26 Important Reasons to Blog and Not to Blog

Instead of maintaining a personal diary which used to be secretive, now it is replaced by blogging.

Blogs are modern personal journals that are uploaded online, but they are not a secret anymore. It is like an open diary which anyone can read online.

Blogs are now more than just writing about personal, but it has also become a major marketing tool for websites related to almost every domain.

Why Blog?

Why Blog Reasons

One major reason being, that Google or any search engine loves new content online. This content requires keywords which should be relevant to the searches made by the user.

For any website, it is difficult to update new product, services or information frequently. By integrating a blog on a website, this issue is easily resolved. It is then easy to talk about the website or content relevant to it in the blog regularly.

Whenever a blog is written with relevant keywords, it leads the crawlers or spiders to identify those keywords easily.

Good quality keywords in a blog increase the chances of achieving a higher ranking in search results.

Reasons to Blog are:

Blogging has become for those who are budding entrepreneurs or a person trying to establish themselves. There are many reasons to start blogging:

1. Search engine optimization:

Blogging is one of the best ways to maintain the SEO of the website, leading to better search ranking.

With the use of relevant keywords, web crawlers then go through your content and index the entire data. Once a user inputs these keywords, spiders ensure to show your page in search results to them.

2. Providing information:

Blogging provides the latest information regarding the new products introduced, or deals and offers, or provide some ideas and tips to your customers.

This is helpful for the customers when they are planning to make a purchase on your website, to go through the relevant data.

3. Communication with customers:

A blog is also a way to communicate with your customers and build a rapport with them.

Sharing information with your customers helps build the credibility of your brand among them.

4. Making money:

Blogging can also help you to generate a good income over a period of time. This is possible by showing ads on your website, using Google Adsense.

Also, by collaborating with other bloggers or companies to write product reviews, you can earn good money from it.

5. Become a better writer:

Writing is an art of communication which helps you to express your feeling and thoughts easily and effectively.

Blogging is one of the ways to make you a better writer, decide to write on one article every day and like any other art, you can excel it.

Good writing skill is needed everywhere, from writing a resume, presentation or anywhere.

6. Develop an eye for detail:

Writing is an art which requires good detail information yet filtering out the unnecessary one.

Regular blogging will help you to list out the priority work from managing the information from important to less important.

You will develop an eye for the detail around you, where you can find inspiration from the daily mundane objects of life.

7. Connecting with new people:

Blogging helps you connect with a lot of other bloggers too across the world. There are various communities of bloggers, where you can interact with other bloggers and connect.

Blogging has opened the channels to meet new people from across the world and it does not restrict you to some specific area.

8. Become more popular:

The connection you make because of the internet is amazing. There are many influencers and famous internet celebrities.

Blogging is a way with which you can introduce yourself to the world and build your own small fan following. It does not matter the number of readers you have, you will get to start your journey to be a celebrity.

9. Your personal diary:

The beginning of the blog was meant to be an online personal journal. Writing about your experiences online will give you an opportunity to meet people who may have experiences like yours.

This blog will be your digital record too unlike your regular diary, which will never get destroyed and can be accessed anywhere anytime.

10. Zero investment:

You can start blogging whenever you want on whatever topic you want to write on. It does not require any investment, to begin with.

There are many popular blogging platforms available from where you can start.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and is highly recommended and you can start here for free. If you decide to invest in purchasing a domain, then you can invest some money in Bluehost to get a domain name of your choice.

11. The positive comments:

The beauty of blogging lies in the fact that you can get immediate feedback about your writing and content.

People may post a comment on the comment section of the blog or they may talk about it on various social media platforms. When you read this positive feedback about your work, it makes you feel good and motivate you to work better.

12. Become an expert:

Blogging begins by writing about a specific topic, which requires some research, concepts and incorporating your ideas before you write.

The more you write on these posts, you will become an expert on your topic. This specialized knowledge will give you an edge over others in that field of expertise.

13. Contribute to the world:

Blogging opens the doors for you to connect with lots of people and know them. It is a way where you can do a small contribution to the world and take small steps to bring a change.

Maybe you can start a campaign about something and promote it and encourage others to join you.
Blogging has the power to bring a change which can have a huge impact in a wider area.

Reasons not to blog are:

Blogging requires serious work if you want to achieve success in it. A desire to improve and hone your skills is highly needed.

There are many people who start blogging but tend to give up in between.

There is a possibility that blogging may not be meant for everyone. Below are some reasons for not to blog.

1. It requires patience and consistency:

To achieve success in the field of blogging requires immense patience and one need to work consistently all the time.

One cannot expect success as a blogger immediately, it is a gradual process, to begin with. It requires sheer hard work and readiness to learn new things.

2. Ability to create content:

While working on the content for your blog, you need to innovate a bit as to how you would like to present that content to your audience.

It can be done by creating a video, an image or even a podcast, infographics or something else which may want your audience to read.

3. A path to quickly become rich:

Blogging is a beautiful combination of art and business. Many people who begin with blogging think of making money within a few months of starting it.

It takes at least 6 months to a year to start earning money with blogging initially. Further 2-3 years down the line you can make a living out of it.

4. No interest in connecting with people:

Blogging is all about connecting with people. You need to reply to the comments on your blog, you also need to read others blog and share your ideas with them.

If you don’t like connecting with people then blogging will be a challenge for you. As a blogger, interacting with fellow bloggers and readers is important.

5. Blogging is about others too:

As a blogger, it does not mean you always have to talk about yourself. In fact, on the contrary, you need to talk about your fellow bloggers, their ideas, and works.

Invite them to write on your blog and share backlink with them. You also need to interact with your readers and talk about their experiences too. This conversational aspect of blogging is what it makes it unique.

6. It is more than a hobby:

Many people start blogging as a hobby but end up taking up to the next level of business.

To be a good blogger, it requires a business-like attitude and dedication. If you are not ready to achieve that level, then to achieve success in this area will be difficult.

7. It is more than being free:

Many people think that blogging allows you to travel for free or live a fashionable lifestyle after reading travel and fashion blogs. The truth is, not every travel or fashion blogger gets free perks or compensation to talk about something.

Many of the bloggers pay their own travel expenses or buy own fashion products. It is out of their interest and passion that they talk about these products and share their experiences.

8. You get free stuff:

Many bloggers give good product reviews online. For that, they may receive free products or offers from the company. Truth is none of this is free, blogging is a source of income a blogger pays the taxes for the product they receive.

Therefore, a blogger needs to make a wise choice of whether the product is worth reviewing because it is not only about investment. It also includes the trust of their readers and followers.

9. Not being organized:

Being organized is an important aspect of blogging. You need to post your content consistently, prepare a calendar of what you would like to post about and when.

Organizing is need while writing content too, you need to decide and plan how to begin your content and what would you like to talk about.

10. If you are not fun:

Blogging is all about having fun. When you choose a topic to write about you need to be passionate about it.

Develop a good knowledge and skill around it to share ideas and talk to people. If you think you are not fun enough then blogging will be challenging for you.

11. Just because someone else is doing it:

Blogging need to begin as a passion and interest. Just because you see one of your friend doing it and earning money does not mean that you have to do it too.

It should be your own sole decision to start blogging, your own topic of interest on which you would like to talk about.

12. If you do not achieve the desired results:

If you do not get a good number of blog views in 6 months time, then you need to review as to what you are doing wrong. It is a time that you need to review your strategy and content to understand why there is less traffic.

There could be many reasons for it to happen, maybe you have not linked your analytics properly or good keyword research is not been done for crawlers to index the content properly.

13. Not ready to commit:

Blogging requires a serious level of work commitment. If you think just spending a few minutes or sometime may work then you need to reconsider your idea of blogging. It requires immense dedication to building it worth enough to achieve success.

We have given you the reasons for blogging and not blogging. The answer for both varies from person to person and as per their choice. If in case you decide to start your own blog, then be assured to plan the content and research what others are doing, how they are doing it.

This strategic planning will help you to get a clear picture as to how your blog will proceed ahead. It will give you a fair idea too about how everyone functions and how things work.

If you think you are not someone who is into blogging but you wants to connect through the virtual world with people, it is good to use social media channels to share your views.

For example, Twitter is one such platform where just in a few words you can say a lot about your ideas and connect with people.

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