experience and information is something vital for blogging when such details are absent in a blog then the readers would not accept it as an important one.

For the same reasons presenting writers information either above or below the blog is mandatory. Here are few author bio box plugin Word Press which can be used for including author bio.

Author Bio Plugin WordPress

Author Bio Box Plugin for WordPress:

1. Fancier author box:

Fancier author box is a comprehensive plugin and one of the most prominent author bio box plugin for WordPress. This plugin presents two tabs where one is utilized for author box and the other for social media links. In order to grab in users for social media network, all quality social media profiles can be shown.

The best option with Fancier author box is that this option can be presented above or below the post and even both. This bio box can be presented in all types of content pages such as posts, custom post types, and pages.

To match up with the word press theme, customization of the plugin can also be done. When you choose the premium version the options and features available are enhanced.

2. CCR author Bio WP plugin: – This is no longer available

CCR author Bio WP plugin is a premium plugin which has excellent features. Customization is the best part of the plugin where numerous colors options are available to make it look like a member of the site. The main advantage of the plugin is the powerful options panel which assists in managing everything.

The information that can be presented is author avatar, social profile links, author biography, recent posts and recent comments along with excellent icons. The plugin is a responsive one and hence it adjusts to the size of the screen to make it look good.

3. Author Bio box:

Author Bio box is a perfect plugin which shows author bio on the blog or post. The details that can be presented are social links, profile information, and avatar. With this plugin, more of social media profiles as per the user’s desire can be shown.

4. Co-authors plus:

This plugin can prove useful when you have a multi-author blog as this plugin enables co-author for editing the post. This plugin is beneficial for ones who possess a team of writers who contribute at the same time. For this scenario, this plugin can be used as it hoards more time leaving behind the customization work.

5. Sexy author bio:

A customizable author bio along with abundant features can be used by making use of sexy author bio. The plugin is a responsive plugin and five social media icons can be presented from which you can show many options.

The plugin supports single as well as multiple authors. Tons of options are available in order to customize the box and provide a sexy look.

6. Custom about author:

Custom about the author is another beneficial plugin which offers the option to develop many author bio and pick different bio for varied authors according to the need.

The author profile is displayed at the end of the post. The plugin also has an option to present the authors custom profile or user profile. A short biography of the authors is displayed at the end of the post by which the author gains the required credit.

7. Author box after post:

The author box after the post is an interesting plugin where you can gain the authority to show more than ten social media profiles. The author box here is added after the content along with avatar and social profile links.

8. Guerrilla’s author box:

The Guerrilla author box is a simple yet powerful plugin which assists in adding author box at the end of the post. The settings aren’t complicated, where the plugin can be installed and initiate to use.

All the mandatory requirements such as an avatar, bio, author name, social links and more are available with Guerrilla author box. The input boxes added to the plugin are Twitter, Dribble, Facebook, Github, Google+, and LinkedIn.

9. Elite Members – WordPress Author Listing and Box – Removed:

This plugin is mainly utilized for managing authors, apart from presenting the author bio box it assists in showing in an excellent way and also presents the top contributors on the blog. The plugin is managed effectively as it has an admin panel which is powerful.

The advantages of Elite members is that it comes with four author listing styles, three varied author box styles, customizing look and feel of the box, and added profile fields. The plugin has multiple layouts to pick from as mentioned and elite members have the option to display authors in grids and lists.

Custom fields are available for authors so that authors can add social links from the profile. Other features are extra profile fields, avatar shapes, configurable color options, jQuery effects on color box, admin settings, shortcode, widget, temple tags, automatic insert available and more.

10. Author box reloaded:

Author box reloaded is one free plugin which is mainly used for presenting author information. This is one simple plugin which would present the bio blog beneath each article.

The bio blog will have the information about the writer and also external links associated with it. The author can establish links to external sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Netlog, wordpress.org, Drupal Association, and Identi.ca.

11. WP Biographia:

WP Biographia is a free user bio box plugin and is a customizable one where profile box can be set for each user. The setting of the page can be presented in the RSS feed, archives, front page, and single page.

With the user profile information, this plugin integrates outside the box and also the custom post types are supported.

The status of the biography box, when displayed, can be hidden depending upon the use of the post, custom post type, pages as well as per category basis.

12. Start box the author box for humans:

The author details of your word press site can be awesomely presented with the start box plugin. This plugin is considered as one highly customizable plugin, where the look and feel can be altered and also placing the box above and below the post can be achieved.

The plugin also facilitates to link to the social media sites and so the users are more engaged. The professional themes to pick from social media profiles, HTML5, and Google authorship.

13. Simple author box:

For ones who desire to own a fully responsive author box plugin for websites simple author, the box can be the right choice. This plugin which is light weighed one can be added to the end of the blog post where the author box presents the author name, links to various social media sites, and description.

When the plugin is activated the options can be easily controlled by means of settings and then to simple author box page. The main features of the plugin are that it shows the website, Gravatar, description, name and other social icons.

The plugin is completely customizable and can be matched according to the theme. They also look awesome on mobile phones, desktop, laptop etc.

14. Meks start author widget:

Meks start author widget is a custom widget which is used to display the author bio. Once the plugin is installed, a new widget appears which is named as ‘Meks smart author’ in the widget place of the appearance. Apart from the usual options, auto author detection feature is also available.

The main advantage of the feature is that it automatically displays the information of the author from the profile. The avatar size, display of the author description and name can be picked. In the same manner, widget title can also be replaced with author name. Custom CSS styles can be applied to make the widgets look extremely well.

15. Author box ultimate:

The author box ultimate possesses number of predefined themes with varied background images. By this way, varied combinations can be tried out to pick the best. The plugin page has three sections. It is required to click on the content tab so that it is enabled for posts and pages. The plugin makes your page look excellent with its features.

An author bio box is mandatory for any blog as mentioned already. The author bio box for word press mentioned above is beneficial ones as they are tested and used and hence one does not have to panic about hassles with the plugins.

Visitors are able to gather more information about the author with the help of the author bio box. For the same reason, these plugins are advantageous and can be utilized. Make sure to use any of the above-mentioned plugins on your website as they possess advanced features. One can also research the sites and get more hints about the installation and implementation procedure.

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