Time Management Tips for Bloggers: How to Find Time to Blog?

Time management is all about how to utilize your time to complete more in a shorter period of time so that it maximizes your productivity, increases efficiency, lowers stress and helps in achieving your long-term goals easily.

Now the fun fact about time management is we all have 24 hours in a day. Not much of a fun fact. Right?

But really it is true, we find someone accomplishing so much in a day while some juggle to do simple tasks. But majorly we all have so much to do but so less time to do it all, it’s the concern worldwide. Be it – Household chores, jobs, taking care of kids and shopping for a home and so on. The list is endless and if you are a blogger the ‘to- do’ list becomes even more exhaustive.

Thinking about what to write, writing it, Posting it, sharing it, monetizing it, commenting to posts, tweaking it to get a lot of traffic, replying to fan mails and so on. It is actually very exhausting. But this does not mean we can neglect our blog. It’s better not to have a blog rather than having it and neglecting it later.

Time Management Tips for Bloggers

There are many bloggers who are doing a full-time job and yet managing the blog well. There are housewives and very busy moms too. You could also find people who are doing two jobs and yet managing their blog well. So how on earth can they do that? The answer is simple – Time management and smart work.

In this fast-paced world, we cannot survive with hard work, working smartly is the key to being successful. So instead of complaining about having no time, let us look at some tips which will help you find ample time for blogging.

Time Management Tips for The Busy Blogger – How to Make Time to Blog?

1. Recognize your expertise:

Before you begin to write a blog, it is essential to know your expertise and interest. When you are passionate about something you could write it with ease. Also, you will enjoy doing it. A passionate blogger won’t have to try much to take time out. He or she will herself be drawn to it.

2. Quick research:

There are certain techniques to read content faster. Research about – ‘how to do content skimming’, one will be able to grasp things at a much faster speed, which saves much of your time. One can look for videos, info graphs to gain knowledge in a jiff.

3. Breaking the task in smaller chunks:

Breaking tasks into smaller chunks not only helps in blog writing but in overall all scenarios. Segregate the tasks and try to complete one chunk at a time and then move to the next chunk. You will feel motivated when one set of task is done. It’s like you are reducing the burden step by step.

4. Prioritizing:

Prioritizing things are like task half did, putting all your efforts in all tasks will burn you out, and would not have any favorable results. You could complete the main tasks and first and the menial ones later when you are free. Putting your energy in simple tasks will badly affect the ones which need all your strength and energy. Prioritizing is not limited to blog writing but also extends to all of your to-do lists.

5. Setting up a schedule and sticking to it:

This is something one would hammer in you in time management classes. But this is something which actually helps a lot. Once you make a schedule you realize how much workload you actually have. At times, the tasks are few but the fact that we have to do so many things makes us feel overwhelmed and drained out.

Making a schedule will give you a clear picture of the things you need to finish. It is needless to say that once you make a schedule, sticking to it strictly is what matters.  You could put up a note on your refrigerator or make a sticky note on your laptop, make sure it’s in your vision.  Do not slack and kindly kick away the laziness.

6. Jotting ideas whenever it comes to mind:

You might have seen a few people mumbling and murmuring to themselves, it may sound dumb, but talking to self and thinking about what to write will help you a lot. Instead of sitting on a laptop and then thinking about what to write. Keep actively thinking about the blog while doing boring tasks. Be it like – Doing laundry, Washing a car or mowing the lawn.

A mind blogging is a great way to save lots and lots of time. It is wise to keep a note of small points that came in your mind, so as to elaborate on it when you sit to write.

7. Create an outline of the blog:

While doing the construction of a building, do a mason and engineer start right away? Or does a cook start putting any ingredient in his sight while cooking? Absolutely no. There has to be a plan and a certain aim in your mind before writing. Clarity of thoughts and clarity regarding the way to proceed with the task will take lots of burden from you. Have a habit of creating an outline of a blog.

For example:

  • The beginning: To decide how to start- It can either be a story, comic strip or a provoking question
  • The main body: One should decide what point to be written and its sequence. Also, the basic flow of content must be given a thought
  •  The conclusion:  Have a clear idea of the end of the blog and also decide the media and images to be inserted.

8. Think and research a prior to writing:

Consider that you have planned to write a blog the next day, a night earlier to that, do your research and jot done the points, maybe you will have to sleep an hour late, but it will save much time the next day. You could begin writing right away. And finish the task faster.

9. Type fast:

Type faster, if you cannot learn it, there are many websites which will help your fingers train to type at a faster speed.

10. Set timer:

When you have all outlined, it is necessary to write faster on it. It may happen we get lost in our thoughts and lose track of time. So the best way is to set a timer, ideally, it should take around 90 min. to write a blog of say 2000- 2500 words. If you can crunch it in less time. Bravo! Consider yourself a pro blogger.

11. Take the help of apps:

In the time management process, there is no need for you to be a perfectionist and check each and every line you write. You could just write your thoughts at once and then use the free apps and tools to check grammar and spellings. It will save lots of time.

12. Type subheadings and fill it at the end:

Few people use to follow this trick in college, which was well appreciated and used by many. For saving time, you have to write the subheadings at first and later fill in the matter into it. Anyhow all the blogs are full of bullet points. Doing this is like further breaking the task into smaller chunks.

13. Find your best productive time:

If you consider that you are productive all the time, maybe you are fooling yourself. Everyone has one productive time in a day. Some work well early in the morning while others prefer late night work. Once you know your best time to work, schedule the things around it.

14. Start your day early:

Most of the people will be drained and sluggish by the end of the day. Waking up early makes you feel fresh, we are energetic in the morning, thus, you can either finish off your chores in the morning or spare the time to do serious thinking work for the blog.

15. Mind mapping to plan several blog posts:

Mind mapping is a diagram to organize your thoughts and ideas. The main ideas are placed in the center and then the representation of supporting ideas is done around it. It can help you to layout the whole plan of not only one post but several of it.

16. Use an editorial calendar:

Though a bit fancy, but it’s a helpful tool. You will know at one glance when will your blog be published. It’s a good tool to keep things organized. It eliminates the worry of forgetting things.

17. Do not stress:

Yes, you do have many tasks to complete but stressing about it will drain half of your energy, being calmed as much as possible will help you use your mental energy at a place where it is actually required. Practice meditation to fight stress and so some non-strenuous exercises like yoga to calm you and relieve muscle tension. If your schedule is disrupted a bit, it’s ok, you will have to compensate it by doing a few of the tasks faster

18. Do not overlook personal responsibilities:

If you are a blogger does not mean your other tasks are eliminated, you should not neglect things like taking care of your kids, spending quality time with your wife or girlfriend, or taking care of yourself. You must live your life as a whole, blogging is a part of your life and not your whole life. If you neglect your personal obligations you will feel guilty and sad and neglect our loved ones will make them drift away. You certainly do not want that, do you? Nurture your relationships and have a healthy balance with your work and life.

19. Make household chores simpler:

Tips for busy moms and housewives is do not burden you with all the household work. It’s OK to eat out once in a while. You could simplify your tasks by stocking up food in a refrigerator, buying Pre-cut vegetables. Cooking easy recipes and so on.

20. Disconnect from the internet:

Bloggers often get involved in tweeting, publicizing and commenting on people. Sometimes it is wise to disconnect for a while and just write it without any distractions. One can also save time throughout the day by avoiding wasting time on chatting, checking Facebook and Twitter.

21. Interview people:

Many times bloggers lack inspiration and original thoughts, at such time brooding over the same topic and thinking hard upon it is a huge time waster. Instead, reach the masses, talk to them and get the first-hand experience. You will be loaded with ideas and you will have fresh content. You could start your blog with an interesting story, which someone shared with you while talking to them. It may seem like a time-consuming task but actually is helpful in many ways.

22. Read whenever you can:

If you are traveling in a bus or train or having a tea break, read wherever you can. The more knowledge you have the easier it is for you to write. One could invest the small chunks of time scattered all over the day into something productive. Learn ways to be better, SEO techniques and the like.

23. Take the help of mentors:

It may happen that in spite of all your efforts, you are wasting a lot of time and not coming up with a great blog, in such cases, don’t be shy about seeking help. Effective time management can give you back control of your day. Join communities to take help from mentors and seniors. Talk to people. It is indeed a lot of help and a good learning experience. Rather speak to your mentors even if you are doing well, often they have something new to teach you.

24. Be disciplined:

Being disciplined saves lots of time and effort. Avoid procrastination and being lazy. Ultimately the burden will fall on your shoulders.

25. Seek support from family:

Lastly, one major advice is to seek support from family, make them understand that writing a blog is one of your priorities. Seek help from them whenever required. A happy and peaceful mind will reflect the positivity and vigor in your posts.

Thus, we saw, a few tips and a bit of discipline can give sufficient time to blog. It can take a little time to inculcate all at once, but at least start by adopting a few of them, you will surely reap the benefit of it. Remember, Time is money, hence, use it wisely.

So people, what are you waiting for, it’s enough motivation for you to start saving time and updating the blog regularly. Follow proper time management and Happy blogging!

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