Voice Search SEO Optimization

Voice Search SEO: Everything You Need to Know

When mobile SEO started becoming a thing, a lot of people predicted that it is going to be very different from desktop or laptop. But today we can safely say that they are quite similar. One of the most important aspects of mobile SEO is voice search. It is easier and more convenient for anyone … Read more

Types of Negative SEO

Types of Negative SEO: How to Protect Your Site From Them

Imagine!! You work day in and day out to start up your dream venture. You work tirelessly to attract traffic via all the different social media sources to reach your desired goal. And one unfortunate day, you realize someone has been bombarding your website with spammy backlinks to harm your link profile in search engine … Read more

Visual Content Marketing

What is Visual Content Marketing? Why it Matters

Content marketing is the best way to reach to your prospective customers. There are many types of content marketing options such as blogs, webinars, videos, infographics, etc. Visual content marketing is one of them and has become an integral part of marketing your content. When you want to market your content effectively this is one … Read more

SEO Glossary Terms

SEO Glossary: Important SEO Terms You Need to Know

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is all about optimizing a website so that it gets more traffic, generates more revenue online, and establishes a brand. SEO focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of traffic of a site through better search engine results. Marketers or online promoters of a website work on bringing organic … Read more

Contagious Content Marketing

The Best Ways to Create Contagious Content for Marketing

Do you wish to create contagious content that goes viral? Do you desire to curate content that people can’t wait to share? For most content marketers, going viral is the ultimate desire. It brings them millions of views and shares and lasting brand impressions. So, what’s that makes content so much contagious and go viral? … Read more

Cognitive Biases for Marketing

How To Use Cognitive Biases for Better Marketing

Believe it! Our brain has certain shortcuts that work against our behavior. These shortcuts can alter your psychology, and hence, are impactful in all genres of personal and business life. Most of the times these shortcuts may block all your business marketing efforts and can result in complete failure of your business. Want to know … Read more

Catchy Headlines Blog Titles

How to Write Catchy Headlines & Blog Titles for More Clicks

Today there are millions and millions of blogs you will find online. While Google’s algorithm does its basic job of filtering out poor quality content, you are still left with thousands of blogs. Each of them might have great content, but are you going to read all of them? That is not possible. So what … Read more

What is Neuromarketing

What is Neuromarketing? Everything You Need to Know

Neuromarketing is a prominent marketing technique for most of modern businesses. Companies practice this marketing theory to make their advertisement campaign successful. The impact of neuromarketing is immense in the field of marketing. This term was introduced initially in 2002, but at present is a strategy that every company and business practices. If you too … Read more

The Art of Storytelling

How to Master the Art of Storytelling to Get Leads

Storytelling is considered as an art and has provided imagination and joy to all especially children from the beginning. The art of storytelling is a gift and said to be the best skill for any individual. When a story is well said, it makes us smile, weep, laugh and also rises with annoyance. A perfect … Read more

Why Images

Why Images are So Important in your Marketing Strategy

In the digital scenario, the consumers have very less attention span, which is less even than that of a fish. Hence, creating social media content, posts, and online promotions that can attract the target audience has become a complex process. A large number of businesses post high-quality content, but without relevant and striking images attached … Read more