20 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins for Accepting Payments

If you want to receive payments on your WordPress site then PayPal is the best option for you. PayPal makes it easier than merchant accounts for a website owner to receive payments online.

As PayPal is the most known payment entrance, letting potential customers the facility to pay to utilize it is a reliable method to augment your odds of obtaining more sales.

Plus you can add this facility to your WordPress site with the help of plugins.  There are numerous plugins out there that offer complete e-commerce solutions. Below are plugins that will be easy to operate and offers uncomplicated PayPal incorporation for your site.

WordPress PayPal Payment Plugins

WordPress PayPal Plugins to Accept Online Payments:

1. Quick PayPal Payments:

This plugin is simple but strong which lets you to easily receive payments using PayPal. All you must do is to arrange a payment form and then add it to any one of your page of the site by a shortcode. This plugin also grants a simple user interface to modify the looks of your payment form.

2. PayPal Responder:

This plugin lets you sell particular products on your site with PayPal. The users can make payments for a product by PayPal, and then you can set an autoresponder that will send users the link from where they can get the product you are offering or download it. It is very easy and especially beneficial for single product sites as it removes the requirements to include a shopping cart.

3. PayPal Donations:

This is an unfussy plugin that has shortcode and all set PayPal WordPress widget that can be inserted to your sidebars. After installing and activating the plugin, go to Settings then PayPal Donations to organize the plugin. You can select a thank you page for users where they will be redirected following the donation.

4. PayPal Payment Shortcode:

This plugin allows adding a PayPal button through a WordPress shortcode. You can modify all the options in the shortcode which causes it to be a little complicated. The plugin page encompasses all the potential parameters and directions on how to bring it into play.

5. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart:

It provides a simple system to sell products or services on your WordPress site and accept payments via PayPal. The plugin includes a shopping cart structure which allows users to go on adding (physical and digital goods) products to their cart. On depart, users can pay via PayPal.

6. Easy PayPal Shopping cart:

This is another WordPress shopping cart for PayPal which lets you trade on your site. Simply append add to cart button on any of your site pages. It transports users to PayPal where they can do payment. The plugin also helps you to program redirect pages for approval and thank you notes.

7.  PayPal for WooCommerce:

It is the majorly known WordPress e-commerce plugin, which has built-in support for average PayPal accounts. It gives support for PayPal express checkout and PayPal Pro API both for every WooCommerce sites. It appends PayPal Payments Pro tab to the sign-out settings in WordPress from where you can alter the plugin.

8. PayPal Pro and PayPal Express for Easy Digital Downloads:

This is another famous WordPress e-commerce plugin which comprises of built-in support for PayPal. The plugin puts in gateways for PayPal Express and PayPal Pro payment to the Easy Digital Downloads site.

By employing PayPal Pro API in WordPress site, your customers will be able to enter their credit card details without the need of leaving your site. It lets you to effortlessly incorporate your WordPress site with PayPal. Note that PayPal Pro is only offered in Australia, UK, USA, and Canada.

9. PayPal Payments for Gravity Forms:

It is the popular form organization plugin for WordPress site. The PayPal payments affix facilitates you to receive sums in Gravity Forms. You can build your particular forms like a donation, product purchase or order forms. It can be utilized for donations, frequent payments, sponsored posts payment, and more.

10. WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept:

This is an extremely easy to apply PayPal plugin which you can utilize to receive payments from the users. The plugin is a feature-loaded one that will aid you to generate ‘buy now’ knobs hastily and exercise theme any place of the site using the shortcode.

You can make use of numerous payment widgets for various services and goods on your site concurrently. You can build a free of charge PayPal account and connect the plugin to your account then modify the plugin as stated by your necessity.

11. WordPress Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

This is another very constructive PayPal plugin to add a shopping cart to several WordPress post or page. The plugin provides you testing option to ensure that your incorporation with PayPal is functioning seamlessly. You can even style add to cart button with the help of custom CSS, plus construct it to look ideal to your requisite.

12. Donations Made Easy – Smart Donations

Here is an all in one donation plugin which helps you to develop diverse types of donations. At present, it assists PayPal, Stripe, as well as further five distinctive styles of donations.

Classic PayPal guides users to PayPal page and also TextBox donation inserts a PayPal button with a text box in order that donors can select how much they desire to donate.

13. Sell Digital Downloads

If your center is on retail digital products like MP3s or eBooks, PDFs or videos, in that case, this plugin perhaps should be an upright option for you.

The plugin is very lightweight plus is designed for use through PayPal. You can generate as many products as you wish and can also arrange up custom orders. Administering products are easy and conducted out of the main WordPress dashboard.

14. Paid Memberships Pro

If you wish to provide subscriptions or memberships to several features of your site, you will be able to do so with Paid Memberships Pro. The plugin allows your division of downloads, pages, categories, videos, posts and also assists aspects so access is limited to the general public. The admin part of stuff is especially simple to modify whose credit goes to a spontaneous interface.

15. WordPress Simple Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin

If you wish to retail a multiplicity of product kinds and do not wish to entrust to a massive e-commerce solution this plugin might come off perfect for you. It can be modified to vendor products or services as well as downloads all from within the boundaries of your site.

16. eShop

A further enormous shopping cart plugin is eShop. The plugin is rich with aspects that help working an online store like easy sailing. For example, you can bring into play routine post kinds to generate new products, add options, plus offer downloadable items. You will also be able to offer customers the choice of signing up for your site, numerous shipping options, further you can manage email templates for after the purchase autoresponders.

17. CP Contact forms with PayPal

It is a plugin that will let you lay get in touch with forms on your WordPress site. The contact form contains a characteristic to take sums with PayPal. When a user pays an expense after that the administrator gets an email that is formed up through the administrator, the email is through the form details filled by the user. All of the compensated and unpaid sums are displayed on admin area that is packed in a contact form. The Past well-done payment user acquires a thank you note.

18. PayPal Pay Now, Buy Now, Donation and Cart Buttons Shortcode

The plugin is a simple plugin to place ‘buy now’ or ‘pay now’, or else ‘add to cart’ button any place of your site with the facilitation of a short-code. One can insert a departed page that can be more customized; you can modify the logo and page color and much more according to your liking. You will be able to arrange a thank you page only as a gratitude following a user’s achieved payment. In case you are retailing a product later, you can insert a ground of handling and shipping expenses.

19. Easy PayPal Custom Fields

The plugin is a free PayPal plugin for your site that can without difficulty add a button to formulate payments by PayPal. You will not find short-code in this plugin which is to be remembered. You only need to choose the posts or pages on which you would prefer to show the posts.

20. Multi Currency PayPal Donations

This plugin, which is employed by persons who hold a PayPal account and which can obtain payments in many currencies, aids you to accept payments in various currencies straight to the account. Also, if you do not own PayPal account that has the capacity to accept payments in several currencies, yet you can exercise above plugin to receive donations meant for a righteous cause.

There are plenty of reasons why accepting payments via your website is indispensable. Also being able to receive PayPal payments releases you to even further chances for generating sales and gathering fundraising goals. Hopefully, this above list of plugins provides you many of alternatives to decide on from while choosing the correct scheme for your site.

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