The Best White Hat SEO Techniques You Need to Know

White hat SEO is a terminology that follows tactics, techniques, strategies approved by a famed search engine such as Google.

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is also mentioned as any method that is employed by search engine ranking that appears on SERP’s. With white hat SEO, quality contents are created for individuals to read and share, go by rules of Google; optimization is focused on humans and not search engines, and develops outstanding contents.

Benefits of White hat SEO:

The key idea of small and fresh businesses is to gather more profit and customers in a short time period. Many people start a business with this intention. For users who desire to have long term success and make appropriate use of investment, it is suggested to move in a slow and steady manner.

Such desires can be achieved with the assistance of White hat SEO. There are a number of advantages by employing White Hat SEO and they are listed below.

1. With Whit hat SEO, get listed in Top SERP:

These SEO strategies focus the website to be ranked top in the search engine results page. The website has more chances for better exposure as the ranking is higher. The black hat SEO achieves this instantly and is the counterpart of White hat SEO. They work in this way as they beat the algorithm of search engines.

In order to gain better ranking in SERP, black hat SEO’s hack the algorithm. This is a technique that can gain you success but would not last long.

As algorithms are tweaked, the website is eradicated from ranking post and reaches the pecking order. This is considered as the biggest risk to the website and may defame business too.  Hence the disadvantage would be enhanced with a black hat SEO.

With white hat SEO, the search engines policies are followed and the site would be in SERP for appropriate reasons. Though there are timely updates by the search engines, the sites can be sustained in the search results without any issues.

2. Strategies can be shared easily:

When any business is considered, each and every employee working there should be skilled in various business processes. The employees should also be versatile as any employee exits the organization the other one should be ready to get hold of the position.

By following a white hat SEO this aspect is possible. When you get into white hat SEO strategies, they include networking, branding and page ranking and these are transparent strategies. An employee can be confident as they aren’t violating anything. All legal regulations and algorithms of search engines can be shared with the colleagues.

3. Can build a network with online users:

Black hat SEO is achieved by means of many techniques similar to white hat SEO. Spamming is one of the fame and preferred method by all. This method follows a technique of dumbing the fame of the website so that it can rank higher in SERP.

When any spammed website is considered, it presents itself as it has abundant subscribers or followers but actually does not have. Such online presence can tempt real users but doesn’t last long. With spamming any site can be familiar but in bad aspect.

In that manner, a white hat SEO concentrates on promotional techniques and they aim at the audience without compromising on quality factors. They avoid the usage of any spamming techniques. The white hat SEO consumes some time, it gets hold of regular online users.

These users become your subscribers or followers at a point of time and can get into your team. Audience reach is enhanced and more traffic can be obtained when such users promote the site on social media networks.

4. Reduced legal peril:

There are many search engine regulations laid by the government and in that manner, black hat SEO’s are always under risk. These strategies are illegal when they are not used in an appropriate manner. Black hat SEO clearly violates these regulations and chances are more to face legal issues.

In this context when white hat SEO is considered, it does not face legal perils as it adheres to legal regulations and SEO algorithms.

5. Into Google’s good books:

There are a few sets of rules and regulations with search engines. In order to make sure that businesses use the appropriate SEO strategies, Google makes use of penalties and policies. When black hat SEO is used, the business is always under risk for a penalty. When a business is penalized, recovering is made possible only if the businesses have good profit even after a penalty or have more customers.

When the white hat SEO is followed, these risks can be avoided. The business would not be violating any rules and they would be following the rules of search engines. With white hat SEO, there aren’t any penalties and fear of getting banned.

6. Reputation is not tarnished:

Your business and brand converse more when rules are violated. Legal compliance is questioned when the policies aren’t followed. When a bad reputation is initiated then, gaining neither profit nor customers is quite tough.

The reputation any business earns is destroyed instantly with black hat SEO, hence white hat SEO is a perfect choice that builds a business reputation. When the business adheres to rules, then good points can be earned from the public.

7. Saving money and time:

In order to achieve instant results, black hat SEO’s violate algorithms, develop shortcuts and hence invest more money and time for obtaining results. They follow doorways, keyword stuffing as well as hidden texts to gain results. When white hat SEO is considered, they practice, implement and also learn strategies. Hence there is no waste of time or money.

White Hat SEO Techniques to Improve Traffic:

White hat SEO techniques are beneficial to effortlessly rank the site to a higher position in SERP. Here are a few white hat SEO techniques that can be followed for better results.

1. Page titles and descriptions:

Page Meta descriptions and Meta titles are few on-page SEO factors that are overlooked. While crawling a website the Meta tags are the initial factors that Google concentrates. Hence keywords are to be added to it.  The title should be ones that represent the business and what the business is.

It is suggested to go for a more descriptive title. The Meta title should have modifiers as these Meta title hacks would enhance your CTR.

2. Quality content:

Content is a significant factor that adds to the ranking factor and hence needs to be concentrated. Apart from drafting good content, there are a number of factors that are to be considered while writing content. Few aspects are age, keyword distribution, length, links, topic, etc.

A well-sourced, relevant, and long content is necessary. Any content can extend from 2000 to 4000 words and should be informative. For the growth of the website, the content should be of good quality.

3. Mobile first approach:

Businesses are able to reach the target audience by employing the mobile first approach. The fact is that local searches and mobile are associated. Hence this approach is beneficial for many e-commerce websites. Digital promotion of business by means of mobile requires mobile app development that is quite difficult.

Desktop websites can be made mobile-friendly. In order to achieve this tab on, AMP is required. This requirement assures that enhanced traffic would reach your site.

4. Short URL:

Permanent linking structure is significant as it links to read the page or post in the address bar. The users should make a note to add keywords in this mix as this is a place where Google WebCrawler’s concentrate and this assists you in the ranking. As web page URL’s are created, there are few aspects to be kept in mind.

  • The URL’s should integrate keywords
  • The URL should be short and clean
  • Words are to be separated with hyphens ‘-‘

5. Keyword research:

One of the best forms of marketing or simple way for internet marketing is keyword research. There are ample tools available that can help you to add keywords to your content. Such tools are LSI graph, Google Adwords keyword planner, and AHREF. With such kind of tools, the user can accomplish the target by using the keywords effectively.

6. CDN to speed up the website:

The user experience, as well as ranking, is enhanced when a website is fast. There are few factors to be concentrated upon in order to fasten the website.

  • The number of images on a single page is to be reduced.
  • Hosting needs to be upgraded.
  • CSS and Javascript need to be minified. For WordPress users, there are many plugins.
  • Images can be compressed for quickness
  • Content delivery network or CDN can be followed for faster access to websites.

7. Users cause to be satisfied:

The output of the website should be in a way they motivate and match the searcher’s intention. Based on the user’s intention the updates are built. The developer should focus on the content images, site layout and should be in pace with the user’s intention. This can be done by first considering the purpose of the site.

For informative sites, the site should be of complete information and for a marketing or shopping site; the product should be in the front of the site where the user resides. In order to achieve such aspects and get to know the user’s expectations, TF*IDF tools are to be used. With such tools, the user’s expectation and accuracy can be determined.

8. Proper HTML header:

The title of an article or the lead of any content is the header and is considered as a significant aspect in the ranking list. The paragraphs in contents are led by HTML codes namely H1, H2, etc.

H1 tags: H1 tags have simple rules, where they represent the “page’s subject”. For a single page, only one H1 tag can be utilized and is said to be the key header.

H2 tags: These are also considered as a perfect place to add keywords. This tag can be used to add sub-subjects for the page.

H3 tags: These tags are used as sub-topics within H2 tags but aren’t always required.

When all these tags are used on the website, you can represent the type of website.

9. Develop a good content marketing plan:

Your business improves with the best content marketing plan. For enhanced traffic towards the website, a unique marketing plan is necessary. A good impact is developed from the audience and also traffic is generated with content marketing plans.

10. Link building:

A link building strategy is important for generating more traffic and is considered as the best White hat SEO technique. The user should also bear in mind that excessive link building can lead to black hat SEO strategy.

When a white hat SEO is considered, a link building is nothing but getting associated with other business developers online and requesting them to offer links from their sites. This is the best white hat SEO technique that grabs in more traffic.

11. Utilizing schema:

Gathering tags in HTML is mentioned as Schema. This can be added to the website in an easy way. When schemas are considered, structured data markups are considered the best for sites. CTR is enhanced by means of microdata and would drive in more traffic to the website.


For driving more traffic and to reach the top position, in SERP the mentioned white hat SEO techniques can be followed. These small steps can assist the user to develop a big picture for search engines and the website can rank well in Google’s search results.

By following white hat SEO, the user is not violating any rules and can gain a better ranking in SERP.

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