How to Get More YouTube Subscribers Free

Are you looking for the methods to increase the visibility for your YouTube videos?

Are you wondering how other YouTuber’s getting more views?

If you want to increase the number of views, target audiences and exposure that YouTube offers, then you need to focus on building the audience first or the subscribers.

In order to win YouTube’s algorithm, you need to focus more on the subscribers’ number. Today, we are going to provide the information on Ways to get more YouTube subscribers. Over the last few years, various social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have stolen the social video spotlight.

As these become popular, YouTube channel continues its incredible marketing by receiving over 30 million visitors each day and about 5 billion daily video views. Wow!!!! This is not a small thing. Getting billions and millions of visitors and views is really a great thing and YouTube has its own mark in terms of video views and visitors.

  • YouTube has billions and billions of users which is almost a good part of the world’s population on the internet.
  • Every single day, people spend hundreds of millions hours of time on the YouTube which generates 5 billion views every day.
  • When compared to last two years, the number of people spent and watching YouTube videos has increased to 40% per day.
  • There is a 50% increase in the number of channels earning six figures.

According to the Google reports, YouTube reaches about 95% of online adults with an age gap of above 35 just in a month. We can say that the YouTube continues to expand and entertains the older audiences too along with millennials.

Nowadays, it is very important to get people subscribe to your YouTube channel because you are not allowed to monetize the videos if you didn’t have 1000 subscribers. So, how to increase the subscribers list? We guess this is the question that pops up in your mind when we mention about 1000 subscribers’ mandatory.

Don’t worry. We are always there for you to get the best solution for your queries. With the widespread of YouTube popularity, it becomes hard for the marketers to just ignore this amazing video marketing channel. Of course, with high popularity there will always be a high competition also.

The YouTube channel is always crowded with endless video content library. So, taking a stand out in that high competition is tough. But below furnished are ways to get more YouTube subscribers and implement them on your YouTube channel.

Focus on how other marketers steal the attention towards their YouTube channels. Here on this page, we mainly aim to provide you the best ways to increase your subscribers’ number with easy and simple ways.

Why it is important to have more YouTube subscribers?

Generally, a YouTube subscriber is the person who follows your video content and channel in order to get update with the new videos. In short, a subscriber is one who turns into your fan by viewing all your videos, share them with their friends and gives their valuable comments.

Building a strong YouTube followers base is very important for the YouTube channel to build an online community. In order to attain success to your YouTube marketing business, you make sure to follow the below mentioned principles.

Be consistent – It is a fact that the one method process is not at all accepted in the YouTube world. If you require more views and traffic, then you have to post and update your video content consistently in order to get the best results. You have to upload and share your new videos with your subscribers and increase your popularity as much as possible.

Provide value – In case, if the video doesn’t build any actual worth value to the users, then it fails to get the real views. You have to note that each video which you are uploading have to deliver best content, secrets behind the video and efficient strategies.

Be remarkable – Nowadays, posting videos weekly with all your content and tips is not all enough. By using creative brain for marketing strategy, you can convey your thoughts in a most entertaining and engaging content format way. This makes you different compared to your competitors.

It is important to decide first before you start your YouTube channel like what is the thesis of your channel, what is your promise. Check out the below furnished Ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

In short, you videos need to be incredible at any cost. Don’t let your viewers feel bored with your content. Develop a best video content and try to reach it with maximum number of viewers.

If you keep above principles in daily practice, you can gain results with your different marketing efforts. Whether you are using your YouTube channel to market your business or to share your thought and passion for creating things on the web, the following strategies can help you to go beyond your expected views, increasing audience views on your powerful video platform.

Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers Free:

Channel Trailer:

Did you ever observe that most of the YouTube channels show the trailer about their channel at the right side of the page which automatically plays when the visitors comes to the channel page.

Similarly, you also need to create your YouTube channel trailer which has to show valuable video content to the unsubscribed visitors and show them what they can get from your channel. The advantage of building a unique YouTube trailer helps you to stitch your already published videos together or deliver your video content to your audience directly and request them to your channel subscription.

For instance, if we take an example of something like “how to cake it” channel. It conveys what exactly the channel focus on i.e., cake making process, tone will be having enjoying cake baking and in personality section it shows passionate towards making cake.

Build a channel pitch:

Generally, pitch considers as a under estimated tool. You can use the pitch in “About” section, intro, close or wherever require and want to provide information about what your channel is all about. We may come across that most of the YouTubers end up their videos with some lines like, “if you like our video, please click on the thumbs up, do subscribe and comment your thoughts and suggestions”.

But this process enhance more just by creating an outro that says about your content instead of what viewers watched. Always remember that your pitch has to be very simple, easy to understand or just a teaser about your upcoming video.

These few seconds catch the attention of the viewers towards your video content which may result in getting new viewers to hit the subscribers’ button. So develop a pitch which easily grabs the attention of the new viewers towards your channel.

Logical visual theme:

Did you know that thumbnails are stronger than the titles? Yes, you heard it right. In some cases, these thumbnails are very powerful of getting people to tap your YouTube video. Don’t assume that this is waste of time.

It is right process of time invest on thumbnails by making sure that there should be some consistency among them as it builds your video content coherent. Don’t worry about which frame to use. YouTube guides you to select and use the thumbnail frame for each of the video. You have to focus on design by yourself.

You can even use Canva in order to create your custom YouTube thumbnail for all your videos to win the attention of viewers and make sense on your videos. It helps you to present what your every individual subscriber wants to know.


It is very important to collaborate with your subscribers constantly. Collaboration is the great way to get the exposure to the new audience. Here the new audiences can turn into your subscriber. If you interact with them by giving valuable answers to their questions, they can easily subscribe your YouTube channel.

You can even suggest an idea with your partner for the cross promotion so that you can reach out to the maximum number of viewers.

Hide the hype:

As a part of YouTube traditional strategy, consider creating more suspense or hype for your subscribers or new viewers because you already created some interest. Building a video on current popular trends or about a celebrity is one of the best ways to attract the viewers towards your channel. It helps to bring attention back to your channel where you can also gain new subscribers for your channel.

Create playlists:

Playlists are one of the best and great ways to organize the YouTube video content for your users. With the help of playlists, you have a chance to get your videos in the YouTube search results. You have to use targeted keywords in order to get in the search results. If you have more content, make it into playlists.


Hope you guys got enough information from the above mentioned details. Implement these ways in your channel and get more subscribers. If you have any queries related to this topic, just drop them in the comment box below.

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