The Best WordPress Marketing Tips You Need to Follow

WordPress is a well-known blogging platform launched in 2003. There are many websites that run on WordPress.

WordPress has its own power to attract users.

When we blog, our ultimate aim is to create more followers and make money out of it. Also, there are companies who create blogs for promoting their product.

So, the question is,

Can we use WordPress for marketing?

The answer is yes, we can use WordPress as a strong marketing tool. It has got the power to influence its users well.

We can use a WordPress platform for marketing purpose because of its popularity and SEO friendliness.

According to a Survey, there are more than 20 billion-page views happening in this platform monthly.

The number of pageviews keeps growing daily. The main reasons for WordPress popularity are

  • We can install any website optimized for search engine fast and easily.
  • WordPress gives you more than 50,000 plugins to optimize your site. If you can choose the best of them, they are really helpful
  • Develop new marketing strategies using these available plugins on the WordPress platform.
  • You don’t have to be a coding expert to work with WordPress. Everything is easy and you can complete the process easily
  • WordPress allows you to arrange calendar, publish a new post and even boost site traffic within its own platform.

You can improve your WordPress site performance just by following instructions as given below.

Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips for Marketers:

If users can use your site without any hindrance this can improve your site traffic and the result will be better ranking and sale. Here are some marketing tips you follow to make your site excellent

1. Check mobile compatibility:

Most of the search engines prefer mobile-friendly sites. Updates in algorithms are going on and they added this condition to check mobile compatibility of each site.

A search engine will first make sure that a site is mobile friendly and bring it under its search result. Like any other site, you need to make your WordPress site compatible with mobile also.

If you don’t know whether your site is compatible with a mobile device you can use a free tool from Google to check it. The tool is called mobile-friendly test API where you can enter your site URL and check the result.

If your site is compatible with mobile, then it shows the result as mobile-friendly.

If the result is positive then you are good to go.

What will you do if you got a negative result?

The reason behind it could be the WordPress theme you chose. Some of them are mobile friendly and some others are not. You can check for WordPress themes optimized for mobiles.

Pick one that will work well with the mobile device. There are free as well as paid WordPress themes available. You can choose one according to your choice.

After you implemented a mobile-friendly theme you can check for traffic on Google Analytics. It shows the site traffic for a different device like desktop, phone, and tablets.

You can compare both diagrams before and after applying the mobile-friendly page. If there is an increase in site traffic after the new change then you are successfully improved your site.

2. Create XML map:

XML is a site map where you can index all pages of your site. It will help the search engine to easily crawl each page.

Creating an XML map is important to make the job of indexing easy. WordPress automatically does indexing by creating an XML map. But you cannot trust it always. It will not be up to date also.

To make sure that your XML map is up to date you can use a WordPress plugin called Google XML site map creator. This tool is very useful when you need to optimize your sitemap.

One more advantage while using this tool is that whenever you update your site with a new page this tool informs Google about that. So, while crawling your site Google will consider the new page also for ranking.

3. Page loading speed improvement:

This is another important tip for you to make your WordPress site quality better. The search engine will consider page loading speed also while ranking a site.

There are many factors that slow down your site. One of the most important factors that slow downloading speed is many images.

If your site is for marketing purpose there will be a lot of images and it takes time to load all of them. You need to avoid this by using SMUSH image compressor plugin. This can improve image loading speed.

Another thing you can do with images is lazyloading features. There is a plugin called JQuerry Image Lazyload. This enables the loading of images as users scroll down the window.

Other improvements you can do is to choose a good host, use CDN using Free-CDN plugin, optimize database using DB manager plugin, etc. You can get plugins for most of the performance improvements. But you need to choose the best from it.

4. Check for Broken links:

Broken links are always harmful to your site. You need to remove them as soon as possible.

Do you want to stop Google from following broken links for your site?

Then you can choose a broken link checker plugin from WordPress. This plugin checks your site for broken links and informs you when it finds one.

You can edit them and make it right. This will save you from the site from getting a bad impression. Always check broken links using broken link checker.

5. Create landing pages for sales:

Whenever you want to introduce a product or service, you need to create a landing page for it.

It is a very complex process if you are going to create it manually. No need to waste your time on that.

You can use a free plugin that will help you to create attractive landing pages. Its name is Page Builder by Site origin. This plugin lets you choose a landing page you want from many available pages or else you can customize one as you wish.

You don’t have to possess any technical knowledge to do this. The process is easy and simple and anyone can do it.

Just follow these tool instructions and create beautiful landing pages which will reflect on your SEO.

6. Optimize your blogs for search engines:

If you want to see your contents under a search result, optimization is a must. There are many steps you need to do while optimizing content.

In a website, this is a complex and time-consuming process. Luckily you don’t have to waste your time to optimize WordPress contents. You can use plugins for it.

SEO-Yoast is the best plugin that you can use to check some basic optimizing aspects such as keywords, meta title, titles, tags, images, readability, etc. This tool will also guide you the changes, you need to be made in order to optimize your WordPress site.

7. Manage your blog calendar:

When you are doing all the optimization alone it must be a little confusing. You need an editorial calendar to manage your blog contents.

Usually, everyone uses a separate calendar for it outside. Why do you want to switch back and forth when there is a free plugin called Editorial Calendar.

You can download the plugin and use it to manage all contents in place. Using this calendar, you can organize all your blog post and schedule.

You can do everything in the same dashboard and additional features are editing titles, managing drafts and also managing post from multiple authors.

8. Make your content shareable:

Search engines like sharable contents. To make it shareable you can add share button and all social media list. If everybody shares your content because of its good quality, then it can improve its visibility.

You can use a simple share button adder plugin to add social media sharing button. This supports more than 15 social media sites for free. You can customize the button as you wish on your site.

There is another plugin called Quotability. Using these, users can share the famous quotes from your post on Twitter. Shareability is an important factor Google considers while ranking your site.

Use the best plugins to improve your content shareability and thus you can improve its reachability and site traffic.

9. Remodel old contents:

Everyone will try to bring fresh content always. But it needs a lot of effort and time. In the meantime, you can keep your site active by refreshing your old posts.

You can use Buzzumo, a plugin to find out the most popular posts within the last 5 years on your site.

After finding out you can update them if it is needed and check its reference and make sure it actually exists. You can also run it through a broken link checker.

Use Revive My Old post plugin to give your content a fresh look and bring it back to motion. This helps to make your site more active and readers will get the updated version of your old post.

10. Enable comments on your post:

When you want to make your site more live, you can incorporate commenting sections with your content. There, readers can express their opinions and you can also give replies. This will help to make your site more lively and entertaining.

You will also get more suggestion with which you can improve your site quality. There is a Plugin called WP- Discuss on WordPress. This plugin will help users to log in to your content using their social media account and comment on it.

These comments will appear on both social media and your content at the same time. Audience participation will enhance SEO and your content reachability.

This Plugin is completely customizable with real-time commenting system and many more attractive features.

You can arrange comments from oldest to newest and disable comment feature whenever you want using this plugin. This plugin also comes with many advanced features like speed loading, responsive, complete security, and antispam features.

11. Content curation:

Sometimes we will be like empty without getting any new ideas. You know well that to keep your site active, the frequent posting is a must.

What will you do then?

There is a plugin called Mycurator. This will help to bring excellent content from various sources within WordPress.

You can review its suggestion and post it if you like that one. This Plugin allows you to customize your source choice. You can select the sources or find out articles using keywords.

You can curate content from 5 sources using the free version of this plugin. You can tell your followers that the content is curated and ask them about topic suggestions. It is always best to post something your followers want to know about.

Final words:

If you are new to WordPress this information will help you a lot. As I said there are more than 50,000 plugins available in WordPress.

How can we find one for a particular purpose?

The task is simple, you need to check its review, last updated date, and features. If they satisfy your requirement, then you can go for it.

If your site is struggling to establish, it is better to use free plugins for optimization. Paid one will cost you a lot. There are no other platforms which offer you so many options for optimization. There you have to do all of them externally using separate tools.

That’s the reason why WordPress is a perfect platform for marketing your site. Initially, you will take some time to understand everything. But after some experience, you can handle them fast and easily. Technical knowledge is not essential to operate all these plugins.

Anyone can do this by following instructions. You can do a lot using WordPress if you got an idea about good tools available here. Do your research and find the right tool for each purpose. The purpose of all these WordPress tools is to simplify your job.

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