20 Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks you must know and Use

There are more than a billion regular users of Facebook, but it does not conclude that they know each and every aspect. The site is often being refreshed with profile redesigns, new apps, and a lot more updates and hence keeping updated is a bit tough. It should also be accepted that Facebook does possess some good ideas and people do not use them often.

There are new methods and other tips and tricks that can be used on Facebook. In that aspect, let’s glimpse out a few tips and tricks that Facebook allows the users to use.

Cool Facebook Tips Tricks

Facebook Page Tips and Tricks:

Facebook on firefox:

If you’re a fan of chatting on Facebook and would like to continue the same chatting while navigating to firefox, a few steps are to be followed. To place your Facebook chat into firefox, click on bookmarks and move to organize bookmarks.

Once opened click the new bookmark tab and enter the details such as name, location and load the bookmark. Now firefox sidebar will have a Facebook chat in its bookmark which can be clicked and chart can be initiated.

Downloading Facebook photo album (Not Available now):

The FacePAD allows you to download facebook album, groups or events album of friends and families. FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader is used for downloading albums. One should make sure to use the downloader for downloading albums.

Sharing Flickr photos on Facebook:

Sharing photographs on all social websites have become a recent trend and people who upload photographs on one social site would like to share the same on the other social site rather than uploading for each site from the beginning.

In that manner, individuals who desire to share Flickr photos on Facebook can make use of Flickr2Facebook uploader. This is unofficial uploader but can be used to upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.

Linking to multiple Facebook accounts:

It is a usual fact that anyone cannot login to more than one account on Facebook, but when chrome is used, a new built-in profile feature is used which helps you develop a user profile. Move to the right top corner of the page and click on Navicon and click on settings. Move to users and click on add new user.

Once this is done then use a profile picture and choose a name for it. Then click on create where a new window is initiated. Now logging into Facebook is made easy and swapping between users can be well accomplished at the top right corner.

Facebook calendar and google calendar:

For people who use both Facebook and google calendar for daily activities could find it a bit tough to manage both. In that case, syncing Facebook and google calendar can be accomplished so that operating both can be diminished.

Navigate to events on Facebook, get to the tab called calendar and get to the upper right corner where settings button is available, click on export.

Once this is done a hyperlink is opened up, copy the address. Now get started to the google calendar page, where the left side of the page has other calendars, the down arrow button is to be clicked and then choose to add by URL. Now the click must be copied here and add calendar is to be clicked.

Scheduling Facebook messages:

Facebook messages can be scheduled with the help of Sendible, which can be utilized to send messages friends, colleagues and customers in the future. The message can be set ahead of time for future requirement.

Friend someone and hide from a facebook status:

To friend someone on Facebook and later on hide the same from status can be achieved by moving to the setting tab on the home page.

Move to the privacy settings available on the tab, once done it shows up many options such as search, profile, applications and news feed. Here the profile privacy settings are to be edited. Here everything can be altered accordingly. If you have limited the settings to friends, only friends can see the profile.

Developing photo collage with Facebook friends:

To develop a photo collage of your Facebook friends in grid view, one needs to click on friends tab and then navigate to more tab then move on to choose an option from the drop-down, pick any dashes. Once these steps are done, all your friend’s photos are obtained in a grid view.

Profile page to have only selected photos:

The friend’s box in Facebook shows up pictures of almost all friends to show up specific friends on Facebook, here’s a tip. The friend’s box would have an edit pencil, just click on that and type your best friend’s name and only those pictures would be shown up as friends on the profile page.

Removing Facebook advertisement:

To get rid of all the irritating ads and other updates on Facebook, grease monkey script called the Facebook cleaner can be used. By this way, unwanted adds can be eradicated from the page.

Syncing Facebook friends and Microsoft outlook:

For synchronizing Facebook friends with Microsoft Outlook, an application called OutSync is utilized.  The application syncs Facebook friends with matching Outlook friends. The app also has the facility to show you the updated contact so that all contacts can be updated.

Facebook chatting on desktop:

For the one who loves chatting and wish to keep your chat on the desktop outside from the usual browser, Gabtastik and Digsby can be utilized. This method eats up only a minimum screen real estate and system memory.

Quiz on Facebook:

There are many pages on Facebook which has a number of quiz questions and many people think how this seems possible. The LOLapps is the one which is a quiz creator and allows for developing the quiz questions on Facebook.

Hiding online status on Facebook:

For ones who have many friends on Facebook and would like to hide online status can do the following. Facebook has a friends list with chat and one can pick the members whom you wish to see your status or to hide from status.

Instead of hiding from the complete set of chat friends by turning off, a specific list of friends can be selected. In another way, the sliders in the friend’s list can be used to toggle your online status.

Facebook updates on email:

For people who are logged into the emails and would like to receive Facebook updates on email can do so with a small tip. Nutshellmail can be used which helps you get Facebook updates on email.

Facebook on Desktop:

To get Facebook on your desktop there are a number of applications available. The Facebook AIR application, scrapboy, facebooker, Seesmic desktop, facebook sidebar gadget, Xobni, are few applications which allow individuals to interact just as on Facebook. The main fact here is that interaction is done without a browser.

Terminating Facebook:

For people who wish to terminate, delete or cancel Facebook account along with the profile can do so with just a few steps. They need to navigate to Facebook account deactivation and move on with deactivating it.

Accepting multiple friends request at once:

Instead of accepting friends request one by one, accepting all friends request at a time can be accomplished by making use of Java script. Navigate to friends request page and see to it that all the requests are loaded till the end. In the address bar of the friends request page just copy the following code.


Now press enter and watch out the difference.

Photo Zoom:

If you want to view any photo update in a much bigger size, photo zoom can be utilized. Chrome extension can be utilized here and when the mouse is floated over the photo, the size can be enlarged. This tip can be utilized and help you have a good view of the picture.

Fake account on Facebook:

Fake account with likes, status, conversations, recent activity, relationship, profile pictures and more are possible with Wallmachine. Few examples would be Avengers, Batman, and other dramas on Facebook.

These few tips and tricks can which people aren’t aware and can be followed in order to customize their settings on facebook as they desire. There are more tips on a number of sites which alter other functionalities on facebook and make your usage simple and easy.

Apart from usual usage, there are a few tips and tricks which are updated recently on facebook. These well-researched tips are made available and are interesting when followed. Take a note of the tips and follow them on facebook in order to make your social website the most liked one.

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