How to Create a Welcome Email Series for your Blog

The welcome email is a sort of an automated email. It is sent to a person whenever he subscribes the email newsletter. This mail is also used when an individual registers at any particular website.

Welcome emails are an amazing tool which is used to engage the audience. It is written in a precise way.

Welcome Email Series

Tips for Writing Stand Out Welcome Emails:

  1. It is known to be the best element of successful communication.
  2. It proves to be a link between a brand and a customer.
  3. It can be used as a drip marketing campaign.
  4. It is very versatile and effective.
  5. Welcome emails have shown the highest levels of customer engagement.
  6. They create opportunities to communicate with subscribers.
  7. They help in developing trust and promoting the website.
  8. Studies have revealed that users open welcome emails more than normal mails.
  9. You should use welcome email in order to get customer attention.
  10. The average read rate of welcome emails has been calculated to be 42% higher than other types of email.
    This is why you should use welcome emails
  11. It saves a lot of time by automatically sending welcome emails. Every time a person subscribes to the newsletter, the welcome mail is sent to them.
  12. News subscribers expect a lot while signing up. Showing gratitude through welcome mail helps the website owner to win their trust.
  13. It helps in creating a good first impression in the eyes of the subscriber. It is like a digital handshake. It always helps in communication.
  14. It helps the business to take the best advantage of any sales opportunity.

Why you should use welcome emails:

  1. It saves a lot of time by automatically sending welcome emails. Every time a person subscribes to the newsletter, the welcome mail is sent to them.
  2. News subscribers expect a lot while signing up. Showing gratitude through welcome mail helps the website owner to win their trust.
  3. It helps in creating a good first impression in the eyes of the subscriber. It is like a digital handshake. It always helps in communication.
  4. It helps the business to take the best advantage of any sales opportunity.

Some of the key points to be remembered:

  1. Don’t forget to show gratitude to your regular customers. They are the people who take interest in your brand. They are the ones who subscribe to your newsletter. You should be thankful to them.
  2. Don’t forget to mention your expectations from the newsletter. You have to set their expectations too.
  3. Don’t forget to mention about your brand. Your customers deserve to know about the products offered by you. You should clearly define the goods and services provided by you.
  4. Don’t forget to have some space reserved for your clients. You should know the expectations and preferences of your clients. You can use the feedback form or information letter in order to know about their choices.
  5. Don’t forget to expand your network. Keep increasing your connectivity. Keep inviting people to join your community. Social media sites prove to be helpful in this regard. You can take aid from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

How to Send a Welcome Email?

  1. You need to register yourself in any email services.
  2. After registering yourself, go to the automation tab.
  3. Later on develop your own email template. You can use drag and drop editor for this purpose.
  4. Be careful while creating your own email template.
  5. Afterward, link your earlier email (pre-designed email) to it.
  6. The process ends by choosing a mailing list.
    Afterward, you can begin by sending welcome emails. Experts suggest website owners to apply A/B tests to check the efficiency of the welcome email. It will prove to be a helping hand.

Effective Welcome Email Series Factors:

It should be consistent:

You should send welcome emails just after a person registers himself. A delayed email will result into subscriber lost. Your engagement rates should be higher to get due attention. There is a probability of missing out any subscriber.

To tackle such a situation, you should use the automation feature. This feature will help you to send the welcome email whenever a person joins your community.

It should be precise and impressive:

The content of your welcome email should be clear and engaging. It should be capable of generating interest in the individual. Keywords like ‘welcome’, ‘offer’ etc are commonly used to grab attention. Even subject line of your email should be strong.

It should have a personal greeting:

A general welcome makes no difference. But personalized greetings are loved by everyone. Your email should contain personalized subject lines. In this way, you will be able to use subscriber’s name. This is the best way to simply welcome new subscribers. Some website owners even gift something unique to their subscribers.

It should be a guide:

Your welcome email should be able to tell people what they should do next. Make sure to follow them as soon as possible. In order to recommend them, you can use your welcome mail. You should also ask them to subscribe you on social media sites.

It should be subscriber friendly:

It means the subscriber should trust your welcome mail. Make them save your welcome mail in their contact list. It will be helpful in getting or finding emails in the future. Make sure to have an easy exit too. Your welcome mail should contain an unsubscribe link. Though it will be bad to see your subscriber going away you should include it. Take feedback from those subscribers to see where you can improve.

It should be capable of recommending:

If you have a good welcome email, you can ask your subscriber to recommend your website. Reference through email subscribers gives better results than other sources. It is obvious that you won’t get a large number of subscribers from your requests. But you can experience good subscriptions which result from referrals.

It should be a good investigator:

Your welcome email should be capable of finding out the expectations of your subscribers. You can include some questions in your welcome email in order to know their preferences. Try to get their response to know what they think about your website. It can be positive or negative. If the feedback is negative, you need to improve. If your feedback is positive then you have to maintain it.
You can add up any other feature in your welcome email as per your business requirement. All in all, it is a matter of engaging new subscribers.

Welcome Email Series Examples:

Virgin America:

The welcome email by Virgin America believes in introducing their products and services to the subscribers. It makes their brand unique and fantastic.


The welcome email of Food52 speaks a lot about their brand. Their preview text is creatively developed. It is displayed next to the subject line. The user can see the varieties offered by the brand just by opening it. Their welcome email has a photograph as well. The user gets a welcome message and the photograph after opening the mail.

Their welcome email is very simple and friendly. They have a video in their welcome email. is one of the task management tools which is used for task management. Their video is so appealing that it appears that the CEO himself is talking to you. Their personalized greeting impresses everyone. Don’t you think this kind of mail will end up by making the subscriber happy?

Kate Spade:

The welcome mail of Kate Spade is a perfect example of showing gratitude. They show their gratitude to all those who subscribe to their email. They acknowledge all the subscribers by saying “Thank you”. They use this simple yet magical word. You can also add up a “thank you” in your mail. If not a “thank you”, then any offer or discount can be included.


The welcome email of Lyft is known to have an attitude. They have created a vibrant mail for their subscribers. They focus more on the design of app and its experience. It aims to deliver quality and showcasing it. It has a pink call to action feature in it. You should also add something creative in your welcome mail.


The welcome mail of IKEA is not beautifully designed but it is very effective. It never tells about what they do. They assume that people already know about them. Instead, it uses its welcome email to tell about lesser known programs. It aims at informing people about lesser known content channels. It is obvious that people get to know something unique.


The welcome email of Michaels is somehow related to Kate Spade and Virgin America. It also acknowledges its subscribers. It also aims at showing its brand. It is loved by new subscribers because it clearly defines what it is going to provide. Firstly they thank their subscriber. Then without wasting time, they send deals and offers to their subscribers. Their welcome mail communicates so well.


The welcome mail of Sphero is very childish i.e. cute. Their subject line is like this “A little Droid told us you wanted our emails.”. Don’t you think it has been cleverly done? By doing such things Sphero always succeeds in developing relationship with the recipients. It even mentions its email marketing newsletters.


The welcome mail of InVision is so strong that the user does not stop using it. It does not tell about what the user needs to do to start. Instead, it tells about what is needed to be done with the available videos. The video has been developed in such a way that it appears to be interactive. To send the welcome mail like this really makes sense.


The welcome mail of Drift does not have any design, video or photograph. It has very few things in its welcome mail which appears to be sober. They mention the important things in bulleted points. Those websites who believe in developing a non-interruptive welcome mail should follow the welcome mail of Drift.

How to Craft a Killer Welcome Email Series For Your Blog?

  1. You should mention your quality and value. Many people treat it to be an unnecessary step but it is not so. Stating the value proposition gives many benefits. It assures the consumer that he has taken the right decision. When you remind a customer why they have created an account, you win their trust.
  2. You should clearly mention what they can expect from your products and services. You should also explain about all the extra features you offer to your clients and customers. Your client and customer deserve to know about all the unique features.
  3. Once after reminding them, you should tell them what they should do next. There are many steps which are needed to be taken after signing up. There is a probability that your customer might forget. Make sure to tell them about the next steps. You have to remind them about updating their profile information. You have to remind them about selecting their priorities. You have to remind them about uploading their display picture. You have to remind them about upgrading their account. In short, you have to remind them about everything.
  4. You should include resources which are helpful. Your customer might seek additional help depending upon the nature of your product. You should create an FAQ page which answers the common questions from customers. Involving an FAQ in your working mail will also prove to be beneficial.
  5. Your welcome mail should involve details related to customer service. Your consumer should know how to contact you in case of an emergency. It will be suggested to have clearly defined information. It will create a strong foundation. There will be a development of trust and loyalty.


A welcome email is a tool which creates a first impression of a company. It is sent to a blog subscriber, new customer, or newsletter subscriber via email. Even special offers, videos, sign-up forms etc can be sent via welcome mail.

You should have a unique tactic and strategy for your welcome mail. What should be focused while developing a welcome email series?

  1. The welcome email should be able to attract new customers.
  2. It should be able to show the quality of the products and services offered.
  3. It should focus on expressing everything in few words.

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