How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media? Best Tips

Social media is the platform that is used by everybody starting from an individual for personal use to business for their own interest, so when everybody is on there then how can you by pass this platform?

If you are a blogger then this is a great platform to get traffic for your blogs and if you are business owner then how can you just let go such a huge customer base!

Everybody knows the importance of Facebook and twitter these days and therefore trying to tap in the potential to the maximum.

But in order to get the most out of it what happens is that they end up spending half of their time there.

There are also some people who think that social media is a time consuming affair and they do not have that much time to invest on such platform.

Wasting Time on Social Media

But these people do not realize that how easy it can be to make their presence felt on social media sites just by investing a few hours of their day.

As a businessman you will be losing out in competition, if you are not present because all your customers are there along with your competitors. So, if you are not present, then it is good for your competitors as they will be tapping in your customer base as well.

Here we are going to discuss how to stop wasting time on social media.

Don’t be scared that social media involvement will take up all your time instead just read through to get top 10 social media time saving tips:

Top Ways to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media Sites:

1. Make a strategy:

Know your goal first and then chalk out a strategy to reach there. If you want to increase sales then adding a shopping cart is a nice move.

But if you are looking for feedback then involve your customers in conversation so that they keep on giving their feedback.

Or if you just want your customers to know about your existence then also you will have to make your presence felt on social media sites.

2. Know your purpose:

Don’t be in there just for the sake of it instead ask yourself about what is the motive behind your existence on social media sites.

If you have millions of followers in there, will your purpose be served?

3. Update regularly:

Regular update is important, but that doesn’t mean you keep on updating status every minute.

Even disappearing for a week and then coming back to update status and then again just missing out from the stage won’t work either. You have to be consistent by scheduling your updates

4. Look for some action:

If you are not getting any involvement from your viewers then it is better that you take a break from the social media site that is not fetching any response and carry on with some other sites

5. Spend some time:

When you have any social media account, then it is important that you assign some time for that even if it is 15 – 20 minutes each day.

Just log in and see whether there is any comment which needs any reply or if you have any other activities going on or not.

It is not necessary that every day you will have to invest that much time because if there is no activity, then you can leave the page within minutes.

6. Break updates into bits and pieces:

Instead of updating your customers all at once it will be better if you provide them with bits and pieces on a regular basis.

If you send in a whole lot of updates to your customers all at once then it is quite a possibility that they will not even go through a single piece of news and all your effort will be wasted.

Therefore, try to schedule your updates and make sure that they reach your customers one at a time.

7. Use third party apps:

If you are getting tired of managing your social media sites, then it is better that you take care of them using a third party app which is readily available online.

You need to go online and look through specifications and choose the tool that will fit the bill to manage your account by taking care of the messages and also schedule posts whenever necessary.

8. Going global:

Social media platform is not restricted to your neighborhood only, but it also gives you the chance to interact with people who share the common interests like you, across the globe.

Once you are there you will realize its power to connect people from nook and corner of the world and bring you business. So, even when you are rooted locally your wings will spread all across the sky.

Moreover, you can partner with people of different countries and exchange thoughts with each other in order to expand your business.

9. Start working with the biggies:

When you are trying to make your mark, then it becomes very important that you involve big names in the very beginning.

Try guest posting on big media sites or share their articles in order to get their viewers know of your existence or you can even run a promotion for your audience.

The most important thing is to get an interview of an influential person and let him / her say something that has never been published before and it can be anything starting from personal to professional as long as they are comfortable.

This way you will be able to grab the limelight instantaneously.

10. Connecting with others:

Try to figure out who all are publishing related articles and ask them if they are interested in sharing or not.

In most cases, people readily accept the offer because this gives the chance of more exposure for their articles.

If you are a newbie who is writing an article which is related to the same topic that some of the big names are posting in their sites then ask them whether they would share or not because this will let you gain a wider audience.

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