What is a WordPress Plugin

What is a WordPress Plugin and How it Works Acutally

WordPress is one of the largest open-source platforms which helps to host your blog. When it comes to creating a blog, a good content management system is essential. Most bloggers prefer WordPress because it is very easy to handle this platform. Anyone can use this for blogging, even though you don’t know how to code. … Read more

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Tasks You Need to Perform

Are you having a WordPress website for developing your business? Are you maintaining it well enough? Ever wondered about the maintenance tasks for your WordPress website? After beginning blogs, most people tend to forget about the maintenance tasks unless some security breaks happen. Yes, website maintenance and ensuring its smooth running are extremely important for … Read more

WordPress Website Hacked

My WordPress Website Hacked? How to Identify & Fix It

Hacking is a common problem that happens to most of the sites. But, when it happens to your WordPress site, it will be painful. There are some people who want to hack sites to spread any malicious messages or disturb your site. If your WordPress Website is hacked, just don’t panic. Instead, follow these steps … Read more

WordPress Marketing

The Best WordPress Marketing Tips You Need to Follow

WordPress is a well-known blogging platform launched in 2003. There are many websites that run on WordPress. WordPress has its own power to attract users. When we blog, our ultimate aim is to create more followers and make money out of it. Also, there are companies who create blogs for promoting their product. So, the … Read more

WordPress Plugins and Themes

How to Promote WordPress Plugins and Themes Easily

I and my best friend created the unique WordPress Plugin and wanted to get the reward for what we have done. But the competition for themes in the WordPress space is like a gold rush and a winding road. That means the competition is never relenting. In fact, it is a true situation in the … Read more

Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools You Need to Increase Traffic

Do you have your own website and often wonder how your websites are performing compared to your competitors’ websites? If your answer is yes means, you landed on the right platform. Getting to know about your competitors’ weakness and strengths are the great foundations for a good marketing strategy. When you’re evaluating the performance of … Read more

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

The Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Help You Grow

“Instagram,” we think this word doesn’t need any special introduction or description. Nowadays people of all age groups from the younger generation to the older generation use this amazing and popular social media network in various ways. In fact, Instagram has emerged into one of the most popular social media platforms. With over 1 billion … Read more

Free SSL Certificate

Most Popular & Free SSL Certificate Sources You Need

One highly important aspect for every online business is to create a trusted platform for its potential customers. And the customers can feel confident and rely on a website only when they are sure that their personal information or details will remain safe. So, how this can be achieved? This can be achieved easily through … Read more

Buffer App Review

Buffer App Review: Better Way to Share on Social Media

Social media has become an essential part of business marketing. When you check about various business strategies, social media marketing is on the top of the list. Most of the business employs someone, who can handle their social media accounts very well. Professionals are out there to handle this job well. To maintain your brand … Read more

Hootsuite Review

Hootsuite Review – Is It Worth the Investment?

Social media management is a time-consuming job for every company. Your company needs a team of dedicated workers to handle this section. Sometimes you have to share the same messages on multiple platforms. The process is repetitive and costly if you handle it manually. But the technology developed people found new software and applications to … Read more