Social Media Business Benefits

Social Media for Business: Benefits & Why you must use it?

In this present technological age, almost everyone at least will have an account in any of the social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Though social media does have its disadvantage, when it comes to your business there are plenty of ways in which you could positively make use of social media to further … Read more

Facebook Safe Security Tips

How to use Facebook Safely? Protect Account from Hackers

Facebook, as we all know is the best ever social networking site, with more and more users joining it daily. However, have one ever considered how safe it is online in general and in particular, on Facebook?  What one needs to realize is that sharing any kind of information online is not completely free of … Read more

Safe Internet Browsing

19 Safe Internet Browsing Tips and Best Practices for All

Surfing interest is as necessary as having food, in today’s time. The Internet is a well of any information you require and clears your doubts within seconds. The excitement of banking, shopping and interacting online may lead to a leakage of personal information and thereby hacking your accounts and misusing it. Your eagerness to surf … Read more

Writing Skills Tips Techniques

How to Improve Writing Skills? 15 Tips and Techniques

Effective writing skills are like petrol for the car. Just like a car cannot move ahead without petrol, in the same manner, a writer cannot become skilled unless he or she is determined and focused towards effective writing. In order to write effectively, the first and foremost thing is to have an interest in writing. … Read more

Full time blogging

Full Time Blogging – Top 16 Advantages and Disadvantages

In today’s technological age there are over 100 million blogs that have been created online and are being managed successfully. Say thirty years ago, blogs didn’t even exist and today it has become such a big part of people’s lives. There are innumerable benefits of full time blogging, However, every coin has two sides and … Read more

Successful Blogger

How to Become a Successful Blogger? 20 Awesome Tips

Blogging these days has become a successful way to communicate your ideas to the world without any hassle and it is one of the most financially viable ways to do it. One does not require to be an expert to be a blogger, anyone from anywhere can start blogging, but to become a most successful … Read more

Googlebot Cannot Access CSS & JS

How to Fix Googlebot Cannot Access CSS & JS Files Issue

Hey, Webmasters! Don’t panic if you got a notice from Google in your email today — numerous website admins were cautioned that “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on” Google conveyed this notice by means of Search Console, while additionally advising them that Googlebot’s failure to get to those records may bring about “imperfect … Read more

Googles Biggest Product Failures

20 Google Biggest Product Flops or Failures in History

Google is best known all over the world today for providing a large number of benefits in terms of providing information. On Google, it is literally possible to find anything. To be very honest mans greatest technological invention so far on the internet has been none other than Google. And we are very thankful for … Read more

Cool Facebook Tips Tricks

20 Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks you must know and Use

There are more than a billion regular users of Facebook, but it does not conclude that they know each and every aspect. The site is often being refreshed with profile redesigns, new apps, and a lot more updates and hence keeping updated is a bit tough. It should also be accepted that Facebook does possess … Read more