14 Common WordPress Myths and Misconceptions

According to one of the studies conducted recently, WordPress happens to be one of those websites that have been earning a whole lot of fame and reputation for themselves recently.

Even though the study results went viral, there are still some people in the world who like to believe that WordPress is of less value and doesn’t have much scope.

Most of these misconceptions have been based on what you have heard from people around you. However, we won’t let that happen anymore. Here are some of the most popular mistakes misconceptions or misgivings about WordPress you should know about.

WordPress Common Myths

WordPress Common Myths and Misgivings Busted:

1. WordPress can only be used for blogging:

One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress these days is that it is only used for blogging. If you have believed it is just restricted to blogging, you might want to think twice.

Yes! When word press began, it was just a platform where people would write stories, articles and share their opinions.

But today it goes back to becoming web software where you can create any kind of website you want. Out of six websites these days, at least one would be on WordPress. It is not just used by the government but also many nonprofit organizations.

2. WordPress doesn’t guarantee:

WordPress is very secure if you didn’t know it before. It is very flexible and has strengthened a lot in the past couple of years.

It is also open source software which means the source is found on the internet for people who study and look for security loopholes. But if you use stronger passwords and follow the instructions that are given to you, you can definitely amplify your chances of making your website far more secure.

3. There is no E-commerce:

Another misconception associated with WordPress is that it doesn’t have E-commerce. If you believed things like these earlier, then we suggest you to rethink because it isn’t true. WordPress does not come with any faults or gateways. But there are several plugins that do give you several opportunities to build a website of your own in the future.

It doesn’t matter what you want to sell. It could be electronics or even digital products. You will have to find plugins if you want to achieve your goal. So go give it a shot if you have not already.

4. Low Quality:

Most people like to think that WordPress is for free so it is low quality. It is not developed by a small group of people so it can never be low in quality. It is advanced and in fact one of the most popular websites which give you the opportunity to create your own website and be who you want to be.

It follows several programming practices which mean it is not only safe but also branded and high in quality. If you didn’t know this earlier, WordPress is one of the biggest brands and is in no way limited to CNN, Microsoft, Adobe or even the New York Times.

5. All the sites look similar:

A common misconception about WordPress also includes the fact that all the sites tend to look similar. Now this is not in the least true. If you feel like this, then probably you haven’t checked the websites carefully.

There are thousands of themes you will find. While some are commercially available for very less price, there are some that are completely free.

There are several other WordPress theme shops Elegant, Themes, Themefuse etc. Plus you will get the option to choose your own color, layout and logo options.

6. WordPress is for starters:

Yes, there are plenty of writers today who have started their career through WordPress but that is not always true. It doesn’t matter whether you know about programming or not, people of different types and kinds like to use WordPress.

It is very easy for people who have excellent coding skills and is often used by corporations, businesses and development of programs. WordPress is popular among all learners. You don’t have to be new or old to get into this. If you check some of the blogs, you would know what we mean.

7. Very little support available:

One of the biggest concerns made about the beginner level users is that since they haven’t pay anybody to use WordPress as a blog or site, there would be nobody out there to help and support them. Yes, it does make sense that WordPress is open source software but there are several options you can definitely try.

There is free community support which will be available to you through WordPress documentation. You will also be provided with a whole lot of guides throughout the way so there is nothing you have to worry about.

8. You can’t make unique websites with WordPress:

One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress is that you will never be able to make unique websites out of it. Yes, we do understand that most websites have a common look but not all have to be the same way.

The patterns will match in some way or the other. But no, WordPress may not be a platform where original websites are made. It is par even if not better than several other top websites found today. So if you believe you can’t be unique with WordPress, think twice.

9. You can’t use WordPress for something serious:

WordPress is actually responsible for making several popular websites all over the world today and has several visitors every now and then. If you haven’t done this already, you should check out Wired. This will definitely give you a whole new perspective on WordPress.

There are several business websites that are associated with WordPress. If you don’t believe us, you should definitely believe Alexa. According to them, WordPress is the most popular website. You don’t even have to install this on your server and you may still use this. Isn’t that amazing?

10. No trafficking:

With WordPress, there is no trafficking. It is used by so many developers of several other communities who don’t acknowledge that WordPress does power some of the most popular websites from around the globe. WordPress is the 9th most popular website on the planet.

WordPress has some of the highest traffic sites for example TheNextWeb, Wired and TechCrunch. So if you have been stopping yourself because you feeling you won’t be getting viewers, let us tell you are wrong and have been misleading. You can definitely make yourself popular if the content is good enough here on WordPress.

11. It may shut down any day:

Another misconception would be fear that you would lose all your content some day. That is probably because WordPress doesn’t need you to spend any money. Many people like to believe that free websites have no future. If you are like them, you are so wrong on so many levels.

WordPress is controlled by a large number of people and has chances of developing massively in the future. It has immense potential and always welcomes connections and suggestions from any kind of developers. There are plenty of companies that are money based and aren’t popular with WordPress.

12. It doesn’t scale:

If you have heard this before, you should know it isn’t true. This one could be true but actually, it is funny. Some of the biggest websites that are running on WordPress include TED, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOM, eBay, Yahoo, and Ford. WordPress itself has 35 million blogs so if you think it doesn’t have scales, you are quite wrong. Don’t you think?

13. It has no documentation:

Another misunderstanding would be the fact that it has no documentation. And you are right! Anybody who tells you this is definitely living under a rock. If the WordPress Codex support forums don’t help you in any way, you have to go through some books and videos in order to make it happen.

14. All sites have that WordPress look:

This is a clichéd misconception and is so true. Back in those days, it might have been very true. But it doesn’t make any more sense. If you don’t believe us, go check out a couple online! You are definitely going to be all surprised. Also, show someone who thinks they all look the same. It will take all of you by surprise!

So this brings us to the end of the list. These misconceptions are common and we hope we have cleared out all your doubts and misunderstandings. If you know someone who believes in things like these, please recommend them to read this article. You could also leave them a comment and reach us so that we can educate you on WordPress. On that note, you should also let us know some of the other misconceptions you have already had about WordPress. Hopefully, we can change your mind if you have had any. Plus we are hoping the article has helped you!

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