Personal Growth

What is Personal Growth and Why It Is Important

The greatest desire of any human being is to get better in life. With the consistent approach for the better levels of self–knowledge, one can ensure the growth in every aspect of life. Personal growth is a never-ending journey. What is Personal Growth? The human quest for the best is well known and self-improvement attached … Read more

Color Psychology

The Color Psychology in Branding and Marketing

Marketing is very important if you want to see your product success. There are many factors you need to consider while marketing a product. Humans like creations and color psychology play an important factor in attracting their attention. Each color has its own significance in marketing. All brands choose their own colors for marketing and … Read more

Viral Videos

What is a Viral Video? What Makes a Video Go Viral

Introduction: Many times we do wonder why some videos go viral and gain worldwide fame instantly. What are the reasons that some videos spread quickly and broadly whereas some remain unknown? We all have come to a point that spreading of viral videos has become common and the phrase ‘going viral’ has become our lingo. … Read more

First Page of Google

How to Get On the First Page of Google Guaranteed

Everyone wants to make their website on the first page of Google. But how many websites succeed in it? Only 10 websites can appear on the first page. There are so many websites who applies all SEO techniques to appear in the top position. But what happens to all those websites. There will be some top … Read more

How to Start Personal Blog

How to Start a Personal Blog: Best Guide for Beginners

Do you have the interest to write? If yes, then starting a personal blog is a good choice for you. Many people love to write and express what they think through writings. Blogs are one of the best pastime hobby people prefer to express their experiences, advice, etc. to help others and sometimes can even … Read more

Beacon Technology in Retail Marketing

The Importance of Beacon Technology in Retail Marketing

Marketers are trying new technology to attract shoppers to their business. They are looking for new cost-effective technology to implement in their marketing campaign. To attract local shoppers, marketers use location-based marketing which can drive sales. Beacon Technology is one such invention that allows marketers to use location-based strategy. More than 75% of marketers in the United … Read more

Entrepreneurship Trends

The Biggest Entrepreneurship Trends You Need to Watch

Entrepreneurs are a unique kind of individuals who are driven by different kinds of motivations to make innovation bloom in society. With new emerging demographics and rise in one’s readiness to take risks, the rise of the new age of entrepreneurs has increased in today’s competitive world. So understanding patterns and entrepreneurship trends have become … Read more

PPC Campaign Marketing

PPC Campaign: How to Succeed in PPC Marketing

When you start a blog, your obvious ultimate aim is to make money out of it. While there are numerous ways to monetize your blog, there is one thing that every online entrepreneur will readily agree to. That is, the best and most effective way to make money out of your blog via PPC or … Read more

Crawling and Indexing

Google Crawling and Indexing: What You Need to Know

Being a digital marketing consultant, I have come across numerous bloggers and companies willing for in-house SEO campaigns. But without having a proper understanding of all SEO terms, conducting SEO efficiently is not possible. And one question they struggle a lot to understand is about Google crawling and indexing. There might be thousands out there, … Read more

Value Proposition in Marketing

What is the Importance of Value Proposition in Marketing

Want people to buy your stuff? You need a strong value proposition! The value proposition is about tangible and intangible offerings of your business. There is a reason why it is integral to your marketing strategy. The stronger your value proposition is, the higher the conversion rates you can achieve. So, if you wish to … Read more