16 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail or Stop Blogging

When you see a successful blogger who is earning quite well from their blogs, you tend to get inspired by them to start your own blog.

Behind the scene facts of blogging are never mentioned by anyone, those who are just getting started in blogging soon realize that it is not an easy journey, to begin with.

To be a successful blogger, one needs to be extremely consistent and passionate about blogging.

You need to put a lot of effort in terms of content, subject and various technical aspects of SEO and marketing.

There are a lot of people who start blogging out of enthusiasm but there are very few who are capable to keep it up and running for a longer period of time.

Why Most Bloggers Fail

Dropping out from blogging depends on various reasons which can include burning out too soon, lack of passion or interest etc

Now we will discuss the 16 reasons which explain as to why most of the bloggers fail and stop blogging.

Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail Eventually?

1. Lack of goal:

Having a clear set of goals before beginning a blog will be helpful to give you an insight as to where you are heading.

This goal setting helps to inspire you and is easy to keep a track of your own progress.

The goal setting means that you have identified the areas and segments that you would like to work on and you will be regularly monitoring your own progress to make necessary changes to your progress.

2. Lack of passion:

There are lots of bloggers who are successful because they are passionate about something.

An industry, a product or a subject matter, you will find various examples of successful bloggers who are intensely passionate about something.

For example, there are a lot of fashion bloggers who are truly interested in fashion and trends, so to write a successful blog on this topic, they keep innovating or learn more about it.

People who are passionate about technology are the one who writes frequently about changing technology and developments in the relevant area.

Therefore, passion becomes an essential ingredient to keep you motivated to blog regularly.

3. Lack of patience:

The beginners who have just started blogging expect that it will generate them instant money and success.

Before you think about monetizing your blog, read the journey of successful bloggers who will share their struggles on the way to success.

To become a successful blogger requires lots of patience and persistence. You need to have a constant approach towards success and need to have multiple strategies to work on.

If one of your plans fails, you need to learn from it and formulate another one. Learning to blog is a slow yet result oriented effort.

4. Lack of good ideas:

To be a successful blogger, you need to constantly come up with new ideas.

If you find it difficult to come up with new ideas, then you need to develop the skill to adapt from other ideas and provide a newer perspective on it.

Creativity is an essential element to become a successful blogger, you need to find the right spot which can connect with your audience and add some interesting perspective to it.

It might be a challenge to come up with newer ideas frequently, therefore, you may have to come up with strategies where you can break down one simple idea into various parts and create a consistent story out of it.

5. Having a negative mindset:

Blogging is quite challenging because you need to be strong enough to be able to handle criticism.

When starting on your own, you may have to encourage yourself on a personal level but gradually you will have to face critics who will say negative things about your content.

Therefore, having a positive and right mindset becomes essential to work on these challenges.

You need to figure out what are the comments you need to pay attention to and what comments to be ignored. Trust in your own capabilities and keep working on it consistently.

6. Easily distracted:

Blogging is a focused and goal-oriented work, it involves having fun while working.

When you decide to start a blog on a specific subject, there are chances that you may end up getting distracted from your main topic and start writing about various other topics.

The challenge here is that you need to be sure of what you are doing, keep going back to the initial goals that you had set when you started and with some consistent focus, you will be able to succeed in it.

This simple technique will help you master your skills which will, later on, benefit you.

7. Fear of monetization:

There are few newbies who write freely but when it comes to seeing their blogs in commercial aspects, they tend to dwindle from the main goal.

You have worked really hard on your blog and now is the time when you can start thinking about monetizing your content.

There are various tutorials available online, which can guide you as to how to make money from your blogs, use this information for your own benefit.

8. Missing out on prioritizing content:

Develop a content calendar which should incorporate various factors from evergreen content to news based content.

Do research on market trends on the subject of your blog and create a plan, keeping that in mind.

You need to ensure that every single time you write on the blog, it delivers fantastic content.

This will bring in the traffic to your website which is a crucial step for any blog to be successful.

9. Neglecting SEO:

Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial knowledge that every blogger should know.

SEO is the major factor which affects the traffic of your website; it helps you to understand the entire user experience on your website.

A successful SEO strategy will ensure that you are ahead in the blogging world as this works to gain higher search engine ranking when a user is searching for the relevant topic.

There are various factors which include being known for SEO, you need to keep trying and testing with it to understand, what works best for you and where you might have to make relevant changes.

10. Neglecting the blog design:

Everyone likes to see things which are visually pleasing, blogs are no expectation of it.

Many bloggers think that having a nice looking blog layout is not important or needed.

An aesthetically pleasing blog encourages your visitors to browse through the content and interact with it more. This, in turn, reduces the bounce rate of your site.

There are many blogging platforms like WordPress which offers readymade layouts that you can choose for your blog.

You can also design yourself or hire someone else to create a beautiful blog. When we say a good looking blog, it means clean layouts which are easy to read and have the right colors to it.

11. Not able to accept failure:

Blogging is a challenge in itself. It is a journey which has a long route to walk on.

There are times when you will not succeed in your endeavors for months, despite following all the right ways. This might be disheartening for you, but the challenge is to keep the focus on your goal and work towards it.

If you are failing in this then rather than giving up and sitting, work and rework your strategies, try a new approach and see how things are moving along.

Sometimes it might not be easy to crack the code, but once you are able to do it, then there is no stopping for you.

12. Lack of enthusiasm to learn:

Blogging is a consistent journey where you are required to learn new skills every day.

As it involves writing newer content regularly, it requires you to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings.

Blogging also requires learning a new skill every day where you have to learn various things from SEO to having the knowledge of website design, formulating content strategy, understanding your audience and keeping the track of your blog.

There are many steps involved in successful blogging which is needed and one has to be aware of all this information.

13. Lack of self-promotion:

Blogging is talking about your own self and doing promoting your own content.

Blogs are meant to educate your readers about a product or news, many companies spend a lot of money in blogging to reach out to their customers and share their information.

Even you need to put your effort to promote your blog in various ways.

For example, you can share your content on social media platforms or ask your friends to share it on their timeline.

Self-promotion requires consistent effort and you should keep on working towards it, even after you become successful in it.

14. Not paying attention to their audience:

Writing a blog is all about your audience to read and interact with it.

Blogging is a beautiful way to communicate with people who might be far away from you.

Therefore, when you are writing content for your blog, keep an eye to understand the pulse of your audience. Know what is the topic or content that interests them and which one is not generating enough traffic.

You can do this analysis with the help of various analytical tools available online. They will show you the in-depth detail of each content and how your audience is interacting with it. The other way is to talk to your audience on a personal level or build a community of a certain topic. This will also provide you enough ideas for the next topic.

15. Lack of writing skills:

Not everyone is a born writer and many bloggers drop out due to the fact that they lack writing skills.

If you are one such person who is enthusiastic to blog but struggle to write, then rather than giving up on your dream, work towards it.

There is no such skill that cannot be learned over a period of time, including writing.

Write consistently for your blog, it need not be huge content, you can begin by writing 300 to 500 words every day.

With the help of various grammar checking tools, see where you are making mistakes and learn from them.

Next time when you write again, try to minimize the errors and this will gradually make you a better writer.

16. Lack of uniformity:

As you set the goal for your blog before starting, choose a certain niche that you want to write about.

It is equally important to develop a certain style of communication when blogging which is recognizable to your target audience and connects with them.

Having the communication style mostly depends on the type of content and the audience you are writing for.

For example, if you are a fashion and lifestyle blogger, then your communication voice will be casual, relaxed and free of any complicated grammar.

If your blog is about automobiles, then you will have a slight serious attitude in your writing style and you need to use the right kind of words which are relatable to your audience.

The failure to blogging is based on the attitude of the person rather than the real factors. Blogging does include some technical aspects but if you start with it, you can easily learn and continue.

Platforms like WordPress have already made blogging easier for the newbies, who can easily create a blog and the other technical aspects are already taken care of WordPress.

Blogging is not difficult to do, but some basic planning and goal setting can easily lead you to success in this field. Blogging is an amazing combination of creativity and technicality, with some persistence and basic knowledge you too can become successful like any other.

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