WordPress or Blogger – Which one is better for Blogging?

When it comes to your blogging needs you must ensure that you choose an option which suits your purpose and is able to execute your tasks to perfection. When it comes to choosing between WordPress Vs Blogger, this is not an easy task at all.

Feedback from individuals might vary from person to person, based on personal preference; however these are some of the basic pros and cons which are general in nature, so if you are in a dilemma about which to opt for, you should make an informed decision.

Wordpress or Blogger - Which is Best

Understanding the Pros (Advantages) of WordPress and Blogger:

1. WordPress is an open source platform which saves a lot of time:

An open source platform implies that, rather than spending many precious moments preparing and making codes, they just make use of the ones which various programmers have already shared online.

In the business world, we know that time means money, therefore many users opt for the services of WordPress as they realize that both time and money are equally important and they intend on wasting neither.

2. A number of plug-ins can be installed to WordPress:

The basic WordPress may not be entirely user-friendly, however once you make use of the many plug-ins that are available for you, then you are able to get your job done in a much better manner.

These third-party plugins are a great indeed, allowing one to not just alter but also extend the basic default features of Word Press which are available. Some of the main features include adding a portfolio or even adding a store to your blog.

3. WordPress is very portable:

If by chance you would like to move your site elsewhere, Word Press allows you to do so, without any trouble at all. In addition to this, it also allows you to make other additional changes like, your domain name or move your blog to an entirely new host.

This is in fact one of the chief reasons why many opt for WordPress across the world in order to help them build their blog and it is a major reason why people prefer to use the services of WordPress rather than Blogger.

4. WordPress is incredibly cost effective:

When compared to the number of services which it provides, WordPress is extremely cost effective. These quality services are extremely affordable even if you are new to blogging and are not backed by a big company.

In the business world, individuals constantly look for ways to minimize expenditure in order to increase the amounts of profits, doing this is fine, However, you should ensure that you constantly choose a quality system that is able to offer great services to you.

5. The installation of WordPress is both quick as well as easy:

Contrary to popular belief, the WordPress system is incredibly easy to install. A great thing is that you do not require the services of any skilled professional and you can do the installation work all on your own without any difficulty.

Once it has been installed into your computer device you can make use of it immediately without having to read up about it or learn about it through a tutorial everything is very user-friendly and even if you are not very tech savvy it will not baffle you in any way.

6. WordPress provides users with an array of themes to make use of:

When it comes to creating a blog, in order to attract a lot of advertisers or potential clients it is of paramount importance for individuals to ensure that their blogs are attractive as well as have a sophisticated look about them.

Owing to the fact that WordPress allows its users to choose from an array of numerous templates ensures that hardly ever will two blogs appear the same or hardly ever will users not be able to find what they are looking for, no matter what the theme of  their blog is about.

7. WordPress is here to stay:

Since its conception in the year 2003, WordPress has continued to jump from strength to strength and even today it has a millions of individuals and companies which make use of and rely heavily on its services.

Whether in terms of the quick support it provides, WordPress will surely not disappoint you. No wonder it is the one of the world most popular content management systems. (CMS)

8. Blogger is very reliable:

Blogger is owned by Google so naturally it is going to have a reliable system which will most often than not, not let you down. When using your blog for professional or in fact even person reason many people would opt for Blogspot (note that blog spot is the blogging platform of Blogger which is owned by Google) because of its reliability and its Google brand name.

Blogging is a hobby as well as a profession which has become very popular over the last few years and many individuals take it very seriously so needless to say they want something dependable.

9. Blogger is a very secure platform to make use of and it is also free:

Once again, owing to the fact that Blogger is run by Google it has a tight security system which does not permit any sort of hacking.

However even in addition to this Blogger is also free! For beginners that have just entered the world of Blogging, they prefer to try their hand at building their websites by making use of this free system that fits their bill and does their job just as easily without much hassle.

Understanding the Cons (Disadvantages of WordPress and Blogger:

1. Updates may render plug-ins irresponsive on WordPress:

One major drawback of WordPress which many cannot look beyond is that when systems updates are available, these updates often render the third party plugins irresponsive making work come to a halt.

When updates are not installed this creates a security loophole, however, if they are, then the problems with the plugins come up, so either way, the users face a problem.

2. WordPress requires knowledge in coding:

Knowledge on coding is something that not everyone has, though the system is easy to install, however, once you have, you do in fact need to have at least basic knowledge of coding in order to be able to get your job done.

If you have knowledge work with it will not be challenging for you, however, if you do not then you might find yourself in a bit of a tough spot.

3. You might face security issues on WordPress:

Being an open source platform, might be a good thing as it helps users get their work done faster as programmers share their codes freely online, however, this feature does have its downside as well since chances are that you might fall victim to hackers who are always lurking on the internet.

If something like this does happen to your site chances are you will not be able to recover or salvage all your information or material which you have worked so hard to acquire or think of.

4. Pages take long to load on WordPress:

Since WordPress entails a great deal of coding therefore each page takes an incredibly long time to load.  When this happens it is much to the irritation of its users. If you are someone who cannot bear the thought of waiting a while for each page to load then WordPress is not for you.

5. The fact that ownership is not yours in Blogger:

One major drawback of Blogger which many cannot deal with is that the ownership rights are entirely in the hands of Google. If Google were to revoke the services of Blogger then chances are that you will not be able to recover any of your material. In WordPress, ownership is in your hands so all the power rests in your hand, so you need not to worry about something like this happening.

6. Only specific tasks can be performed on Blogger:

As opposed to WordPress which is versatile, blogger is not. Blogger does allow you to export your content, however doing this is a really complicated task that proves too daunting for many to handle.

7. Less number of templates available on Blogger:

When it comes to making blogging everyone wants their blog to stand apart and look good. Even if you are able to make use of Blogger for free but if the templates which it provided are few in number then it would be a much more desirable option to choose WordPress.

Even if you have to spend a little money, you will easily be able to make much more in the long run if your blog is able to grab a lot of eyeballs owing to the fact that it has a professional and sophisticated look.

Final Conclusion: Why to use WordPress for Blogging?

Based on the pros and cons of both which have been provided it is needless to say that WordPress beats out Blogger by a mile. Unfortunately, in the recent past there have been no updates for Blogger that are available pointing towards the fact that much like Google Buzz and Knoll, the end of Blogger is not too far, unless some massive changes do take place in the near feature. Therefore based on how things are at the present moment, we have a clear winner emerging.

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