Full Time Blogging – Top 16 Advantages and Disadvantages

In today’s technological age there are over 100 million blogs that have been created online and are being managed successfully. Say thirty years ago, blogs didn’t even exist and today it has become such a big part of people’s lives. There are innumerable benefits of full time blogging, However, every coin has two sides and there are unfortunately some disadvantages as well. These are some of the chief advantages as well as disadvantages of blogging full time.

Full time blogging

Top Advantages of Full Time Blogging:

You become a better writer:

Blogging starts out as a past time for many but as the popularity of one’s blogs increase, he or she begins to keep too much effort into the content of the blog, such that people find the matter written to be both interesting and lucid.

This does not imply that you have you use bombastic and high sounding words so that people think you are erudite and smart, even if the language is simple the matter should be appealing to all of you or specifically your target audience as well.

Good hobby:

There are primarily two kinds of bloggers, part-time bloggers, and full-time ones. You can always decide on which kind you would want to be, as per your own convenience.

There are plenty of people who simply run a blog as they find it to be a fun and interesting hobby where they can while away their mornings, afternoons or even their nights doing something productive instead of merely sitting dumbly in front of the television or computer.

Earn extra money:

If you think you have the prerequisite skills to be a good blogger then you should seriously try your hand at it.

Over time if you realize that it is truly your calling then you could always take it up as a full-time job and earn quite a lucrative sum of money every month.

If you are good at what you do then you are bound to receive lots of praise as well as an appreciation for your blog and this is sure to make you feel good.

Start your own business:

As the saying goes like, if you put in hard work in whatever you do then you are bound to achieve success.

If you are tired of your old or dead-end job you should try blogging and if you are good at it then you should give some thought to the idea of starting a business. What might start off as a simple and fuss-free blog about topics which interest you, like cooking, architecture, gardening or even movie reviews might become a thriving business for you.

Not an imposition on you:

If you run your own blog then it is entirely up to you when you would like to work.

If you don’t have time during the day and find that your thoughts flow more lucidly during the time of night then you can simply work according to your own will because no one is going to give you strict deadlines which you have to adhere to at all costs.

It goes without saying that the more time that you are able to commit to your blog the better it is going to be.

Get instant and honest feedback:

If you have just written something you do not need to wait weeks or months before you receive any feedback. The moment that you click on ‘publish’ people who are in online immediately going to post their views and tell you whether they are in consonance or not with what you have written. Positive feedback is certainly going to make you feel happy; however constructive criticism, as well as valid contrary points, might help you as well.

Air your views:

If it has always been your dream to become a politician or a nongovernmental organization worker but due to unavoidable circumstances you have been unable to take it up, it is never too late, you could always make a big difference in the online world. You can share your views, as unconventional as it may be and there are many people who might respect you for what you have to say, irrespective of whether they agree with you or not.

You become influential:

Once you are honest and uncompromising in your writing then you are bound to get the attention of many people. It is when you are not afraid to speak the truth as well as have a flair for writing then you are able to gain influence in the cyber world. One you post good stuff, you start getting a number of dedicated readers who follow your blog and eagerly wait for you to publish something new.

A great way to help others:

In addition to spreading awareness about a cause that is close to your heart, you could use the power and influence which you wield to make a difference in the society and to help people in need. Though there are many blogs out there that have information on how to lose weight, how to make the perfect chocolate etc, if you use your blog to spread awareness about social stigmas that people refuse to address you are bound to make a difference.

Top Disadvantages of Full Time Blogging:

No fixed income:

One major disadvantage about blogging is that there is no fixed and steady income you do, so the more work you do the better it is for you. However if by chance you were to get ill or even go on a family vacation, that means that there is going to be little or no money for you. So some might suggest it is better to take it up as a part-time job so that you do not entirely depend on it for your bread and butter, otherwise with today’s expensive you might find it tough to make two ends meet.

Begin to feel alone:

One common disadvantage of full-time blogging is that over time people tend to miss their previous workplace and that competitive environment. Even if they want to return to their old jobs they find that they have burnt all bridges as companies do not like to hire people that have previously quit jobs as it is likely that they might do so in the future as well, leaving the company hanging.

Too much negativity might take a toll on you:

If you make use of your blog to share your honest views, irrespective if they are in consonance with the conventions of society, too much negativity or foul words from others are bound to take a toll on you and may even make you afraid to put out your honest opinion about things. So if you are easily swayed as well as you are one to take everything to heart then this is surely not the kind of job you want to have, especially as the internet is filled with ‘haters’.

No insurance:

When you are a blogger you are bound to have job security, However one thing which you do not have is insurance. Almost all companies offer its employees medical insurance to them and their family but if you are into blogging then you have to look into these expenses on your own and god forbid something happens, you are sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

Cut off from reality:

Spending too much time in the world of the internet, away from other people might cause you to be cut off from reality and immersed in your own little world. As funny as it might sound, it is becoming a big problem where people are actually forgetting how to interact face to face.

Requires a lot of hard work:

To make your blog take off requires plenty of hard work and might cause you to have many sleepless nights. The discipline needed to run a successful blog is not something which everyone has. The matter of thinking of things to write about, having to pen it down, then type it and finally managing a blog in general turns out to be too much hard work for many to handle.

Lack of online trust:

So if you are running a blog to help others out monetarily, you might find it extremely difficult to get people to donate to your cause owing to the fact there is so little online trust. You might get many people to feel strongly about your cause or even get them to open their eyes to all that is happening around them, but no matter how noble your endeavor is, people are unlikely to donate.

These are some of the chief advantages as well as disadvantages of blogging. However no two individuals are alike, so if you think that blogging is your calling then you should not shy away from trying your hand at it irrespective of what others have to say. What might be a disadvantage for another might not apply in your case at all.

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