Squarespace vs WordPress – Which is the Best?

When it comes to a task like comparing whether Squarespace or WordPress, is better, the task is indeed a challenging one. Both have their individual pros and cons when it comes to executing a job.

At all times, in order to decide which is a better you have to see which one of the two is able to suit your purpose in a better way.

Just because Squarespace might do the job perfectly for someone else, this does not imply that when it comes to your work as well, you should opt for it. Make an informed decision!

Squarespace WordPress Pros Cons

Advantages of Squarespace Vs WordPress:

1. The fact that Word press has an open source structure:

Word press is a platform which initially was started off so as to help people build their blogs with ease. However over the past few years, it has evolved to become much more than that. It is now a system that helps individuals to manage their sites.

One of the major reasons why Word Press is opted for by most individuals is because is because of its open source structure where programmers have no inhibitions in sharing their codes in an open fashion so that users share of precious moments by opting for the already existing code.

2. WordPress is an incredibly easy system to operate:

When making use of WordPress you need not be a very high-end programmer in order to be able to do your work in an effective manner.

A person is able to simply get down to business instantly without having to take tutorials of any sort when it comes to installing or even updating Word Press. The installation of Word Press is very simple and it need not be done by someone who is very tech savvy.

3. WordPress is very user-friendly:

Owing to the fact that every option given on this content managing system is incredibly convenient to make use of anyone can make use of it without much trouble.

Rather than hiring a skilled professional to do your work for you, you can now make use of templates or even plug in all on your own since everything is so easy.

This ensures that you can do all work related to your website in whatever way you choose rather than being at the mercy of someone else whose choice may not be in keeping with yours.

4. A number of plug-ins can be easily installed to WordPress:

As opposed to most other website builders, Word Press allow you to make use of several third parties plugins without any problem at all. The system may not be all that SEO friendly, however once you do add third party plugins you are able to enhance your work and take it to another level altogether!

5. WordPress is incredibly pocket-friendly:

When compared with other website builders, Word Press is extremely pocket-friendly. The fact that is able to do so much for the nominal price that it comes at is one of the main reasons why since its conception in 2003 till today Word Press continues to remain so popular across the globe.

6. Squarespace provides viewers with optimized viewing:

In this day and age where most people can work on their projects on their go owing to the fact that they make use of mobile devices or even tablets, having responsive templates is something which is very important to assist various viewers. Squarespace is such that the size of templates, slideshows or even images changes when the browser is maximized or even minimized. This makes it rather user-friendly and this is a quality all users appreciate greatly.

7. Squarespace provides a mind boggling array of designer templates:

As opposed to a lot of other website builders, Square space provides it users which a large array of designer templates to choose from. All templates of other website builders are more or less the same and this leads to websites looking similar this similarity is something that is an absolute disaster in the business world as every company wants its website to look novel and unique so as to attract a lot of customers we well as stand apart from the rest.

8. Squarespace proves a broad range of styling options to choose from:

If you are not someone who is very good with technology or the principles of coding then SquareSpace is something that will definitely suit your purpose. As opposed to other website builders where knowing coding becomes mandatory in order to come up with exceptional work, Squarespace allows you to change images, color, make edits, add new themes, change the opacity of images, change the fonts all by the simple click of the mouse!

Dis-Advantages of Squarespace Vs WordPress:

1. The open source platform makes WordPress incredibly unsafe:

Though its low price, many might choose to steer clear from using this web builder because of its open source structure where you can easily fall victim to a hacker when you make use of one of the codes which are available freely online. Security is something which you should give a great deal of importance to at the start rather than regretting it later.

2. WordPress is a rigid platform if you want to make some changes:

As opposed to other website builders which are rather flexible, Word Press is not. It is mostly designed to suit the needs of small companies or websites which contain a very limited amount of content. If you have a big business rather than making so many system based changes that are expensive as well as time consuming. It would be better if you would just opt for another website builder that is suited to your needs.

3. WordPress has similar themes available to all, making all websites look similar:

Unlike Square Space which gives its users an array of templates and editing tools to assist them, Word Press has only a limited number of templates which are available for use. If by chance you would like to improve your website by using Word Press then you have to pay more money, so this cost effective website builder is not as cost effective if you would like some exceptional results.

4. The experience of WordPress users is not good because pages take too long to load:

In today’s technological age, everyone wants quick results. One thing which users cannot bear is having to wait endlessly for a page to load. This is a major drawback of using Word Press as since there a lot of coding involved the page loading speed is low, much to the irritation of a lot of people. If you are one such person who cannot bear working with a system like this then it would be better if you would not opt for WordPress.

5. Updating the Word Press system can render some plugins irresponsive

One of the chief cons of making use of Word Press is that updating becomes quite a risk, as when you update the system chances are that some plugins might be rendered irresponsive. This is something that happens most often than not making it very difficult for individuals to do their work. Without updates, there are some security threats you are bound to encounter, but with updates, your plug-ins might be irresponsive and without plugs the basic Word Press SEO is not very friendly.

6. Square space is not as pocket-friendly in comparison to its direct competition:

As opposed to other website builders which are able to the job just as well, Square space is a website builder that is rather expensive. If you are a small business then chances are that you may not be able to make use of this Saas based CMS. Why would anyone want to pay more when they can get the same features at the same price?

7. Third party plugin extensions cannot be supported by Squarespace:

Word Press allows users to make use of third party plug-ins which help a great deal in increasing the quality of work delivered, however on Square pants, users are not allowed to do the same and this is a big disadvantage. This is indeed one reason why many users decide to opt for Word Press rather than installing Squarespace for their website building purposes.

8. E-Commerce is something very limited on Squarespace:

If you are a new company then making use of Squarespace might limit you a great deal as its e-commerce options are very limited and thereby very limiting. Mostly you are allowed to make use of the services of Stripe which is not even operative across all the continents or even in major countries across the world. WordPress is light years ahead of Squarespace in this arena. At the end of the day, Square space ends up limiting the money you make because of this factor.

So these are some of the main pros and cons that ought to be kept in mind when making use of either Squarespace or even WordPress. However at the end of the day, you must make sure that whichever of the two you decide to install, suits your purpose. A well planned out and designed website could really help to put your business on the map and help to get you the viewership which every company looks out for. If you are spending a lot of money on advertising, you might as well invest in the best.

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