How to Make a Facebook Page More Popular

Almost 70% of people make sure that they are active on any of the social media platforms. In order to promote a business or a product, many people set up a Facebook page where they can reach out to a wide range of audience and hopefully increase their client base in the process.

For your benefit, here is a list of some of the best as well as easiest ways to make your Facebook page gain immense popularity.

Make Facebook Page Popular Tips

Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Popular:

1. Post interesting Content:

It is of paramount importance to ensure that the content which you post is interesting so as to ensure that people take out the time from their busy schedule to go through the post.

If they find that it is a dumb and dreary post then while scrolling down their newsfeed they are surely not going to stop to read your posts again. If you have a little marketing or advertising skills as well as a flair for writing then this will surely be an easy task for you.

2. Do not post too often:

In the attempt of making your page popular ensure that you do not keep posting multiple times a day as chances are that if you are cluttering people’s newsfeeds that they will, unlike your page, block it or even report it.

It is only when you have some interesting piece of news or fun pictures to post that you should consider posting something at all. It is very rare that people take the trouble of ‘unliking’ pages which only post when necessary.

3. Make an interesting Profile Picture:

Before people embark on examining your posts or videos the first thing that they do is examine the profile picture of your page.

Ensure that your display picture is something that is gripping as well as interesting to be able to instantly capture the attention of people.

If possible change the profile picture whenever you get the time too. However do not change it extremely often otherwise, that too might negatively affect your page.

4. Have an Appealing Cover Picture:

Make no mistake a cover picture services an entirely different purpose as opposed to a profile picture. Once a person has clicked on the link to your page then he or she can get a glimpse of your cover picture. If it is something intriguing then the person is bound to take some time out to read your posts.

The cover picture takes up quite a bit of space at the top of a page so at no point should you not have one, because that would imply leaving all that precious space bare.

5. Post pictures and Videos:

Having interesting posts are good but in addition to this, you should always have pictures or videos to complement your written matter.

In the case of pictures, your image should be something impactful so that they catch people’s eyes and the videos should be short and edgy to convey how good and efficient your product or service is.Television ads or advertisements on billboards cost big bucks, so this is a cheap way for you to advertise and forward your business by appealing to the masses.

6. Share your page:

As often as you get the chance to, you should share your page and try to get more people to take notice of it. You can always start off by getting your friends and family to like and promote all posts and pictures and then they, in turn, can share the content with their close friends.

Over time, you will realize that your network has become rather big and people are liking and commenting on the content which you have posted on your page.

7. Have an Interesting Caption Contest to get more comments:

Getting people to like your page is important however once you have achieved this first step the next thing you should try to do is get people to comment on your posts.

Getting people to comment is not very easy, however, if you have interesting competitions and even offer prizes then you instantly get a lot of attention.

One of the most common contests that page host is ‘The Caption Contest’. They post a picture and whoever gives the most interesting caption, wins the prize.

8. Use witty and error free language:

As mentioned above, it is important to post interesting content however it is also of paramount importance that the language used is witty and smart.

If you do not have a good grasp of the English Language or whatever other languages you have decided to post in, then you could always consider getting some help. Most people find it a completely distasteful and absolutely unacceptable when posts are written in a shoddy manner.

9. Have a target audience:

It is important to ensure that the content on your page appeals to as many people as possible. However, it is of paramount importance to ensure that it appeals the most to individual’s that are most likely to avail of your company services or purchase your products.

As much as possible, try never limiting yourself to only one target audience as you can never really tell who might be interested in availing of your services.

10. Posting too rarely will negatively affect your page:

Posting too often is a big no, however posting rarely too can negatively impact your page as people will eventually lose interest in your products and services which they earlier might have found the novel as well as interesting.

So use your discretion and think about it yourself, as to how often you would like to post. There are no hard and fast rules in this regard and only you can know what you think is best for your particular page.

11. Post nothing vulgar or cheap:

Irrespective of what your target audience is it is extremely distasteful when pages post vulgar or cheap posts, pictures as well as videos which people are likely to report against.

In addition to this under all circumstances, you ought to avoid posting anything racist or unpatriotic which is likely to hurt the sensibilities of individuals. If you ever make the mistake of posting something like this then that is sure to affect the reputation of your page.

12. Do not post during unearthly hours of the day or night:

When you run a page you should make sure that you post at those particular hours when there are many people online.

If you post at unearthly hours of the day or night when hardly anyone besides you is online then it is unlikely that your posts are going to grab a lot of eyeballs or attention.

These are just some unwritten rules that could help your page gain that popularity which you have been striving to achieve.

13. Make posts informative:

Most people run a Facebook page so as to forward their business, however, one mistake they make is that they do not give proper information about either their product or their services. In such a case people do not feel informed enough to be willing to invest their hard earned money.

If your company has earned quite a reputation for itself and won a number of awards then you can always post news or pieces of information about that, then people will know that your company is credible.

14. Allow Photo Tagging:

In addition to allowing people to tag you in their posts, you should also allow people to tag themselves or their friend’s in your photos or videos. Once fans begin to share your pages’ content with their friend’s then your page is gaining a lot of popularity without you even trying too hard. Before people start taking note of your services, it is important to get then to like your page.

15. Target the friends of your fans:

Even if fans of your page have not taken the trouble of sharing the content of your page on their friends’ walls or even their own timelines, then you need not to worry. All you have to do is send a request to these individuals to get them to like your page and in the bargain, the popularity of your page will increase.

If they do not think it is something they are interested in then they may not like the page, however, if they find the matter interesting they will like your page and have a look at your posts.

So these are some of the chief ways in which you can make your Facebook page more popular. Doing these things are very easy though some of them may be a little time to consume, yet they go a long way in forwarding any product or service which your company is willing to offer to the public. So do try your hand at using this popular social media site to promote your business and it is unlikely that you will be disappointed.

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