Facebook Comments Pros Cons

Pros and Cons of using Facebook Comments on Blog

There are some people who create blogs merely for the purpose of search engine optimization but there are innumerous others that make a blog because they want to share their unique ideas, thoughts and views with the rest of the virtual world. The fact that some sites have allowed Facebook comments on blogs has proved … Read more

Make Facebook Page Popular Tips

How to Make a Facebook Page More Popular

Almost 70% of people make sure that they are active on any of the social media platforms. In order to promote a business or a product, many people set up a Facebook page where they can reach out to a wide range of audience and hopefully increase their client base in the process. For your benefit, … Read more

Facebook Safe Security Tips

How to use Facebook Safely? Protect Account from Hackers

Facebook, as we all know is the best ever social networking site, with more and more users joining it daily. However, have one ever considered how safe it is online in general and in particular, on Facebook?  What one needs to realize is that sharing any kind of information online is not completely free of … Read more