How to Write Perfect Sales Pitch Email – Mistakes to Avoid

Writing that perfect sales pitch email is a code that not many are able to crack it. Understanding that what its make the person to open and check the email and read it.

Preventing it from becoming another spam mail and it standing out among the crowd takes a sensible approach to getting it.  It is important to pay attention to certain details to write that smart email.

Sales Pitch Email Tips

As you don’t know the recipient on the personal level so it is important to build a certain connect and relationship with the recipient. This strategy works for the maximum number of times since the reader is able to connect with the sender and understands your point of view. Below are the 19 mistakes to be avoided while writing the sales pitch email.

Writing Perfect Sales Pitch Email – 16 Tips:

Avoid using free email accounts:

One of the most important things to understand is avoiding using free email services of Yahoo and Google since it is a clear indication of a spam mail. To get notice use the customized email id from a domain name, for example, [email protected].

There are various domain names available online, it is good to register their and use it. It adds a certain credibility to your message, which is reduced when sent from google or yahoo.

Avoid sending generic emails:

Another common mistake observed is sending generic emails to the people. Using the list of email ids is a common practice in the industry but adding an edge to it will give better results.

Understand and categorize the people under profession, age group, gender and demographic. This information can be easily obtained along with the list of email ids. This is a bit time taking task but it will yield better results for you.

Avoid irrelevant subject line:

Many times people do not use relevant and interesting subject line. This is the first step that will lure your customers to know more about your services. Ensure to write a relevant subject line, this should be relevant to the reader.

For example, if you are pitching for an insurance scheme to a school or college kid that it won’t of much relevance. But if it sent to someone who is working, then it will be noticed quickly.

Avoid boring subject line:

Another important thing to note is keep your subject line catchy and interesting. Do not use the regular or direct purpose of your mail. Try to tell a story in one line which can add curiosity to the person and when they read the mail mention the purpose of the subject line.

Not mentioning the receiver’s name:

In the process of sending the email, most of the mail’s do not use the name of the user, the emails addressed are a dear webmaster or dear sir/ma’am. At this point itself, the reader tends to lose the interest in the mail since there is no connection between the reader and the sender. Again paying attention to the detail and getting the names will reap better benefits and response to the emails.

Don’t be too formal in your email:

Another point to note it that writing a too formal mail will keep your reader disconnected from you. A bit of friendly attitude in the mail will help to break the ice and encourage them to read the mail till the end. But being informal does not mean to use the slang in your email. Write a good mail with proper use of language.

Avoid using link shortener:

A new trend is being observed that is using link shortener in the emails. This is a serious step to be avoided at any cost since it raises the doubt on the email as spam or virus.

With so many viruses and harmful coding floating around people avoid clicking on these links as they look suspicious.

It is good to use the complete name of the link as this will assure the person of safety, encouraging them to see the link.

Avoid being elaborate:

A lengthy mail with too much information is boring and the person tends to lose interest in it. Yet is important to share the information in the same email. Writing too much about it will not serve the purpose. The content should be written in such a way that the person is curious to know about it and might even search for it.

Not mentioning all the necessary information:

Another key point to note is not necessarily all the information is required to be mentioned in the email. For example, about the company history and other details. All that information can be shared on the website and provide the link in the email. Yet not to miss out on mentioning the purpose of the email.

Not mentioning the benefits of why:

Many times the email content just talks about the pitch or the product to be sold and it does not say how the customer will benefit it. A great pitch is about communication, if you are telling the features of your service and product, then try answering the basic question that every reader will ask. How it will benefit them by using your product or service. This will simplify the queries of the person.

Avoid sending the mail frequently:

Do not send the same email daily to the same person, they will not be encouraged to check the email and it will reduce the brand value. Best is decide the required number of days the mail should be sent with some new set of information every time.

Know if the person will be reading your email once a week or once a month. It will keep the person interested hence, will open your email every time they receive it.

Not mentioning your unsubscribe link:

Ensure to provide the freedom of choice to your customers if they want to receive your email in the future or not. Always mention unsubscribes link in your email, this will encourage and increase the genuineness of the brand and its credibility. As the sale is important to any organization, credibility is also important to maintain a long-term customer relationship.

Avoid using images:

Adding HTML images in the mail is never a good idea since many email services have a default setting of showing them. If the person is interested they will change the setting otherwise even if they open the mail, they will not check it or read it. Stick with the text making it hassle free for the person to read.

Not delivering the content as promised:

Another issue with most of the mail is they do not deliver the content as per commitment made in the mail. This makes the customer feel cheated hence they might not respond to your mail’s in the future.

Creating brand loyalty is an important aspect of any pitch made even in an email, it is essential to keep up with that commitment.

Not doing research:

Research and planning is an essential aspect of any business to grow. The same goes with the email pitch, know exactly what you want to communicate to the person through email, understand and refer content from the internet or know from a senior person.

Good research and plan of action always lead to an effective result. Know your customers and clients and accordingly send the message to gain their benefits.

Avoid using spam specific words:

Another thing to note is to ensure to take care not to use words which could lead your mail into spam mail. DO a bit of research and know what are those words to be avoided, for example, direct marketing, sales and many others.

There are more creative ways to communicate the same message without using these words. So let the creative juices flow and get the best of it.

Not re-checking the mail:

Always ensure to check your mail at least thrice before sending, do a thorough grammar check and spelling check. It will add an impression of your content. With errors in the mail, the chances of it being taken seriously reduces. Also, grammatical errors show a poor branding of the product and the company, while a good grammar and language showcases style and elegance.

Avoid asking questions in the email:

Understand that you are the one who will be providing solutions to your reader, therefore, do not write in questions. As a marketing person, you need to know the problem faced by the person and answer it smartly within the email.

Writing questions shows that you are not fully prepared to take charge and provide the solution. This could be a tricky way of writing an email, but the smart move is to make it subtle rather than loud.

Do not use emoticons:

Few people have the habit of using emoticons in a pitch email. Avoid that completely, being informal means to communicate in a friendly yet maintaining a certain boundary to the conversation.

Emoticons are a very childish way of communication; it will make the reader to think of a sign of unprofessionalism about your organisation.

Writing a good pitch is not a difficult task, but when done right it leads to an effective result. Only these small points are to be kept in mind before sending them. Best is to write the few drafts before finalising the content. Initially, it will be a tedious task but with practice, it will be an effortless work yielding great results.

Always plan what you want to say in the mail and how you will approach the communication, this will reduce the additional work from your shoulder hence, you will be developing a good strategy.

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