Most Common WordPress Errors – How to Fix Them

Word Press has continued to grow from strength to strength owing to the fact that it has several positive points to boast to boast of.

It is incredibly affordable, easy to use as well as install and is an open source content management system which helps the users get their jobs done much faster.

However as true as all this is there are some common WordPress errors that occur, they have been enlisted below along with easy ways to help you fix it without much trouble.

Most Common WordPress Errors

How to Find and Fix WordPress Errors:

1. Internal Server error or 500 internal service error:

One of the errors most commonly encountered on WordPress is the internal server error. You know there is something wrong when the words ‘internal service error’ or even ‘500 internal service’ error flashes across the screen.

When this happens, people do not know what is wrong as the problem is not mentioned in the message. Most often than not all that you are needed to do is, checking for a corrupt and potentially dangerous htaccess file, deactivating all plug-ins or increasing the PHP memory limit.

2. The Syntax Error after added a code snippet:

This by far is the most common error when it comes to using WordPress and it is certainly not a serious issue at all. Most often than not it occurs when you are attempting to add a coded snippet into WordPress but end up adding it wrong, as you have either not copy pasted it entirely or because the code has a wrong syntax which the system can just not accept. In any, even all you need to do is check the code snippet to ensure whether it is right or not.

3. The plain White Screen with no ‘error’ message at all:

An error like this does send users into quite a frenzy wondering if all their hard work will go to the dogs. Once a screen happens to finish the PHP Memory Limit or due to a particular configuration setting, this particular error does occur, most often than not, causing the screen to become absolutely blank and white with not even the words ‘Error’ flashing across it. In such a case you, replace the chosen theme for the default one or remove all plug-ins which have been added.

4. An error which does not permit a database Connection:

An error like this occurs when the WordPress system is unable to connect to the database, for one of many reasons, most often than not it is because users have inputted important and case sensitive details like the database username, the database host or even the database password which is in use.

A way to fix this error is by, checking your Web Host. However, chances are that new users might find it difficult to tackle this particular error.

5. The Famous ‘404 Error’ page:

The chief cause of this error is the permalink settings in already inputted in WordPress. Subsequently what happens is that whenever an individual, visits even a single post on his site, the infamous 404 page- not found error.

In such a case what needs to be done is that the user simply needs to alter permalink settings in order to put a halt to this 404 page that comes up, much to the irritation and annoyance of the user who wants to get his or her work task fast.

6. Sidebar occurring below rather than beside the Content:

As all WordPress users know that the sidebar always appears beside the content, however when an error occurs the symptom is that the sidebar appears below the content.

The cause of the error is most often than not related to the themes, where an individual, accidently, while adding a code snippet to their dear blog might have just added an extra closing div or on the opposite end of the spectrum might have left an HTML div tag open. The solution is to deal with the div.

7. The Problem of Missing buttons or White Text on WordPress Virtual Editor:

On using the visual editor sometimes it just might happen that some blank spaced might be appearing in place of some options or buttons. Such an error occurring causes quite a hindrance when users are trying to get their particular website or blog related jobs done, a quick fix would be simply, replacing the Tiny MCEScipts, fixing the error with wp-config or by also clearing the browser cache. Once you do this, you can get on with your work without any worry.

8. On being locked out of WordPress Admin:

Most often than not this error occurs when you have forgotten your password and there is no way to recover it through your email, a plugin might have attempts to make changes to the setting which you have made or finally because a hacker has attempted to hack into your WordPress account or at least attempted to.

In such a scenario what you need to do in order to fix this error is, to attempt to change your password at the earliest to secure your blog.

9. Error which has been caused due to exhausted memory:

Having an exhausted memory is the root cause to a number of errors that occur on WordPress and end up inhibiting the work which you have been planning to do. This occurs when a plug-in used in WordPress possibly may have finished the assigned memory limit.

All that you need to do in order to make things alright is to Increase your PHP memory limit which can be done very simply. If you face an issue after doing so you ought to consult an expert at the earliest.

10. An Error is occurring when viewing an Image on the blog itself:

Images are indeed important parts of websites and blogs. If by chance an error does occur when uploading an image or even you might notice that on your website itself all the images are shown as broken images placeholders.

An error like this could be caused because of a number of reasons most because of wrong file permissions and what you need to do so as to fix the issue so all you need to do is nothing but simply alter your file permissions to normal and this is something which can be done with a click of a few buttons.

11. The WordPress Log-In Page redirecting and refreshing Error that occurs:

The way to know whether you are facing this error or not too, is if you are trying to log into the WordPress dashboard but you are being continuously redirected to the WordPress login page much to your irritation.

The first thing which you ought to do is deactivate all your third-party plugins, Change your theme back to the default one, Update the URL of the site and you can even erase all cookies to steer clear of your problems logging in, this issue is mostly caused because of wrong values for your site URL.

12. Resolving ‘Are you sure you want to do this ‘error on WordPress:

If you are an admin, this is a question which is bound to come your way and chances are that it will certainly baffle you. Occasionally a plug in or any theme might fail to use Nonce properly and as a result an admin come across such an error.

In such a case what you will be needing to do is check meticulously all the third party plug-ins which you have inserted to check if that is causing the problem, then if that isn’t that you have to check all the themes that are in use and see if that’s the reason behind the error.

13. Fixing Image related images that come up on WordPress:

As opposed to the errors which have been mentioned above, this is certainly not an error as such. Images, diagrams, photographs and charts are an important aspect of blogs or websites and often newcomers find it tough to get used to the ways in which to edit or resize pictures.

Additionally, they find it tough to place images in the gallery format In such a case all that these new users need to do is familiarize themselves a bit more with WordPress over time.

14. ’Briefly Unavailable for Schedule Maintenance Error’ on WordPress:

This is another error often caused due to an incomplete WordPress error. As a result of this error what happens is your entire blog is placed down on a lockdown of sorts where neither any customer nor admins have access to it in any way. The problem can be simply dealt with is making sure the update is complete and then proceed to delete.maintainence file and wave goodbye to this error.

So these are some of the common errors that do occur on WordPress , however in any event where they do occur, you need not fret as now you do know exactly what to do and can follow the methodology. Since its introduction in the year 2003, by its two founding fathers, Mike little and Matt Mullenweg WordPress is being made use of by millions across the globe. You must make use of it to just get a clue of how efficient, reliable and user friendly it really is when it comes to your website building and blogging purposes.

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