How to Promote WordPress Plugins and Themes Easily

I and my best friend created the unique WordPress Plugin and wanted to get the reward for what we have done. But the competition for themes in the WordPress space is like a gold rush and a winding road. That means the competition is never relenting. In fact, it is a true situation in the world of premium WordPress Plugins and Themes.

Do you have a new WordPress plugin and not getting how to promote it? Don’t worry!!! You landed on the right platform.

It is a fact that creating a premium WordPress Plugin is a real challenge. Many people develop WordPress plugins but don’t have any idea regarding how to promote it more effectively.

Well, promoting the premium plugin to your audience for free is the best strategy to boost up the sales. But many WordPress users are fed up with adding a copy to their back end. The only solution for this problem is to take time and understand your users’ mindset and then implement the ad copy that will allure them.

WordPress designers, developers, and content creators are the few business names that WordPress has given. Even though your theme is a real breakthrough in the WordPress world but it won’t gain interest unless it reached the people.

Always remember that creating a WordPress theme or a plugin is just a beginning but where the real exhausting starts are Promotion. Here on this page, we have furnished the short guide on How to promote WordPress Plugins and Themes with some tricky aspects within the limited budget.

But before getting into the main spice of the post you have to keep some key principles in mind for creating strong brand awareness with your Premium WordPress Theme. Take a look at the following key principles.

  • Create credibility along with selling.
  • Communication is the half success for any promotion. For WordPress plugin promotion also you have to reach out to a maximum number of bloggers, forum discussions and deal with queries that your audience asked.
  • Honesty and simplicity are the best ingredients for success. Show your honesty in your product description and make it as short and simple.

One of the main things that any business model has to do is time independent. Once your product is online means your income begins. Don’t forget that building or developing a product is just an initial task but getting into the hands of your leads is the important task. It requires much effort and attention as you build the product.

Tips to Promote WordPress Plugins and Themes:

Therefore, on this page, you can have a glance at how to promote WordPress Plugins and Themes. So that you can know the method to promote and your product will gain the attention that deserves. Don’t worry about the promotion. By implementing the below promotion process, you can easily gain success for your effort on building the product.

Build value to your product:

Any promotion in the world will never make a product useless. If your promotion is worth nothing useful to anyone then even if you shout out from the top of the building, none will show any interest in your product.

Therefore, building a product value creates the foundation success of any kind to sell the product. But wait, did something pop up in your mind? And we guess it is what is the great product about? We are glad to give you a perfect solution for this.

  • Your product has to create value. That means your product has to solve the problems of your audience having and relieves them from stress. It has to help them to improve their work or usability.
  • The product should be unique. The product which you build has to be different and better and have an advantage.
  • It should be user-friendly or user-centric. Make sure to have the list of your end users in mind. Focus on design and usability along with functionality. Even though your plugin is awesome and effective, if it doesn’t find in the settings page in the backend means it will easily be uninstalled in a fraction of time. So make it more user-centric and effective.

Don’t forget that your WordPress Plugins and Themes are part of your marketing. Build the product which immensely helps your audience and is easy to use too.

Content-based promotion:

Content is King”. Do you often read this online?

We know it is too often. Content marketing is one of the best ways by which you can leverage to promote your product whether it is a plugin or theme. But, How? Continue reading the following information.

Build authority with a blog:

Well, writing a blog is the best way to get attention to you as a valuable resource. A key ingredient for any purchase decisions is giving advice for free and solving consumer problems. It also helps in building the trust upon you. The same generates in blogging also.

Blogging makes you communicate with your users and understand their mindsets before creating any product for them. It helps to engage with your audience and gives you more information from the user database. Moreover, if you have followers to your blog then it will be much easier to sell your products to them. Before doing that, build an email list so that you can easily send your forum discussions, newsletters and more to your end users.

Video tutorials:

Do you ever wonder that creating video tutorials help you the most? Yeah, it’s absolutely correct. Most of the people watch various videos on YouTube. Why not target your audience on YouTube also? Don’t leave any opportunity to promote your product. As we all know YouTube is the second largest most popular social media networks in the world.

Creating videos and tutorials are the most effective tool for promotion. Not only YouTube videos pop up on the Google search engine results page but you can also post them on your website. Make sure to explain clearly about your WordPress plugin or theme in a short and simple way. Don’t go for lengthy videos.

Use relevant tags so that your audience can easily find your video when they search. If you have several recording about your product, it’s better to combine them all and create the playlist. Don’t forget to keep the link of your post in the description.

Social media:

In today’s fast paced lives, even though they are busy with their work they will never miss a chance to check on social media. That’s how social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life. In fact, social media brings a lot of traffic and customers towards your product. So never ever neglect the amazing social webs.

Inform your existing followers about your WordPress Plugins or Themes in your social media networks. It will be much easier if you have a large list of the audience already. But don’t be upset if you have fewer followers count. No matter how small your follower’s count is, just send the regular updates, news about your product through all the channels.

While sending the updates don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. Did you know hashtags play a vital role in getting the users? Yes. These hashtags are widely used in most of the social media platforms. If you add a relevant hashtag to your post, you can easily increase the interactions and engage yourself in the discussion.

For example: #WordPressPlugin #Theme and #WordPress.

Don’t forget to put the links in the profile. If you are having a link and short description in the video profile, you can easily grab the attention of your users. And it is also easy to find your presence and about your best offers.

If you are not having large followers list then follow the relevant people on the popular social media platforms such as Twitter. Let them know about your products and join the conversion with them and try to help them without focusing on selling the product. This builds trust upon you by your people.

There are many ways to promote WordPress Plugins and Themes. The list discussed above will give you enough traction to promote your WordPress products. Along with them, here are the few more ways for How to Promote WordPress Plugins and Themes. They also work very well in promotion but they need a lot of effort and you have to be effective.

Giveaways or Contests:

Most of the people easily get attracted to free contests and giveaways. Running a free contest or giveaway strategies can easily increase your product awareness and your product will reach to a maximum number of people. Who doesn’t like the freebies? However, you have to figure out well about how to promote in the contest and that is the main deal you have to do.

PPC Campaigns:

Some people won’t bother about the limit of investment. They are ready to put a high amount for their product promotion. If you decided to high budget, then buying the ad campaigns on Google and Facebook are the best option. Don’t let your money burn away just like that. You have to keep your full effort and run the campaigns carefully so that you can gain success.

Affiliate programs:

We can see many companies opt for affiliate programs. Implement the affiliate programs with the professional team and promote your product.

Groups and forums:

Well, these are very tricky areas which you need to concentrate on. Build credibility before trying to sell your product. Make sure to ask feedback about your product and give answers to your audience queries.


If you are a new WordPress developer and launched the new plugin and not getting how to promote it well, then follow this guide. Hope you get enough idea from the information discussed above. Follow the guide and make your promotion effective and reach your audience. It will be more useful for us if you share your experience with us. Don’t hesitate to share your queries with us in the comment section below. We will get back to you with the right solutions.

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