How To Make a Whiteboard Video Animation Easily

Are you familiar with whiteboard video animation that will help to make your own videos for website or blog fast?

It is one of the new ways to promote business in an innovative manner. To market a product, it is better to use videos than any other form of contents. It can increase the impact among the users and will help to easily explain the concept of your product.

You might have noticed such type of videos before. If not, this article will help you to understand the basic concept and some effective strategies you can follow while creating whiteboard videos. Before going further, you need to know what a whiteboard video is.

Whiteboard Video Animation

There are many popular marketing options available as of now. Then what is the reason for the popularity of this particular type of marketing?

Here is the answer to your questions. The main reason for the popularity of whiteboard images could be its simple to understand, there are no complex things you need to understand while using this concept. It is just using some simple elements to explain a concept about your business. Read more to learn about whiteboard drawing. You will get answers to the following questions from this article

  • What are whiteboard videos?
  • Things you need to create whiteboard videos
  • How to make whiteboard videos
  • 10 tips to follow while making whiteboard videos

What is Whiteboard Video Animation?

It is a process where a story is explained through animated videos. You can show the drawing in a live video. The artist will create an animated story of your product in a video and record it. These types of videos are known as whiteboard videos.

The popularity of whiteboard videos is increasing nowadays as a business want to make their product concept easy and understandable to the audience. The human brain is easily adaptable to images and can have the power to keep in memory more than any other types of concept. By considering this point, marketers developed this new concept of explaining the complex process simply through animated video. Whiteboard is a very good tool for those who want to create animated videos simply.

Things you need to create whiteboard video animations:

You will need the following things to create whiteboard videos easily

  • Document camera which can help you to record the videos instantly while you draw sketches. You should purchase good quality HD cameras which can record videos without any distractions
  • Material for writing is also important to have when you are trying to record an animated video. You may need a pencil, eraser, marker, black felt tip, etc
  • You need to purchase some A4 size white Paper. You also need to be a good artist who can draw images that represents the concept of your business. A good artist can easily visualize whatever they want through simple images
  • While recording videos, you should also purchase a table lamp.
  • Video editing software is another resource you need to have while recording whiteboard videos
  • Image editing software will help you to make your images clearer and of good quality

Process of Creating Whiteboard Videos:

You can create whiteboard videos by following these steps easily. You can follow them and try to create your own videos without any professional help

Write a script:

Every video is being made based on a strong script. It might include the message you want to explain through your video, length of your video, the pace of imagery and overall communication process. You should follow a good script which says the detailed concept of your video. Without a strong base, you cannot create an excellent video. The script is more like the planning stage of your whiteboard video.

Record voice-over:

With animation, you are going to include a voice over too while creating whiteboard videos. For that, it is better to choose professionals who can record it well. There are voice-over artists who are expert in recording voices for advertisements and you can get help from them. Also, while recording audio, it will be better if you can do it professionally.

Someone who has better knowledge about audio recording can make it crystal clear without any background noise or anything. You should keep it professional while integrating it with your video so that it can make the impact you want among the audience

Visualize your idea:

Initially, you may have to visualize what you want to record by drawing images. You can convey your idea through better images. It will not be perfect initially when you start to create it. The process is gradual, and you can implement new ideas at each stage of making the video.

If you are getting stuck somewhere, check on Google to see what word you want to know represents in Google images. It is not possible sometimes to represent each of your words as an image. Try your maximum to get better output for what you are looking for through images.

Arrange the images:

Next step is to arrange the images as you want to show. It can take some time initially. Once after finishing the creative process, you can start to arrange the images you took and make it as you want to show in the video. You can make them good clarity using various online tools like photoshop before creating videos.

Record video:

This is the main part of creating online videos. You can now start to record the videos in a sequence as you want. Anytime you can take a break to make suitable changes. Using liquid paper, you can erase any mistakes you make while shooting the video.

Sync your audio and video

After finishing the recording process, you can add the voice over to the video and sync it together. You can use tools like Screen flow to make the editing process easier. Some people prefer to add music with these videos, you can also do that if you like. But it is not necessary for whiteboard videos.

Tips to keep in your Mind While Creating Whiteboard Videos:

1. Use storytelling to market your product:

It is a well-known fact that human beings are very fond of stories. We love to live in an imaginary world. You can tell an interesting story about your products and make it sell among the audience. Use the power of storytelling to attract your audience towards your brand and this will help you to succeed easily

2. Use animated characters:

While creating whiteboard videos, you may have to concentrate on creating real buyers as your characters. They can help to get your audience attention more by using video. They can also engage your audience and make your video unforgettable

3. Keep it simple:

If you noticed the whiteboard videos before, you might have seen the white background, black image, and a hand. These are the main ingredients of whiteboard videos. No need to add any other elements to it. You can keep it simple and easily attractive to the audience.

4. Adding colors:

You can add some colors also while creating the video. For example, if you are including your company logo make it colorful so that your audience can get what they are looking from your videos. The main part where you can use color is your brand logos and other elements.

5. Include hand in your video:

The main concept of whiteboard video is an artist drawing animated videos using his hand. It won’t be a whiteboard video if you missed that hand in your video. While making such a video you should make sure to include a hand and show your audience that the artist is drawing the animation just for your audience. You can bring new changes to a whiteboard video without losing the drawing hand which is the primary sign of a whiteboard video.

6. Use emotional elements:

While creating videos, you can make sure to use some emotional element which can help the audience to connect with the video. You can be innovative and bring something that can help you to create the video more connected to your audience feelings.

Add some emotional elements that can make them happy or nostalgic about their life. Emotionally connecting videos are easily getting popular among the audience than others. So, don’t miss the emotional element on your video.

7. The connection among drawings:

When you watch a whiteboard video, it is very likely to lose your attention. As the research says the attention span of the audience is around 30 secs and you can make your videos attractive and catchy within first 30 secs. It will help the audience to watch the whole video without turning back.

Also, there should be a connection between pictures so that they can get interested in what you are showing. While creating videos it is better to go digitally as it is easy to interconnect various elements in a video than doing manually. Digital whiteboard videos also will look more professional than any other form of whiteboard videos

8. Keep it informative:

Don’t create whiteboard videos just for the sake of creating it. You should make sure about the message you want to convey to your audience through your video. Videos can make people learn things easily and faster. Use this chance to simply explain or show the process you want to explain and help them to make it simple.

People are more engaged in animated videos and recent research shows that these types of videos can raise their memory up to 15%. Make use of this statics and see how it can impact your animation videos

9. Make modifications to your script:

It is not possible to create a good script in your first attempt. You can create a rough draft of your script and make changes to it whenever you want. This draft will serve as your initial creating and you can read it aloud many times to make sure the quality of your script. You will understand the changes that need to be made after repeated reading.

10. Make the video quality better:

If you don’t have any knowledge about making whiteboard videos, learn it well before making one. When you make one, it should look professional so that people get a good impression of your brand. If you are not enough confident about making videos get help from professionally qualified people who specialize in this field. It can ensure the quality of the video and better acceptance of it at the same time.

Now you got a clear idea about various processes associated with whiteboard video making. Follow the above-mentioned practices which can help you to get 100% results for your effort. Initial videos could be a lesson that can help you to learn to create better quality videos.

Get hold on the digital platform just by using some images and a hand to represent the actual idea about your brand and get a better response from your audience. These tips can help you to make your whiteboard videos of more quality and followers.


Bring your creativity to limelight through whiteboard videos. You can check online to see how brands create effective whiteboard videos. Someone who really wants to show their brand concept simply can go for whiteboard videos and make them as creative as possible.

Customers are looking for an element that can help them to attract towards a brand. Whiteboard videos are the best option a brand can try to get their customer’s support. Consider your audience in mind and try to explain things in a simple and easy way to make them understand your product.

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