How to use Facebook Safely? Protect Account from Hackers

Facebook, as we all know is the best ever social networking site, with more and more users joining it daily. However, have one ever considered how safe it is online in general and in particular, on FacebookWhat one needs to realize is that sharing any kind of information online is not completely free of risk. At the same time, there are some steps that one can take to know how to use Facebook safely.

Facebook Safe Security Tips

Tips to use Facebook Safely:

Manage Facebook security and privacy settings:

You are all aware that the first thing that one does to get into a Facebook account is to login with the help of the registered email address and the password.  Then one can go on to connect to the padlock icon featured at the left-hand corner on top of the Facebook page.

From there you can get the drop-down menu, which has the shortcut link to show the privacy settings. Once you have access to the privacy settings, set it as per your requirements.

Regulate who can see my stuff:

Have you ever wondered who all can see whatever you post on Facebook? How safe is it especially when most post all the details, including what they are doing or where they are on their facebook wall. Many also post pictures, which can be misused by someone else.

Once, you are on facebook, you have the option to select who from the list given below,  inclusive of your friends, the public or specific group of friends can have a look at what you are posting. You also have the option to have a look at the timeline as someone else, so that you can have an idea on how much the other can see.

Who can contact you on Facebook?

You have the choice to restrict the messages that one gets on facebook. One has the option to filter the messages that one gets or sends. The user has the right to restrict anyone from trying to contact them on Facebook.

The user could either let everyone send message or friend request to him or her on Facebook, or they could let the only friends contact them. The default option given on facebook to send a friend request is ‘everyone’.

How to stop one from bothering someone else?

Is someone pestering you on facebook? Sending you unwanted messages? You have the option to either block the person or to unfriend them, so they will stop to annoy you.

You can block the person by adding the name or email address of the person that has been pestering you to the list of people to be blocked.

How to control privacy settings?

In order to set the privacy settings of your account on Facebook, you would have to take a look at the timeline settings next to the activity log. If you choose to view it as someone else, you may get an idea of how much another person can see.

Once, you have a fair idea on how much others can see what you post, you can restrict your postings or control the privacy settings as required.

It is in no way required that whatever you post on Facebook has to be shown to each and every person in your friend’s list. You can choose who can see what from among the postings that you put up on the Facebook wall.

Set the permission on who can post on your timeline:

On Facebook, there is an option on who all can post onto your timeline. It is not just you, but your friends also have access to your facebook wall. Other than comments, they can also post whatever they want on your wall. At the same time, the person has the right to limit what goes on one’s wall.

If you do not want others to post on your facebook wall, you can choose to restrict the people who can post. You also have the right to delete whatever the other person has put up on your facebook wall.

Think who to add:

Whoever you friend someone on Facebook, they can have access to all your information. Hence, it is best if see who you are making friends with on Facebook. If the person is someone you want to avoid, it is best not add some random person as friends on Facebook. You can also choose to put people on a restricted or limited list of your friend’s list.

Use Facebook with Sense:

Consider what you wish to achieve when you go online on Facebook. Do you wish to post pictures, comments, thoughts or your daily routine, with a specific place and details are given to all that can see on your profile? Make sure to use Facebook cautiously. Know what you want to post before you put it online. Never give out too many details on facebook.

Use Secure Passwords:

Even If it is simple and easier for you to remember, make sure to not use the same password for all the sites. Make you are aware of the type of security questions set.  At the same time, ensure that your password is not so easy, that anyone can easily find it out. Make sure to change your passwords frequently. Never share your password with anyone.

Sign in securely:

One should be aware of which computer or where one is signing into your Facebook account from. Make sure the browser is secure. Privacy settings of this site should be set appropriately. Make sure that you do not choose the option to remember the password, especially when you sign in from a public computer. Make sure that you are logged out of the account when you use a public or some other person’s computer.

Monitor pics put up:

Other than pictures you might have put up, there are also photos that someone in the friend list may have tagged you on. Keep a check on all that goes up on your wall. You have the option to untag yourself from pictures that you don’t find pleasing.

Beware of Phishing attack:

Never fall into a trap by fake accounts that seek to get login and password details from people. They might send out false messages asking one to reset the password. Make sure to contact Facebook in the case of any issue. Facebook will also notify people on the site if any problem occurs.

React if your account has been hacked:

In the case of any false status updates on your site, which you are sure you did not make, or if your friends get any spam messages, know that your Facebook account has been compromised. The first thing to do, in such a scenario, is to change your password. If in case, you are unable to access your account, go to the bottom of the Facebook page and go to the help link. You can also click on security to inform Facebook about the problem with the account.

Be careful of whoever uses your phone:

Most phones are set up with easy access to Facebook accounts. However, whenever they leave the phones untouched at the place, where anyone may have access to them people can also easily get into your account. It would be best if you can Logout from the facebook app on your mobile, so that even if someone gets your phone, they cannot get into your Facebook account.

Keep a check on any suspicious activity:

Do not just click on any link that is posted on Facebook, just because it looks enticing enough. Make sure that the link is authentic enough, then only click on it. If one feels even a smidgen of doubt, do not click on that link.

Report offensive content:

If you find that a post has violated the Terms on Facebook, you have the option to report the person. You only need to press on the report link near the post, timeline or the page. In case, someone in your friend list is harassing you, you can click the report link near to the sender’s name on the page. One could also remove the person from the friend list.

More to security Features:

What many people are unaware of is that there is a feature called remote session management, which helps one close any of the facebook accounts that may have been left active, especially if you had used any public computers to access your account.

Trusted contacts:

If you are ever locked out of your facebook account, there are some of your friends who can help you get back into your account safely. However, make sure you choose your friends wisely. Select only those people whom you really trust to not misuse your facebook account for any reason.


Thus, you find that if you are really careful and use the Facebook account sparingly, it is indeed very safe for one to have an account. One should have no issues if one follows the rules and regulations properly. The trick is in to know all about how to adjust the security and general settings of the Facebook account as per your requirements.

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