Why Do People Blog? What are the Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has become an important part of the internet.

Every problem you have, or anything you need, you will find instant results and solutions on the web, thanks to millions of blogs out there.

There are so many blogs out there that, it is not even possible to keep a count.

These blogs cover every arena that one can possibly think of.

From quick fixes to hacks to DIY solutions, there is an answer for everything. In short, these blogs have made lives easy for readers and consumers.

But have you ever wondered what makes a person start a blog in the first place?

There might be so many reasons as to why people start a blog and then keep blogging.

Some might want to establish a business, some do it for the love of writing, others do it to improve their craft of writing etc.

Reasons Why Do People Blog?

The reasons are endless. Let us look at some of the most important and prominent reasons why people blog.

To Build A Network:

Nowadays almost everything you do, any field you choose for yourself, networking has become absolutely important.

This is one reason people start a blog.

Others in their niche will be notified of their existence and influence, and people generally do not have an idea about how vast opportunities the right kind of networking can bring to you.

For Advertising and Branding Purposes:

A lot of businesses, even the ones dealing with products and services, start a blog to market themselves and their brand.

These blogs help them to not only establish a place for themselves in the market, but they get an idea of their target audience from the comments on the blogs.

That goes a long way in the preliminary stages of research and survey. These blogs can help boost product sales to a great extent.

To Make Yourself Heard:

One of the most important reasons why people blog is to make themselves get heard and make others feel their presence.

Sometimes when people want to start something big, the first step is usually creating a blog.

A lot of times, the blogs are mostly based on certain issues where the blogger is publishing information and swaying people’s thinking in that direction.

There are also political and social blogs where the bloggers bring some issues and write about them, in order to make a change and bring like-minded people together.

A great way to use a blog as a platform to bring people together is that, if the blogger sees something wrong going on in the system or dislike something, he can write a blog and raise his voice against the ongoing issue.

By doing this, he will bring together people who think alike and this can be the start of a huge mass movement.

For People With Interest in Writing, Blogs Are Great Platforms:

This is the most important reason why people start a blog in the first place.

The internet provides a great platform for people who love to write and they make the best use of this platform by starting a blog.

A lot of bloggers who are passionate about writing, do not really care about getting traffic or about being the most influential blog in the block. They are just in it for the love of writing.

To Broaden Their Own Horizon Of Knowledge:

The thousands of blogs available on the web today cover all kinds of topics and issues that one cannot even imagine.

These are the platforms where there is no limit to gaining and sharing of facts, information, and knowledge.

When a blogger updates his blog regularly, it is not only him who stays updated with all the latest developments and happenings in that niche, but his readers to are aware of what is going on.

Any blogger who maintains a blog should remember to update it from time to time. Otherwise, the blog becomes static and readers start losing interest. This is not good for the credibility of both the blog and the blogger.

To Gain Money And Fame:

It is common human nature that when we see successful people with lots of money and fame, we want to be like them.

Having said that, we don’t just want to be like them, but we want to follow their paths, read their success stories and do everything that they have done.

Similarly, when a newbie blogger sees very successful bloggers with lots of money and fame, he wants to be like them. That is one very important reason to start a blog.

This is not something impossible. If a blogger does everything right, knows the right way to bring traffic and make the most of per ad clicks, he might get what he wants in due course of time.

To Make More Money:

A lot of people start blogs after acquiring the required knowledge, to make money out of it.

Well, blogs actually are a great and inexpensive way to earn money.

However, it takes time to earn the extent of money that a blogger wants to. Initially, for a long time, you will keep earning money, but that will not be enough to replace a job.

With time, patience, efforts and dedication, a lot of people have turned to full-time blogging and are minting money from it.

To Establish Themselves As Experts In Their Respective Niches:

Every blogger has his or her own dedicated niche, on which he writes.

With time as the blogger publishes more and more articles and information about the certain topic on his blog, he gets to know a lot about what is going on and develops a deep understanding of the field.

With that in-depth knowledge and experience, the blogger develops expertise in a certain area.

For Entertainment And Fun Purposes:

Not all blogs have to be serious or political or be dealing with the social cause.

There are many blogs which were created with no particular purpose in mind.

This was created by the bloggers only for entertainment and fun purposes and to keep people entertained.

Blogs like a personal blog, travel blogs, photo blogs, humorous blogs etc. are created with the sole purpose of entertaining people.

With the rising demands for funny posts and memes, these blogs are quite in demand now.

For Journalism Purposes:

A lot of people have started blogs with the motive of acting and being a citizen journalist.

What they do is that they write about any kind of news, be it local or national or regional or global, and publish them on their blogs.

They share these newsworthy events and add their own touch to it and present them to readers.

But such blogs that are looking to serve as citizen journalists often cover only one or few particular kinds of news, rather than focusing on the broader scene.

A blogger in such cases starts a blog on the niche or kind of events happening around the world that he is really passionate about. Some people are passionate about politics, some about sports, some about the film industry and so on.

Choosing one particular area of interest helps the blogger stay motivated and publish anything he gets to know to update his readers.

For Educational Purposes:

These are the ones that are the most helpful.

All your queries and problems that you search for online and get happy on seeing so many results are all educational blogs.

Everything from food recipes, to make up facts, to any question you have under the blue sky, you will find answers to all of them.

That is why these kinds of blogs have maximum traffic and get famous in no time.

To Earn More Exposure In A Certain Field:

Different businesses and organizations also resort to blogging, to be able to reach out to potential customers and build goodwill.

When a company runs a blog, it gets the required exposure to the market and to its consumers as well. This move not only helps brands to build a positive image of themselves but when used properly, this blog can help them generate extra income too.

Content marketing is one of the most important tools these days to boost any kind of business on the block.

To Be Able To Build An Online Portfolio:

Every company wants to check the online presence of an individual before hiring him or her.

So individuals, especially writers start blogging to build a profile online.

When a writer is applying for a full-time job at a reputed company, he will be asked about his prior experience, for sure.

Even if the individual is a fresher, maintaining a blog will help in such situations. The more impressive your online portfolio is, the better are your chances to land a job in that company of your choice.

To Grab Opportunities:

When you blog and maintain it, you are not only building a presence online, you are also building a network.

The network will consist of readers, fellow bloggers and probably lots of professionals in that particular niche.

When you have a strong network, you never know what opportunities might pop up your way. These opportunities not only get you more work, but they establish your position in the market of your niche as an authority.

Your ambitions will ultimately pay off and start shaping themselves.

To Be Able To Tell Their Own Stories:

As already mentioned earlier, there can be many kinds of blogs.

A lot of people start blogs to start telling their own story to the world, without actually having to be face to face with them.

Blogging also ensures that an individual can present his own story to the world without having to depend on any other person.

He can also choose to include or exclude facts and information’s according to his own will and not having to answer to any authority.

Lots of people share their inspirational stories too, to motivate readers every day. There is nothing as liberating as being able to tell one’s own story, without any kind of restriction.

To Improve One’s Own Writing Skills:

We have already established the fact that a lot of budding writers blog just for the purpose of writing.

They do not necessarily have any other goals in mind. In such cases, these online blogs serve as a platform for trial and error for the writers.

Every mistake a writer makes, he learns a lesson.

Also, the more you write, the better your skills and your vocabulary gets. This is why most writers keep updating their blogs regularly.

They do this not just to keep the readers updated about the latest developments, but also to get better and better in their own craft.

Sometimes, Simply To Pass Time:

For a lot of people, blogging just serves as a mean to kill time. These people do not really care about traffic or comments or networking, though that is bound to happen in the long run.

But the primary reason they start a blog is to kill time by doing something productive. This serves as a great way to stay engaged and have something fruitful out of it, rather than just lazing around or sitting idle the whole day.

Now that we have established all the possible reasons for an individual to start blogging, we also kept discovering the huge platform that it is and how it can benefit millions of people around the world.

Even for those individuals who blog only to kill time, they have no idea how massively one post of theirs can affect someone sitting half a world away. That is the magic of the internet and of blogging, to be specific. If you think you can start a blog and do everything to maintain it, start today.

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