Content Brainstorming: How to Brainstorm Content Ideas

We are human beings; therefore it is only natural that we have our limitations too.

Creative ideas are hard to achieve when you are not in the mood to do so, but as the profession demands even when you are not at your creative best you have to come up with fresh ideas. This is the biggest challenges faced by even the veterans of this genre.

There are so many sites and so many things have already been written that it becomes really hard to come out with some fresh new topic.

Content Brainstorming

Yes, it is true that so many new events take place every day that if you come to think about it, then you will get hundreds of options but not everything is related to content marketing.

When you write on a daily basis for B2B marketing, then you will realize how hard it is to write about some new aspect day in and day out. You are bound to run out of ideas and content because the core fact remains the same.

When you are writing your content you need to know your target group and mold your writing skill that way so that it appeals to the concerned group.

The tone of your writing and the language used will be different if you are writing for a target group below the age of 25.

And when the target group is for people above 50 then you have to change the style of your writing to suit their taste.

Tools and Ideas for Content Brainstorming:

There are companies who plan well ahead about what content will be published to make sure that they have everything well planned and their calendar is full.

It is scary for any business to run out of new content, therefore if you have everything planned well ahead of time then you can take some breathe and do proper brainstorming to find out some more interesting content marketing ideas. Here is how you can achieve that easily:

1. Underline questions raised:

During a brainstorming session it is quite natural to get carried away and let the discussion take a different route.

Therefore it becomes very important that you keep reminding the group time and again about the topic you are brainstorming on.

When creative minds are present at one place then it is definite that they will come out with a solution at the end of the brainstorming session and in order to achieve that you have to define problems categorically.

2. Prepare a chart

In order to deliver to the customers it is important that you know them well, so for that you need to have clear information about their likes and dislikes.

So prepare a chart where you will write the name of the topic that you are about to write on one column and on another column mention whether the customers are aware of the topic or not, by doing your research well.

3. Interact with the experts:

You can arrange an interview with some big names in your industry and upload their interviews on your blogs making people aware of the views that these people have about the industry and as they have made a name for themselves, therefore their thoughts will be made an interesting read.

Ask them to include some of the important events or achievements of their life as it will inspire hundreds and thousands of your viewers.

4. Don’t try to be inventor always:

It is not a good idea to sit down digging for new ideas always instead you can use some of the existing model as reference for your project.

If you are trying to start from scratch then you will be wasting a lot of time by sitting idle doing nothing. It is always better to do something productive than sitting idle.

5. Cube out:

During a brainstorming session when you are looking at a topic from six different dimensions, then it is known as cube out.

It is always better to give it a thought and emphasize every viewpoint before taking the plunge into the topic and start writing it out.

6. Video training:

It is a great way of B2B marketing as in here you will have to identify a common problem that exists in your industry and make out a video solving the problem.

This will help others in solving the problem easily, by logging in to your site and you can also promote these videos on social networking sites.

7. Content structure:

In the brainstorming session you need to structure your content and come out with something which will be best suited for you.

In some cases direct marketing helps whereas in some cases you have to go for indirect marketing. Then again, it is not necessary that you will be satisfied with what you have on hand, then what you can do is start all over again and try to get it right.

8. Choosing headlines:

The headlines are important as it is the first thing that the viewer read. So, if it catches the attention of the viewer then you will get them reading the rest of the article, else it might happen that they don’t even consider reading a word.

So brainstorm as many headlines you can and then select the best out of the rest for your content.

9. Medium of content:

While brainstorming you must pick up on one of the formats for your content.

You must be very sure about what medium you want, whether it is video, podcast or any other medium. At the end of the brainstorming session you must be ready with the option.

10. Yahoo Answers:

It is the place where people posts query about anything and everything, therefore if you are looking for content, then you can select the best one for you after brainstorming through the number of queries posted there.

You have to select queries which relate to your business and will help you in getting fresh ideas for your site.

11. Uniform participation:

When you are discussing anything, it is always better that everybody participates. If someone hesitates to speak up, then make sure that you have a pen and paper ready so that you can pass it over and make everybody write down their ideas.

This will ensure that you have a handful of ideas to choose from at the end of the session.

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