15 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress Blogs

No doubt the world of social media has changed our lives. It is a wonderful way to meet people, keep in touch with old and new ones and forge a friendship of course. So many people have found relationships and business contacts through social media.

It will not only help you build new communities and promote your blog at the same time. Since you will be using social media specifically for marketing purposes and tracking your progress, you also have to learn to gauge the impact that social media happens to have on your blog. Thankfully there are several social media monitoring tools that are available currently to help you out whenever the need is.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Small and Medium Businesses:

Social Mention:

Social mention is a smart, easy and effective way to learn about the latest brand mentions and other kinds of interactions. The format is quite easy and is visually appealing to the eyes as well. All you have to do for this purpose is simply type the name and see the links that you find in the mentions.

You could also source through timeframe or even source. It depends on what suits you best. Also, you could find the strength of the brand and the passion for posting. Use methods to learn about the top keywords, users, hashtags and sources.


Mention is also another social media tool that has recently replaced Google Alerts. Google Alerts will help you send emails, notify on whether you need a certain kind of keyword or phrase that you have specified or cited online. Mention is also a smart way to check out your presence on the internet.

The platform will allow you to go through millions of sources in real time along with a total of 42 languages. This will help you both act and interact. You should search online so that you can receive emails on a regular basis. Plus if you happen to work for a bigger company, you can learn to share the date with the team. It gives you 14 days free trial after which you have to pay.


Talkwalker will help you learn about the performance of brand mentions, the level of engagements, influencers who are currently speaking about your brand. There is also a world map that helps you see how and where conversations usually begin.

There are pie charts found on every location and they tend to indicate the sentiment in every country. While Talkwalker alert gives you another free service that can be used as a replacement for Google.

Pinnable Business:

Another social media monitoring tool we would definitely suggest you to try is Pinnable Business. It is like a Pinterest Alert system instead of a traditional brand monitoring platform. It will provide you with new monitoring links from the website itself and always send you notifications through emails.

Whenever there is someone who pins you from the site, you will definitely be notified about it. By using this tool you are supposed to make conversation with people who are there on Pinterest that has already shared the pins and tend to develop relationships with them.


One of the most simple, easy and fast common brand social media monitor these days is Hootsuite. It is quite a common brand and a favorite among so many these days. Yes! It is trending and you should try this app if you haven’t laid your hands on this already.

It will help you stay on top and keep in touch with several other famous brands such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you want to use Hootsuite in a smart and effective way, you have to craft a stream using keywords that will help you represent the search.

Topsy: – This is Dead

Topsy is a smart search engine that will help the brand monitor mention all throughout the web. It will also allow you to focus on the social insights from conversations that are top online. The database of Topsy will allow you to measure both sentiments and come up with analytics.

There are sorts you can put up with links, photos, and videos. Then you may also drill down to how recently some of the results discovered. The data is topsy is very comprehensive This will be helpful if you happen to have a whole section of content you need to check out.


Brandwatch will charge you 500 pounds a month but it is definitely worth the money. It is much higher in price and can be considered highly powerful. It will help you monitor all important conversations from all across the globe and not just social networking websites.

You could start off by simply programming the tool along with the queries that have been set for target already. You tend to get a whole lot of data with Brandwatch which will make it easy for you to manage. You will know how to visualize the data as well.

Twitter Analytics:

Twitter Analytics is for free. It will help you to check out the progress you have made so far at ease. You can use the analytics platform for this purpose. You can always keep a track of the progress you have made so far, gather more followers and how you can use some of the twitter cards.

The Twitter activity will always show you impressions, engagement, link clicks, and re-tweets. A similar tool by Pinterest will help you track all your progress in the most effective manner.

Tweet Binder:

If you would like to get hold of more data out of Twitter, you can use Twitter Binder. It is highly incredible. It was initially introduced by Olga from SEMrush after you take part in one of the twitter chats. You can always do a quick search for the hashtags which produced this really interesting looking report.

The report will allow you to simply dive in and see who has made contributions. This will show you some kinds of tweets. If you want certain kinds of reports on Twitter profiles, you can definitely rely on Tweet Binder. It is free at first although the data will be saved for five days.


Buffer is one of the most powerful scheduling tool and a brand that will always take care of your needs. It starts free but later you will have to pay ten dollars per month. It is a smart tool used for scheduling social media content.

They also have some really good analytical features. If you join this, some of the best features will be available for you on the business plan but there will also be regular accounts that will give you an excellent overview of how successful your social messages will be in terms of clicks and reach both.

Share Tally:

Share Tally is so smart and simple but is also super helpful at the same time. There are times when you would like to quickly find out the number of times a URL could have been shared.

All you have to do is type a URL into the Share Tally and you will completely understand the number of shares you have got from all the other websites.

There are many social networking sites that fall under the category such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. You can try the bookmarking websites too such as Bizsugar.


SumAll is for free first of all. It allows you to keep data right at your fingertips. It will always be very helpful. You will also be able to quickly make social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MOZ and Mailchimp.

Every platform shall be added on to your dashboard and later you will be able to see some important information about platforms that are already connected.

You can also get daily mail digests so that you can see for yourself how things go. That would be very helpful. Each platform can be added to the dashboard too in that case.

Social Oomph:

Social Oomph is a popular web tool that allows you to have several productivity enhancements that are free of cost. You could always do a lot with the site that consists of Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and LinkedIn. There are plenty of other features such as tracking the keywords, seeing all mentions and re-tweets, cleaning up the inbox and trying to schedule all tweets.

Social Oomph will immediately follow any new follower you have and also save up a whole lot of time if you would like to follow back. Social Oomph is best known to us for boosting social media productivity and can be used on a regular basis.

This completes our top list of the best social media tools. While some of them are free, the others have to be paid for. Nonetheless, they are simple websites that are effective and easy to use. You can build several contacts and improve your life in the process. Plus it will help you find new ways to handle business too. Social media tools are the smartest ways to get things done these days and you should get to it right away.

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