How to Write Testimonials to Improve your Business

Testimonials are a sort of mouth marketing and are a very reliable source to win the audience’s trust. They result in something only when the person believes them. Developing your testimonial does not mean you need to praise yourself. You have to get a third party who does that for you as well.

Consider these suggestions:

  1. Testimonials give results only when they are real. A little editing or changes steals the impact of the testimonials. Your reader will get connected when he finds the testimonial to be genuine.
  2. Post an apt testimonial at a proper place. There should be coordination between them. It gives better results.
  3. Try to show how you tackled another customer’s worries. It makes the person more confident.
  4. Don’t develop fake testimonials. There are some tools which can detect the uniqueness of the testimonial within a second.
  5. Develop encouraging testimonials. Create something that will make your customer stay with you.

Classification of Testimonials:

Testimonials are a great way to do promotion and marketing. Various firms use different types of testimonials depending upon their situation. Various popularly used testimonials are as under:

1. Plain text testimonial:

This type is known to be the simplest. It consists of only two sentences. It focuses solely on a person’s experience. It’s very easy to develop such testimonial. But it may or may not result in a better way. It is because there is no proof behind the reliability of the testimonial. Some people doubt such testimonials.

You have to develop authentic testimonial. Otherwise, it may not be trusted by your visitor. You can add the person’s image along with the content. It increases the credibility of your testimonial.

Adding a person’s image is a great tool. It makes the testimonial worth believing. When you add a name and an image, it works as verification. It may be difficult to execute, but it works.

2. Data testimonial:

Data testimonials are quantitative in nature. They are used to show the results of a company in numerical form. You can show your sales, turnover and profit margin through this testimonial. Don’t forget to show how many satisfied customers you have. Put the facts and figures on your website. The statistics convert more visitors into customers. It makes the testimonial attractive and impressive.

3. Peer testimonials:

This testimonial is used to get introduced among the crowd. The audience accepts the website if it is introduced by someone else. You should prepare a peer testimonial if you are completely new. Search for someone who can introduce you to the world.

4. Case study testimonial:

Case studies testimonials are used to solve any given problem. It is generally used to show the problem-solving ability of the website. You can show how you solved any particular problem. You can make any quote and display it on your website. It increases the trust of the client. They get to know that you can tackle their problems.

5. Screenshot testimonial:

The screenshot testimonial is direct and straightforward. It is good for those who want to win the customer’s trust. Every website gets time to time appraisals from clients and customers. You will also get appreciation. What you have to do is to simply take the screenshot of the message. You need to have the collection of email or tweet which is proof of your customer satisfaction. You can show it to your clients. You have to upload it on your website. It’s a very reliable source. People easily trust it because it appears to be genuine.

6. Video testimonials:

Video testimonials are also a powerful type of testimonial. It is because it proves you right. It shows that you don’t fake. But it becomes difficult to develop as customers are camera conscious. They may hesitate while saying something on-camera. But if you get someone, do prepare a video. Take their feedback or suggestion. You can ask them to recommend you to others.

7. Social testimonial:

It is used when you cannot spend much time in marketing. Whether you believe or not but people talk about you. If you find something good about you, show it on your social media sites. You need not to collect messages from people. Displaying tweets at your page will be proof of your worthiness.

Commonly asked questions:

Every marketer should ask the given below questions to their clients. It makes things clear. This leads to the creation of amazing testimonial. Don’t hesitate in asking such questions. Have a look:

1. What is the past status of your client:

Through this question, you are trying to know about their past. You need to have knowledge of their obstacles and challenges. The goal is to know what their life was before coming to you. Try to find out why they have chosen you over others. When you know why they have chosen any professional, you will get a reason to work on.

2. How did they get in touch with you?

If your client comes to you for any help, it is a sure sign that needs you. Maybe he was in search of professionals or was looking for a firm. There might be some reason behind their action and you have to find it out. Ask them directly. Was it a recommendation, Google or any other source?

Then you have to ask them why they chose you? What perception did they make in their mind when they found you? You will be amazed to know this.

3. What challenges made them chose you:

No doubt, this is a very important question. There’s always a reason behind some action. You have to find out that one particular obstacle.

Make them comfortable while answering. Ask them to be honest enough. Also, ask them what they expect from you. You will get to know what they think about you.

4. How was your experience with us:

This question should be raised after the completion of the project. Ask them how they felt with you. What they loved and hated? Were they satisfied with your service or not? Obviously, you are not asking for good things only. You should also know what your clients disliked. This will help you in the future course of action.

5. What suggestions will they give?

Ask your clients to frankly answer you. Ask them how their present life is. Is it better than their past? Have you succeeded in satisfying them? Ask them directly if they hesitate in answering, ask them to tell you what they loved the most.

Ways to Write Testimonials:

Well, this is a very relevant question. One must know how to create testimonials. Some of the tested suggestions are given below:

1. The DASR formula:

It means difficulty, attitude, solution, and result. While writing the testimonial, focus on the key problem. You have to write about your problem and how you overcame it. What was your attitude while solving it and what is the outcome. You have to tell people about your life. How it was before and how it is now. It will help you in getting potential customers.

2. Mention before and after the situation:

You can develop a testimonial in order to tell your people everything about you. Tell your prior situation to people. Tell them how you started your journey. Tell them about the challenges faced by you. Mention the advantages of working with you. Mention the disadvantages of not working with you.

3. Realistic:

Beware of writing something vague. Don’t write the inauthentic quote. Develop something which is worth believing and writes a short and sweet description. People mostly skip long paragraphs. People are not at all interested in the full-fledged story. Create a testimonial which is long enough to tell everything about you. Also, It will end up impressing your audience

4. Precise:

Develop a testimonial which is specific. Rotating or revolving around the topic will not be useful. Be precise and unique. Talk about yourself only. You just have to make some believe your testimonial.

Suggestions to write testimonials for beginners:

Every marketer should develop a testimonial. Experts or specialists develop testimonials very easily. Freshers generally find it difficult to write testimonials. Some tips for them:

1) Use a credible source:

In content marketing, genuineness is very important. In the absence of reliability, the firm loses its customers. Your testimonial should be unique and reliable. Make sure to research well before writing anything.

2) Visual impact:

The visual elements play a major role in digital content. Every experienced marketer includes visual effects in the testimonial. A visual post grabs customer attention. It succeeds in engaging them.

3) Original Content:

Every testimonial should have uniqueness in it. Don’t repeat the same quote in different posts. Instead, find out something unique for every new testimonial.

4) Language:

Write something which is acceptable. Use the language which is understandable. That is the key to success. Your audience is more intelligent than you can even imagine. They observe each and everything. When they find something wrong somewhere, they will simply leave the website.

5) Key attention:

Visitors hate inauthentic testimonials. Develop a testimonial which is short and impressive. Focus solely on what you want to show and then develop the required and related one.

A better substitute of written testimonials: A video testimonial:

Testimonials work as a piece of evidence for a firm. It is a way through which you can show how you solved someone’s problems. Experts have believed that written testimonials fetch better customers. Video testimonials are even better than written testimonials.

Some suggestions regarding video testimonials:

1. Develop expectations:

Not everyone feels comfortable being on camera. You have to find people who can do your work easily. Also, help other customers by setting some expectations. Tell them in advance regarding the shoot. Brief them with every single detail. Tell them about your vision. It will make your task easier.

2. Don’t prepare the script:

When a person memorizes something, he cannot deliver the speech beautifully. While developing video testimonials, let your customers say what they want to say. Leave your marketing box and let the real and genuine conversation happen. It will give more impact.

You can tell your customers about the questions to be asked. This will make them comfortable and prepared. Try to make it candid.

3. Grab the attention:

Capturing attention is an important element in any video testimonial. Do something that will get your attention. It constitutes a powerful video.

4. Talk about good things:

Seriously, nobody takes interest in the features of the product. What they want to know is simply the customer’s experience with the company. Try to mention the various benefits you provided to your customers. Talk more about customer satisfaction. Invite more people to get in touch with you.

5. Develop a short video:

Video testimonials should be very short. It will be better if it is of 45-60 seconds. Depending upon your theme, you can go up to 3 minutes. Take time and have a good conversation with your customer. Also, make sure that your video should not be too short.

6. Be simple and confident:

Don’t involve too much information in your video. Your audience may not accept it. Include important details and catchy lines in your video. Trying to include many details will be problematic. Instead, try to get customer attention.

7. Develop the video smartly:

Use various camera angles to develop customer interest. You can show various other things in your videos. Have an extraordinary customer shoot. You have no other choice than to create a believable video testimonial. That’s why make your client comfortable first. Take care of his requirements and have a genuine conversation.

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