How to Get Wikipedia Backlinks in the Right Way

Obtaining Wikipedia backlinks is considered as an influential way to send domain authority for your website. Wikipedia is considered as the oldest and biggest website for years. While hunting for the trusted and top website, Wikipedia is one amongst them.

SEO experts are aware that backlinks from Wikipedia can enhance traffic for your website. There are a few steps to be followed in order to build backlinks from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Backlinks

How To Get Free Wikipedia Backlinks?

Registering a Wikipedia account:

It is mandatory to register an account with Wikipedia before you initiate Wikipedia editing and addition of links to subsequent pages. By registering an account, you can reap a number of benefits. Few advantages are,

  • You can gain entry to a number of innovative editing tools
  • You gain the chance to obtain a good status in the Wikipedia community.
  • Editing is made stress-free in the future.

Know the linking strategy:

There are about 40 million + articles in Wikipedia. Certain articles are completed and few are not. There are few articles that may be completely empty too. Such articles are ones that need to be expanded and there are opportunities to insert links in them.

The links are to be created for your content. To find such an incomplete source, you need to find out the incomplete list source from Wikipedia. You can add links to your content from this source.

Another option is a tool called wiki grabber, that makes linking easier.

Using Wiki grabber:

This tool can be used by entering a perfect search query associated to your niche. After entering the query it would return the list of Wikipedia pages related to query but needs broken link fixing and citations.

Deadlinks and citations:

Editing information and adding pages to Wikipedia can be achieved by anyone. Based on the size of the site, there would be a lot of information or broken links that requires reference/citation. In this way, it offers a chance to hunt for required references and deadlines. This is further updated by adding a backlink to your own site.

Appropriate links are to be found:

Before taking steps to link to Wikipedia, you must be aware that you have the perfect links. To achieve this, it is necessary to brainstorm some topics to be promoted. Next is to find the perfect Wikipedia page linked to the topic.

Content and site should be cleaned:

It is mandatory to bear in mind that human moderators would review Wikipedia edits. For ones who want their links to get approved and get associated with Wikipedia page, they must know that your content and site should represent authority so that human moderators would pick them up. It is important to maintain a tidy site to submit a link.

Getting backlinks from Wikipedia:

While updating Wikipedia, there are a few aspects to be kept in mind.

Add news: When there are new things happening in the industry or new story leaking out, it is considered as a great chance to create content for your site from Wikipedia.

Human moderation: It is important for humans to moderate their website. For approval of submission, the Wikipedia index needs to have perfect quality.

Dead link removal:

To remove the dead link, you need to find out the dead link foundation, navigate to edit link. The next step would be to delete the entire code between tags, and the save button is clicked. To develop account trust, the broken Wikipedia links are fixed.

Citation link adding:

To add citation link, you need to click on the edit link, navigate to cite reference button and paste your URL link amongst tags. The final step is to save what is done.

Add more links:

For a Wikipedia backlink, it is suggested to add more than one of your links. There are strict guidelines for Wikipedia edits and they need to pass through the review process. Your edit should be in a way that holds relevant information to boost your article.

You have to find out the link and include in the edits. When such credible sources are included, there will be more credibility for your article. By this way, there are more chances of being accepted.

Appropriate content is to be fitted or a new one is to be created

If you hold an appropriate content for the broken link, the same can be used. If such content is not available, new content is to be created. Good content can be created with reverse engineering.

With the help of link building opportunities, wiki pages can be found. You can find “dead links”, which means the page is not available anymore. Navigate and find the URL of the page.

Way back machine check:

Way back machine check can be done for such broken links. With this machine, this site can be used to look for websites in the past. This machine saves all versions of web pages.

You can always access the site though it has been deleted or altered. The link can be entered and its history can be read. You can analyze the URL content and get more broken links before it fits in your niche.

Aspects to consider while creating Wikipedia backlinks:

Getting the backlink:

There are a few aspects to be considered when you start to associate with your citation or link. There are more chances for rejection when any page is edited and offered for human moderation due to quality and link issues. It is mandatory to concentrate on quality, if there are quality issues then try enhancing it.

The other important aspect to be remembered is to find the right Wikipedia page to start with editing and linking. This can be achieved by making use of edit option on the specific page. Once editing is completed, you need to place the code in your content. It is also to be noted that editing of code is to be done to access date, page URL and title too.

Hope this article helps. If in case, you face any hurdles while creating backlinks, comment below. We are happy to help.

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