How to Write a Press Release for an Event or Product

If you are into public relations, writing a good press release should be your forte.

All public relations agencies emphasize the importance of having the right press release as it helps during special announcements.

Most CEOs of PR firms have said that a growing business always requires a good press release to get coverage and help people know about the latest developments in the company.

How to Write a Press Release

Thus, crafting the best press release is essential that you must be mindful of. On that note, let’s tell you some amazing ways to write the best press release.

What is the sole objective of having a press release done?

The objective of a press release is to provide the media with information so that it can reach the public and receive the necessary new coverage it requires.

Most companies, regardless of whether they are individual or a nonprofit organization, tend to gain various advantages after using press coverage.

They don’t have to spend too much money apart from the writing bit. The release always helps them get the fame they want.

What does a good press release contain?

A good press release will always highlight the good parts and can provide name, recognition as well as credibility.

It is not any form of advertising so there won’t be any product that will be shown off!

What are the functions of a press release?

A press release has several important functions to carry out.

First, it aims to publicize the information given so that it can have a certain impact on a certain type of crowd.

A whole range of private and public organizations tend to use this kind of communication every day.

Getting a press release is highly effective as it hopes to accomplish important goals such as making people aware about a crisis, launched any new services or products, highlight the latest awards received, reports previous events.

Importance of a Press Release:

Let’s discuss why press releases are important!

1. Perfect for public relations:

One of the biggest reasons why a public release should be done is because it can benefit a startup or any other small venture that is growing.

Every press release emphasizes information regarding any latest event which has happened before.

With the help of a grand opening, many special events are given the recognition it needs.

The press release will give the public all the necessary information such as explaining the outline of your company and the steps that you can take to participate in it etc.

2. Doesn’t cost a lot of money:

A great advantage of a press release is that it is very cost effective.

Even though it has several options such as television, radio, newspapers which are very common, a very standard newspaper is still advisable as it can come across as a more respectable thing to do.

People will always be able to differentiate between a proper advertisement and a press release.

Plus, standard newspapers always have the correct facts and make the release easily understandable and fun to read.

3. What shouldn’t a press release have?

A press release should not be any advertised. The public views such type of information in any press release as something that is not credible.

It’s important to avoid emotions or worded expressions which add credibility.

This is highly important when the press release contains information that is negative about the business, its employees or the product that the business plans on selling.

4. What are press releases about today?

A lot of emphases is given to public relations on social media these days. It is used as a tool to provide better options for marketing.

Businesses earlier would depend on publishers, journalists and editors to get things done but from what we can see, the idea is completely different.

Having a press release on the website of the business always works better because the audience tends to follow these more than anything else.

Purpose of a Press Release:

The purpose of a press release can be understood by dividing the purpose into four halves: content, organization, corporate summary, and style. Let’s discuss four of them!

1. The Content:

Every new press release must have some newsworthy facts.

In this case, it is important to get a corporate milestone, talk about the services and products, any special event or personal promotions and hires.

It is important to add the basics such as when, where, what and why.

2. Organization:

The next important point is organization. Several editors will use the press release just the way you want it.

They will, however, cut the press release from the bottom so that there is no problem with the fitting of the available space.

This will make sure that the essential facts appear in the first paragraph and headline.

3. Style:

The style of the press release is supposed to be simple, brief and must be filled with backs.

You should avoid any hyperbole or bragging. Use superlative adjectives or any subjective claims.

Also, remember that you should not be using passive tense. Check your grammar, spelling, and structure. Towards the end, ensure that the writing will present your ideas in a good way.

4. Summary:

Always make sure to end the list with a summary. This may include any other relevant background or services.

How to Write the Best Press Release?

1. Get a proper headline:

Always remember that a press release begins with the best headline.

Whether it’s a magazine article or just a promotional pamphlet or a book, make sure the headline is strong, and the journalists will get decent stories.

This will be accurate and must engage the people.

2. Don’t run around the point:

Most reporters are busy these days. They don’t want to run around the point. They want to face the fact and put the essential point across.

So make sure that when you are writing the press, add the first and most essential point within the first couple sentences.

There are several other paragraphs that will provide supporting information.

3. Include several numbers:

It is very easy to have a page filled with bright and easy narrative. Don’t do that.

Focus on getting the press release done by putting points across. This will help readers to understand the significance of what you are trying to announce.

In case there’s a trend that’s on your mind, make sure to add some quantity to the argument and it will become more interesting.

4. There should be no errors:

Make sure there is no room for error. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

This is very important because you don’t want the content to come across as poor. People keep a track of all of this.

5. Add quotes:

Next, you should add some quotes. Adding quotes from a famous person who belongs to the company or who has knowledge regarding the project can always add a spark to the element.

This will be the perfect source of information.

6. Add contact details:

Next, the press release is empty if the contact details are not present.

If people want to follow up, they won’t be able to do so. So add all details, including the phone number and email address. This will be right at the top of the page.

7. Two pages are maximum:

One page is good but two pages are too much. If you really have a lot of information to put across, then it’s fine to have a lot of information.

Always remember that a press release should be short, condensed. The document must be relatable and something that journalists are looking for.

8. Allow people to get more information:

Make sure people have more information. Even if you aren’t writing too much on the press release, doesn’t mean that people can’t know much.

You should include a point of conversation so that they can know and learn more.

9. The story should be newsworthy:

The story that you are trying to put across should be newsworthy. Several people aren’t interested in hearing about stuff they have always heard.

So before you draft the press release process, you should ask yourself some really important questions.

First, see if you are offering anything that is new or if there is something completely unexpected. Are you interested in anything outside of the business or do people care about this?

In case you are not sure, read some publications and check whether you can follow and put in some points from your publication.

10. The writing should be clear:

When you begin writing a press release, always remember to think about what people would like to read and listen to. Your object is to keep people interested.

Therefore, make sure the content should be clear enough that people can understand. A lot of thought needs to go into what you are writing.

A few subheadings and bullet points are always advisable as people will find the information a lot easier to digest.

11. Keep people interested:

The point of every press release is to keep people interested and engaged with what you are writing and saying.

So make sure the content has good stuff to say. For this, you may have to look up various samples online.

There are many that may actually be similar to what you want. Keep a track of them, take notes and try to create something on the same lines. This will always be helpful.

Important Tips from Professionals While Writing Press Release:

And before we end the post, here are some important tips from pros you should know about.

1. Answer why it’s there in the news:

It’s important to make people understand why people should worry about what you are saying.

If media people don’t pay attention to the press release, there is quite a chance that you have made the mistake of burying the lead or the top line.

You should get the lead right within the first press line which will help you get a better chance of understanding, why journalists should take your story seriously.

2. Make it famous:

The second tip that should help you write a good press release is by using quotes that have been said earlier by famous people.

If you want the release to be outstanding, add these points. People will always be attracted by celebrity names and quotes.

Also, remember that you never have to quote any of the shallow expressions that people use such as ‘thrilled’ or ‘delighted.’ Journalists hardly ever use these quotes.

3. Lay emphasis on why the news matter:

And at last, show it to them why your news matters. Don’t tell them directly.

Show them that it’s important. Important material, figures, and facts must not be kept aside when it comes to supporting any narrative. Also, avoid using acronyms as it saves a lot of space.

You should paint pictures in such a way that it includes all the phrases and keywords which is understandable to the audience that is targeted. This will help you identify keywords which have better phrasing.

4. Last few important points:

Towards the end, remember to aim high when you are writing a press release. Don’t make it simple or average.

Aim to better and show some results. This will show good results when the final press release is ready to go out.

With that, we bring the post to an end. If you have enjoyed our post and found some help from it, do let us know in the comment section below.

In case there are questions that are bothering you, do point them out too and we will try our level best to sort them out too. On that note, good luck with the press note and we hope that with the help of our post, you have been able to deliver the right way.

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