How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Website Easily

Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked

It is so shocking to note that WordPress gets hacked. But it is not a coincidence that every time hackers target these sites. They do that intentionally as these sites are very popular. They are used by the majority of the population and so a large number of data can be gathered from it. Given below are a few more reasons why WordPress sites get hacked the most.

1. Web hosting and passwords:

WordPress sites work on a few web servers. And these servers are developed by some other hosting companies. Sometimes these companies do not pay attention to their hosting platform. As a result, it becomes possible for the hackers to hack the website. This problem can be solved if a good server is used.

Many people use simple passwords, which is a mistake. Passwords should be very strong, unique and alpha-numeric. If a hacker succeeds in guessing the password, he will definitely misuse it. That’s why every user must be careful while setting the password.

2. Wrong access and incorrect permission:

One of the commonly attacked areas on a website is the admin area. It is responsible for generating so many activities on the website.

If it is not paid attention, chances are that the website will get hacked. The very first thing every person should do is to protect the admin area with a strong password. Every website needs to take permission to get access to the web server. Sometimes these file permission are given incorrectly. And that’s what hackers wait for. They quickly hack the website.

It is worth mentioning that these file permissions are general rules. And whenever they are not given properly, they lead to misuse of the website.

3. Failure to update:

Well, this is a known issue. Many people don’t update their website simply because they worry that they will lose their data. But that’s a wrong thought process. Whenever WordPress gets updated, it becomes compulsory for the owner to update the site. Failure to which leads to adverse effects. And as far as data loss is concerned, there is a solution to this issue. One can create a complete backup of the website which will save the data.

But updating the website is a must. Only then it will be saved from being hacked. In a similar way, the themes and plugins of the website need to be updated.

There are many more reasons. But these were the most common causes. It is obvious that hackers constantly try to hack the website, so you should be highly alert and active. You should have a close check on the various happening on your website.

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site?

The following steps can be followed to get rid of the spam:

1. Identification of hacking:

The very first step is to scan the website on a priority basis. It is a must to identify all the malware locations of the website.

  • If you don’t want to scan on your own, you can take any professional help. There are so many companies that work 24/7.
  • You have to check if your WordPress site needs any modification. If there is no need of any modification, then you can be sure that your website is clean.
  • You need to have an updated knowledge of the rules of the modification. It will be very helpful while you are scanning your website.
  • You may get blacklisted by Google. So, you should keep on checking the security issue of your website.

2. Removal of malware:

After you gain all the information about your website, you will be able to get rid of the malware.

  • You have to take out all the junk files from the website. It is possible to fix the problems manually.
  • You have to clean your database. You can clean your database by using the admin panel. There are so many tools available now. You can use them.
  • You have to take care of various accounts of your website. This helps in removing your hackers as early as possible.
  • You have to delete the backdoors of your website. Hackers generally try to get access to the website via it.
  • You have to be very cautious while deleting the malware warnings. Even if you get blacklisted, you will get back to your place.

3. What after fixing the hackers:

You should not think that you have completed every step before you finally fix the hackers. There are a few more steps which are required to be fulfilled.

  • You have to update your software. Generally, the software gets infected and that happens because of the lack of updations.
  • You have to take every possible step to save your website from attacks of hackers.
  • You have to have a back-up for your website. It is very important from the security point of view.
  • Only scanning website is not enough. You should also scan your computer. You have to install anti-virus software in it.

It is very important for you to remove all the malware and spam from your website. You cannot afford to lose your clients and customers because of the presence of spam on your website.

How to know if you have been hacked?

Many times people don’t understand that they have been hacked. And in the absence of the knowledge, they get trapped. It may happen with you as well. You may not realize that you have been hacked. Given below are some signs that will help you. Have a look:

1. Failure to log in:

This is the first thing that happens to a website when it gets hacked. You won’t be able to log in when your website gets hacked. There can be many reasons

Maybe your username is ‘admin’, ‘Admin’, ‘administrator’ or any common name. These usernames are targeted the most by hackers. You have to be careful.

2. A sudden drop:

Sometimes the website stops performing. Not always it happens because the website gets hacked. But if it happens, chances are that the website has been hacked. So, if you find that your website has stopped suddenly, check if it has been hacked. And also a sudden drop in the traffic causes so much loss to the website.

3. Your homepage gets damaged:

Sometimes hackers hack the website secretly. They try to hide the fact that they have hacked the website. But on the contrary, there are few smart hackers. They disclose that they hacked the website. In order to do so, they will simply destroy the homepage of your website. So, whenever you find any damage on the homepage, it is a sure sign that your website has been hacked.

4. Unnecessary advertisements:

Whenever the website gets hacked, you will experience some changes on it. Your website will become slower and it will stop responding. You will also see unnecessary ads on your website. As soon as you realize that your website has been hacked, you should take immediate steps. It is because these unwanted ads cause too much harm to the website. They lead all the readers to spam websites. So, it damages the website, the trust of visitors and also the reputation of the website owner.

5. Unusual happenings:

This is one of the popular ways to check if everything is ok with your website. Simply observe the happenings on your website. If you find something unusual or unwanted, your website might be hacked. Also, do check the server log of your website.

As soon as you find out that your website has been hacked, you should quickly take the necessary steps. You should apply all the remedial steps to save your website.

Steps to be taken:

What you can do to save your website from being hacked?

  1. Firstly you should constantly update your website. Your website should be in accordance with the latest or updated version.
  2. Always have a backup of your website. It will be of great help if you lose your data.
  3. You have to install some security plugins for your website

What you can do to save your website if it gets hacked?

  1. Firstly search for all the backups that you have created. It will get you your lost data back.
  2. You have to get rid of all the unnecessary themes and plugins. It will protect your website from harmful attacks
  3. You should change your username and password on a priority basis. It is because the hackers will try to hack your website again in the future.

Some common mistakes to avoid:

It is not that easy to be saved from professional hackers. But you can try your best to be relieved from such problems. Many website owners commit mistakes. And that’s what gives a chance to the hackers to hack the website.

Have a look at some common and stupid mistakes that you might commit. Try to avoid them by being alert.

1. Selection of passwords:

Many people put a password that is very easy to be guessed. And hackers don’t miss the opportunity. There are many common passwords and hackers know them. You should not have wrong passwords. Instead, have a password that is very strong. It should be alpha-numeric, should have a mixture of lower case and uppercase letters.

In order to change the password, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to your WordPress site. Then go to the edit section of the site. Get into ‘generate password’ button. And once you update the profile and password, click on ‘save’ button.

2. Selection of usernames:

Just like passwords, hackers can easily hack common usernames. So, you should use a different, creative and unique username too. The most common username is either ‘admin’ or ‘Admin’. And believe me, this user name is prone to hacking. So, try to have a complicated username. In order to change the username, you can follow the steps:

Actually, it is not possible to change the username once the website gets set. So, in order to change the username, you have to create a new administrator account. Once done, you have to simply delete the older one.

3. Failure to update WordPress, plugins, and themes:

Many people commit this mistake. Failure to update the outdated versions of the WordPress, plugins, and themes will give an invitation to hackers. The developers of WordPress keep on updating the versions of WordPress. And the updation of the website should happen on a regular basis.

4. Not using the worthy sites:

Many people don’t pay attention to this unless they get stuck in a problem. Your website should be properly maintained and updated. And if you are using the plugins and themes from wrong sites, you will be prone to attack. You should only use trustworthy sites.

5. Not paying attention to hosting:

The hackers try to hack the website by getting access to its server. And a server of poor quality will always attract them. So, you should always use a good quality server. You should have a strong host. Your host should take all necessary steps to secure your server. All in all, it is a matter of the safety of your website.

When you know what has happened with your website, you can try remedial steps. But if you know what causes such problems, you actually get saved more.


Every WordPress site owner is suggested to take utmost care of the website. With a hacked WordPress site, hackers try to do too much damage to the website.

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