What is Word of Mouth Marketing? Why is it Important

Word of Mouth publicity is very important in marketing. This is one of the very important strategies to apply if you want to see an immediate result.

Word of mouth publicity is one of the best and an organic way to spread your product/service information.

Marketers and business owners are using WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) as one of the strong tools to promote their product. But the task is not easy.

Most consumers check product reviews before buying something. So, these reviews are a type of word of mouth marketing strategy.

Genuine product reviews will always get rewarded and many consumers depend on them before taking any purchasing decision.

Like this, there are many programs where marketers adapt to publicize their product to a wide audience. Latest surveys say that there will be an immediate result of this strategy.

Have you thought about implementing it in your business?

If you want rapid growth in your business, this is one of the available options you can adopt. But they should implement effectively to get a good result.

This article discusses various concepts related to Word of mouth marketing and some great brand examples who implemented and succeeded with this strategy.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

This is an organic process of spreading the organic word of mouth discussion about a brand, organization, resource, etc.

It is a free form of marketing strategy. This can bring more sales, traffic and leads to your brand.

More than 90% of customers believe their friends and family before buying any product. So, marketers want to showcase the experience of happy customers to promote their brand.

Why Word of Mouth Marketing is important?

Every marketer wants to achieve good reviews about their product. Word of mouth marketing is one of the old and best ways to do it. This is the only marketing where you don’t have to spend so much on advertising.

Users will always give priority to genuine reviews and this can create a strong brand name.

It is an economical way:

If you want to cut some business expenses in the field of advertisement, this is the best and organic way to do it.


This is one of the best ways to build your business fast. You just need to start the strategy and it will build up itself.

Organic promotion:

There is no artificiality in this advertisement. Natural advertisement is the best way to reach to your prospective customers easily.

Easier to connect with customers:

This is one of the greatest ways to connect with your customers easily. We need to get customers attention and word of mouth publicity is the simplest way to do that.

Brand building:

Building a brand is a vital thing every marketer want. By spreading mouth publicity, brand popularity increases.

It can bring some positive reviews about your products/ services. This is the best way to build a brand name among users.

Improves sales:

WOM can drive your product sale well. As most customers take their purchase decision after reading a product review, it can bring an increase in sale.

Suitable for all business:

WOM marketing is suitable for all type of business irrespective of its size.

WOM marketing can create a great impact in all type of business and boost sales. People share their experience with each and every product they use to help others.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics:

Connect with your customers to use this strategy well. You must ensure to interest them with your product and services.

If you can ensure the best product and services from your side, customers will be happy. Here are some general tactics all need to follow

Know your Audience:

Targeting the audience is the primary step every marketer will do.

When we market a product first, you need to find a group of people who will enjoy your product well.

Create new marketing strategies aiming your targeted group. They can easily connect with you if they found it useful. That particular group will be your regular followers and can improve your sale.

You can target a particular group based on age, gender, geographic location and many more. After finding those groups, develop strategies to connect with them.

Connecting with your audience is very important. It will help them to understand your company and product well. This can improve your customer base and business.

Know your product:

It is also important to know your product well before developing any marketing plan.

There should be a goal while you market your product. Build a strong team who can support your product well.

Make sure to give good service to your existing customers. This can trigger the word of mouth marketing and this will help you to increase your customer base.

You also need to check your competition and know how well they perform in the market.

You should do research about competitor strategies to know the tactics they are applying to get more customers. Take it as an inspiration and develop new strategies for your product.

Use social media:

The best way to connect with your customers is through social media. As technology advances, there are more ways through which you can develop a word of mouth publicity.

If you can use them well it can help you to improve your marketing plans and make them easy.

Find the right channel to reach to your followers. There are many channels and each channel are appropriate for each type of marketing. Choose the one you want to promote your product on.

Communicate with them to know their review of your product. Change if anything needs.

If you can provide good service according to their wish that is enough to get word of mouth publicity.

Most people believe in reviews that come on social media to buy any product. Make use of it and be straight towards your customers.

Be unique:

You should be unique when developing strategies. Don’t follow the path everybody follows. Make some good marketing plans so that you can attract your customers to it.

The ultimate goal of a businessman should be to provide quality product and service to their customers. If you can keep up promises, your customers will be within any situation.

Develop a plan by writing unique selling proposition through a compelling sentence. You should include your product benefits in this plan and present it to your targeted audience.

Pick the best marketing method to reach your audience. If that plan doesn’t work, you can rebuild new plans that can work.

Be exclusive in whatever you do, to stand out among all your competitors.

Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas with Examples:

As I already mentioned above, this is a very strong marketing strategy every marketer should apply.

To create this, we need some inborn talent to think something naturally. The popular way to create WOM publicity is to create a buzz.

After creating this, you need to promote the buzz in various ways. Find the character of the product which you can use to create a buzz organically.

Campaigns, influencer marketing, referral programs, etc are some of them.

Involve users in your product promotion:

You can involve users to promote your product or service. They can create content or video related to your product and post it on your page.

It could be about their experience while using your product or the quality of it etc.

More than 80% of marketers think that this user-generated content can create new leads. It can increase the sale by 20% and also help to build trust and honesty towards the product among users.

Social media is a great channel through which you can encourage users to share their video or pics

This can start with a unique hashtag program in any of the social media site. The best example is from Coca-cola. They started a campaign called ‘share a coke with friends’.

They requested consumers to participate in this campaign by sharing personalized coke bottle with friends or family. This was a huge success.

Coca-cola gave an opportunity to users to personalize their own bottle and encouraged customers to post a pic with that bottle. Social media made this task easy for them.

Share customer reviews/ratings:

When customers are ready to share their experience, you can conduct a survey. This can help you to get some genuine reviews from customers. These reviews are very powerful and can influence customers to buy a product or not.

Every customer checks for product reviews before buying the product. If you got some good reviews and can share it on your site or on various social media platforms, it can bring more sale to your products. Reviews could be written one or as a video.

These reviews can influence more than 75% of customers and can create trust in your brand.

Include these reviews and testimonials on your site’s landing page or create a separate page for that. Ratings also have got the same effect as reviews.

It depends on your product or service. Post reviews with customer rating on your site or any marketing site to promote it well.

Some best examples of sites using this technique are Yelp, Angie’s list, Houzz, etc. Here they publish product or services with customer testimonials.

More than 100 million people use such apps before taking any decision to buy a product.

They show some best products when you search for something with reviews and ratings to it. In fact, Amazon is a great example of using this technique.

Find influencers to promote:

Influencers are best to promote a brand. They have the power to influence people to buy a product. This is one of the best words of mouth marketing tactics.

Influencers will be already established people with high reputation among users.

If you can find someone from your field, it is the best strategy to promote your product.

More than 40% of people buy something based on influencer recommendations. It could be celebrities, advocates, sports person, marketing experts, etc. You can encourage them to use the product and write a genuine review about it.

There are many brands which used these marketing tactics to be popular. Nike is a great example.

Most of the sportsperson promote it as their favorite brand. This made the brand more visible and increased its sale. This is one of the best shoe brands you can find in the market. You need to find someone with more followers to make them as your influencer.

Create a referral program:

When you want to apply a word of mouth strategy, a referral program is one of them. Here a user needs to refer your product and can get a reward from the company. This is the best word of mouth publicity.

The reward should be very tempting and this can get you more customers. Most companies offer rewards to users who refer their product and this is a chain process.

You can see this program on many sites like Dropbox. They offer free extra storage space for referring a friend and has become very successful.

Like that Woobox, Influitive, etc is some top referring sites. Referral program should be done without any artificiality. It will only work well if your product/service is better and consumers receive the best service from you.

Final words:

In short, we can say that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective and economical marketing strategies the most business can adopt.

It is always better to create an organic buzz through the excellence of your product. Other techniques are given above. Those are some better option for you to try.

When you offer something, make sure that it should be valuable to consumers. Then you will get active participation from them.

Connect with them and make your customers as your brand ambassadors. This will not work without customer participation. Spread good note about your product and get a great victory.

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