How to Improve Writing Skills? 15 Tips and Techniques

Effective writing skills are like petrol for the car. Just like a car cannot move ahead without petrol, in the same manner, a writer cannot become skilled unless he or she is determined and focused towards effective writing.

In order to write effectively, the first and foremost thing is to have an interest in writing. If you do not have an inclination towards writing, you can never be determined nor can you improve your skills in writing.

Writing Skills Tips Techniques

Whether you need to write for a blog, or you need to improve your writing for an effective English class, whatever it may be, you need to follow some of the top preferred tips to improve your writing skills. Here are some of the tips:

Ways to Improve Writing Skills Easily:

Get an inclination towards writing

Having an inclination towards writing is something naturally comes. This is what born writers have from within but this really does not mean that you cannot develop it within yourself. This is just the interest that you need to develop in order to write in an attractive manner.

The interest is developed only by reading various books, novels, magazines, journals, articles, and blogs. Read what comes your way and grab the positive points from them and try to involve those in your writings.

Start reading and try to evaluate:

Only reading won’t do any good to you. So read a lot, but also make electronic drafts to note the good points that other writers add in their writings. Then try and evaluate your and their performance.

Evaluation means to scan the good quality of the articles you read in your mind and compare what your article lacks. This way you will be able to compare and find faults yourself and will also improve the writing skills.

Pen down your ideas on daily basis:

Writing on a daily basis will help improve your skills. Before writing, make sure you have a certain style of writing in mind. Following certain criteria will keep you on track while writing and will not deviate you from your topic.

Writing on a daily basis does not need a special topic; even if you don’t have any particular topic in mind, then you can start with what you did the whole day, what is your wish, what you see, like and so on.

Write and side by side compare your writing with the content of your admired writer. Then you will be able to extract faults and improve your writing skills.

The Foundation needs to be strong:

Here the foundation is not about bricks and cement but of grammar and tenses. Before writing, you need to have a strong foundation and understanding of grammar, tenses and the voices. Make sure you have accurate knowledge of all these so that while writing such mistakes does not become a hurdle in writing professionally.

If your grammar is not strong, then you first need to focus on it and then move to the next step. For having concrete grammar knowledge, practice is the must and reading different essays will be an icing on the cake.

Have another set of eyes to view your writings:

Having a friend, a mentor, a guide who is better at English than you will help improve your skills by bringing forth your mistakes.

After writing, you may ask your friend to cast his eyes of your piece of writing. This way he or she will be able to showcase your faults will help in getting improvement in your writing skills.

Be your own critic:

While you show your art to others, they will ahead to point fingers and find faults to what you did. If you have patient ears to handle criticism, then go show it to the experts and know the limitations of your writings.

Improve them and try not to repeat them when you write next time. This way, slowly and steadily, you will get hold of your style, improve your writing skills.

Self-praise is no recommendation:

Having completed your topic successfully, head towards the next step i.e. criticizes your work from the critic’s point of view. Praising your work is not bad, but after praising, being overconfident regarding your writing will surely sink you before rising.

Try and criticize your work because self-criticism will boost your morale towards better work output in near future. Write well and then get appraisals from others rather than self – praising your work as it will only give you a downfall towards work.

A good vocabulary will attract readers and clients:

A good vocabulary is a must. Read and develop the habit of learning vocabulary as it will add interest in your writing. The reader will get engaged while reading your piece of art.

Good vocabulary does not mean to make use of technical jargon which goes over the top of readers, but it adds a pinch of spice to the matter. So along with reading maintain a copy where you write good and attractive words and use those words in daily routine so as to learn it by heart. This way you will be able to stand in the competitive market with improved skills.

Practical guides are meant to improve the skills:

You can even take help of the guides as those are meant to get to you up for improvement. Study those and learn the maximum from whatever you come across.

Reading and craving to learn more will be an added advantage and will add to your curiosity learn more. So, read and go through practical guides, books, essay books, articles, and grammar books and so on.

Grammar checks online:

Make use of online tools to check grammar. Various applications and software are available online which helps in finding grammatical mistakes, also explains the reason behind them.

Understanding those reasons will give you a deep idea of do’s and don’t’s while writing. Learn from the mistakes and try not to repeat it again while you write the next topic.

Phrases and idioms:

Phrases, idioms are likely to enhance the quality of your writing. Along with a good vocabulary, make use of the idioms and proverbs. Go through the books in order to learn the phrases. Add phrases in your sentences and make them read worthy.

Do not write the wrong idiom or phrase as it will lose your article’s accountability and will decline its value of readability. Use phrases, but at the right place in sentences.

More practice, less theory:

The reading only will not do any good. So instead of focussing on theory, practical work is a must. Practical work is not dealing with the chemicals and sciences.

Practical work demands a lot of practice, writing practice. Only practice will make you perfect. So practice as more as you can but that too with evaluation.

Paying attention:

Perfection demands attention. Dire attention is needed while working on anything. When you are virtually determined towards something, you are likely to succeed by giving a red signal to all the roadblocks you come across.

Also, make notes of what you feel very important as it is a human nature of forgetting one or the other thing at a time. So, focus on what you do and do it with determination.

Try new methods and techniques:

Trying various techniques and methods of writing will broaden your outlook towards writing. Do not stick to one style of writing. Write from different perspectives on a single topic. If you write with the same viewpoint, you will get bored of writing very soon. So write down the ideas in different ways every time.

For e.g. If you are writing on wailing baby, you can one-time write on the viewpoint of a mother towards the baby, another time you can write from a baby’s point of view and so on. On a single topic, one can have a different perspective and can even write by giving different points.


No risk, no gain. Experimenting means trying something new that has been never done by you before. Though it is tough to regain the value you earned with previous work, yet it brings monotony if the same continues for long. So, experiment with new things in writing. Try and change the workflow and adapt to the latest style of writing.

So, above are some of the tips that one should go through in order to make writing attractive and efficient. It is not just following these points will make you a better writer but also is a guide to forward further so as others also can become better writers.

Rest the main thing lies in the innovation, the level of innovation you can bring in your writings. Be innovative and write something out of the world so as to make yourself get noticed. In order to stand out of the crowd, you need to work hard that too by being out of the common people Writing now days can be a great weapon to lock other’s mouth and even to give voice to your ideas.

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