How to Use YouTube Channel Keywords Effectively

Making videos is very important these days for digital marketing. Apart from making videos, people should find it easy to retrieve the video created. Video keywords and YouTube channel keywords are very important to promote and manage the channel. Keywords are mandatory and significant as they help the user find out the channel.

YouTube channel keyword can also be defined as Meta tags, where users can find the channel in search engines. Channel keywords main aim is to make YouTube understand the category of content developed and targeted. Also, the visibility of the channel on YouTube is increased with channel keywords.

While ranking videos, video keywords, and YouTube channel keywords are significant aspects monitored by the YouTube algorithm.

Keywords on YouTube:

People use certain search queries for searching videos and these are known as keywords. There is importance for youtube SEO and the ranking done for the same. Youtube would not understand all videos and hence some assistance in the form of text must be provided. The ranking of video on YouTube depends on a number of factors apart from keywords and they are likes, comments, subscribers, views, etc. Youtube has two categories of keywords

  • YouTube channel keywords
  • Keyword for every video

Finding Youtube Channel Keywords:

Understand the audience:

There would be a few aspects that the user interested in the topic, would search for. It is important to research for the expression the audience use. The phrases that the visitors use while engaged in the channel is also to be noted.

Look into the comments:

The important and valuable data usually comes from the audience. It is suggested not to oversee the comments mentioned by the audience. It is mandatory to concentrate on the phrases and expressions of the audience. As they utilize the search bar, they follow the same tone. For ones who haven’t gathered many audiences can get to their competitor’s videos and get to know the comments. Keywords can be obtained by looking through similar channels and videos.

Youtube auto suggest:

As visitors type in the search query of YouTube, there are many keywords automatically recommended. These are actually expressions and phrases that visitors type in while searching for contents. Such phrases are valuable because it is assured that people would use them.

Best YouTube Keyword Tools:

A few keywords can be collected by the above-mentioned tips, but there are plenty of phrases people make use while searching online. In that way, the data needs to be backed up and there is no facility for such aspects in youtube. To bring a solution, keyword generators are available and their main function is to provide data depending on Google search volume. This data can help a lot when deciding keywords for the channel. The main benefit with these generators is that there are loads of other keywords provided.

Google trends:

Google trends is a beneficial tool as it provides the famed keyword in that period. This tool helps you to gain a good idea about the value of the keyword to be used in videos and channels. When there are many keywords Google trends helps in comparing the interest of keywords during that period. Related search queries are also listed out with this tool.

Google keyword planner:

The Google keyword planner can be used by signing up for free. The Google Adwords has Google keyword planner as it assists the paid ads on Google. This tool is beneficial to get to know about the channel keyword ideas. The user can find the tool user-friendly to use, just copy paste the keyword and enter. After entering the tool, it will display many other searches associated with the keyword.

Also searches for the same queries on a monthly basis would be shown with this tool. This tool helps you know the popularity of the keywords used.


Ubersuggest is yet another excellent tool for keyword search. The user just needs to add the keyword to the tool and it lists out tons of associated keywords. The results are obtained by having Google suggest features as its basis.

Keywords everywhere:

This tool is an add- on present for Firefox and chrome and is a beneficial tool to use. The keywords competition and search volume are displayed and it is compatible with youtube.

Opting the right keyword:

Once all the mentioned tools are used, the user now needs to choose the right keyword required for the channel.  It’s time for the user to finalize the best list of keywords. There are two main aspects to consider identifying if the keyword is worth or no. Competition and demand are to be considered to finalize the keywords.

Based on the competition level and demand the best keywords are found to be in good balance. The keywords used must be searched and also ranked. For users initiating a new channel can opt for less competitive keywords. These are important for the growth of your channel.

Going with low competitive keywords are good as the chances of ranking in search results are higher. This technic also helps the channel gain exposure. Traction for the channel is obtained and also good results can be obtained. After growth in the channel, the user can opt for competitive keywords.

The Working of Youtube Channel Keywords:

Youtube channel keywords are the only way the visitors get to know about the channel as they read the description. Also, keywords are important to understand the core of the content by youtube algorithm and it decides the ranking factor. With the help of keywords, youtube gets to know the searches required for the video. By this way the chance of getting ranked high is possible.

There are also a few channels suggested by youtube in search queries. These are channels that are optimized properly with the right keyword and also associated with the search query. Videos can also be listed in the suggested videos section with the help of channel keywords. The keywords are analyzed by youtube in two places the channel tags/keywords and in the channel description.

Channel description:

While planning for a channel description it is mandatory to remember not to stuff the keywords. The description should be readable and simple. The user can use the best keywords that perfectly describe the channel and the video. It is important to think that descriptions are for humans and not SEO.

Channel keywords/tags:

The channel tags are yet another best place where your keywords can be used. By this way, there are more chances for your videos and channel to get higher in search engine ranking and get listed in the suggested video section. Phrases, as well as single word keywords, can be used. You can also have a look at the channel keywords used by the competitor. To see keywords of your competitor

  • Go to the competitor’s channel
  • Right click and go to “view page source”
  • Press ctrl+F and search for “Video: tag

This will lead you to a page where all tags are present.

There are few steps to be followed in order to add channel keywords in tags

  • Login to channel
  • Navigate to creator studio
  • Left click on advanced in the channel section
  • Channel keyword section can be seen where tags can be added

Youtube video keywords:

When youtube SEO is considered, the text present with the videos is considered important.  Youtube videos must be optimized every time which would result in a higher ranking in the search results. It would be beneficial if the user does the video keyword research before making the video, this will also make the Youtube SEO strategy more powerful. Keyword research is the best way that helps you obtaining new videos related to your niche.

Adding keywords to YouTube:

Video title:

The keywords present in the title are effective when ranking is considered. Apart from influencing SEO, the major keyword is a video title that helps in boosting the CTR or click through rate. It is suggested to add your main keyword to the title’s beginning. Additional keywords can be added only if it adds sense and is natural. It is suggested to have a short title under 50 characters for better ranking.

While drafting a video title, it is necessary to bear in mind that the title is the first aspect every visitor would look at. Also, remember that keywords stuffed titles would not be opted by visitors though it ranks high. The video will be buried when it has low CTR.

Description of the video:

The description area is where the user can add additional keywords. Hence it is suggested to practice writing long descriptions explaining the content of the video. Stuffing can be avoided and possible keywords can be used. A 3% keyword density can be a good suggestion in order to rank well.

Instead of stuffing the keyword in the content, it would be great to use associated variations, synonyms, phrases, and keywords. A 300-400 words description can be awesome and over this limit can lead to spammy signal.

Video tags:

Many people have doubts about video tags and if it influences ranking. It has been proved in a recent study that video tags do influence ranking. For the initial three months, video tags are important for videos.

The importance of video tags is lost as youtube concentrates on watch time, CTR, views, etc. It is hence suggested to make use of 300 characters for whole tag length and focus on medium lengthy keywords.

Also, bear in mind that videos that have 2 or more keywords are performing well than ones with a single keyword. Remember the relevant phrases about your topic when opting for keywords and opt for variations too. Tubebuddy can be installed in your browser as it represents tags on the video.

Video’s keywords:

Youtube monitors all the text surrounding your videos. When the audio content isn’t understood, the closed caption (CC) is read. Hence when a keyword is present in the content, youtube gains a better understanding of the video.

Youtube traffic jam optimization tips:

Apart from all the tips mentioned about keywords, keyword development, description, usage, etc. There are a few optimization tips that need to be followed.

  • Concentrate on video’s Metadata: All the details about the video are entered and are known as Metadata. This data defines the subject of the video. When youtube is considered, Metadata would be the tags of video, title, as well as the description. When these sections are optimized the videos will be ranked in Google as well as youtube.
  • Title the content: As already mentioned a video title is very important and must be natural. It is good to employ youtube keyword suggestion tool to know the approximate traffic of a keyword.
  • Video description: Video description is very important for better ranking and it would be beneficial if the user includes the URL in the description. By this way, the visitors can gain corresponding information about the company from the video.


When videos are uploaded and marketed on youtube, the reach is really amazing. Hence proper planning is required for drafting videos, and for other ground works. The keywords play a major role in ranking and hence must be utilized in an appropriate manner.

The above-mentioned tips can be beneficial and useful to make your video contents rank higher. The readers would have gained a good understanding of channel keywords and ways to use them in the content.

Users should hence keep in mind to employ keywords in tags and descriptions, opt for the best keywords that explain the content, research the keywords prior to developing the video, avoid stuffing keywords, etc.

When all these aspects are kept in mind, the videos uploaded would definitely reach maximum visitors and also rank higher. The user should also consider youtube algorithms, ranking, etc. while developing and drafting videos, title, descriptions, etc.

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